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Best Drones – 2021

Best drones in the market in 2021

DJI Mini 2

DJI Mini 2 Review

DJI is one of the most popular brand names in the drone industry. They have something for everyone and for every budget. Released to the market on 2 November 2020, the DJI Mini 2 comes 12 months after the DJI Mini, which was released into the market on 30 October 2019.

Like many drone enthusiasts, you must be eager to know what is new in the Mini 2. But first, have you used the Mini? If not, you can read our review for DJI Mini, which we published sometime in the past.

In spite of the great DJI name, you still do not want to purchase your quadcopter blindly. You want to know its features and technical details. You also want to know how many flight functions it has. Keep reading so that you can see more details about the Mini 2.

Even before we get to the features, some of the things that have been improved include the flight performance, reception, it has forward and downward sensors, maximum wind resistance is better, ascent and forward speeds are also better.

However, the most notable improvements are in the video resolution because you can capture 4K videos with the Mini 2. With the Mavic Mini, you could only capture 2.7K videos.

DJI Mini 2
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DJI Mavic Air 2

DJI Mavic Air 2 Review

Since the establishment of the DJI drone making company in 2006, they have been pursuing perfection in consumer drones. Today, they are the biggest producer of consumer drones. Among their flagship products, the Mavic Air stands tall, so tall that they had to release a Mavic Air 2.

Available for preorder by early May but set for official release for mid-May 2020, enthusiasts expected it to be much better and more advanced than its predecessor the Mavic Air, which we reviewed here some time back. Some of the outstanding features of the first Air were the 4K camera and the Active Track system that collected data for the surroundings. Read on to see what the second Air comes with and whether it is worth the price at which they sell it.

DJI Mavic Air 2
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Autel Evo 2

Autel Evo 2 Review

There are so many things to write home about this drone. For example, offhand, it has some eye catching things such as 9000 meters of FPV range and remote controller range, 40 minutes of flight time, high capacity controller battery, high speeds of 15m/s and obstacle detection are just some of them. Of course, like any other drone, it also has a few downsides to it. We shall look at all these things, including the design and build quality, camera, flight functions and many more in greater detail.

Something important that you should note is that the Evo 2 is one in a series of Evo 2 drones. The others that you can buy include Evo 2 Pro, Evo 2 Combo, Evo 2 Pro Combo and Evo 2 Dual Combo. They cost different prices and they have different features.
Autel Evo 2
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