“Where can I fly my Drone?” These Free Apps will Tell you!

Irrespective of which country you belong to, you are usually required to follow a few regulations governing drone flights. Once again, you have to follow these rules irrespective of whether you are flying a drone for recreational or commercial purposes. While some no-fly zones are easy to spot, some are not. For example, you are not legally allowed to fly your drones anywhere near airports, military bases and prisons. However, there are places such as national parks, where you are never sure whether it is legal and safe to fly a drone or not. This is the reason why we will be talking about a few apps that tell you where exactly you can fly your drones and where you cannot. Here is a look at them.


AirMap tops our list of the drone apps quite simply because of the fact that it offers comprehensive aeronautical data and services related to drones. There are several areas covered — i.e. situational awareness, traffic alerts and digital authorization. Users can actually access real-time feedback regarding the airspace regulations in relation to flight specifications. People from 20 countries (like the United States, Canada, Japan and Germany etc) can actually procure information regarding the national rule sets.

You can access very responsive vector maps in order to find out particularly about the airspace advisories and rules. Here is a quick look at all the important functions that you can actually end up performing here.

  • Send over digital flight notices to the participating airports
  • Create and manage your pilot profile
  • Create and manage your UAV aircraft
  • Obtaining traffic alerts on real-time for nearby manned aircraft
  • Verify your flight plan based on the safety information you are getting
  • Make changes in the plan, if required


KittyHawk is another notable drone app (compliant with various devices), that actually allows you to perform several functions at the same time. With the detailed weather reports, you can devise a flight program, which is, at once compliant and reliable.  The app offers several mobile and desktop tools that ensure that you’re flying safe. You have organized data to ensure that you’re navigating airspace, managing aviators and maintaining aircraft. The app has successfully met FAA requirements when it comes to operating rules, safe data exchange and airspace safety. The app assists you with the following activities:

  • Log flight data
  • Check airspace
  • Weather
  • Carry out safety assessments
  • Real time UTM and aircraft telemetry
  • Organize missions
  • Sync data from DJI aircraft
  • Take out LAANC authorization from the FAA
  • Find out duly about compliance
  • Obtain real time information about fleet operations so that you are not really encountering surprises

UAV Forecast App

If you want to track the no-flight zones accurately, then you can rely on another popular drone app, known as UAV Forecast app. It offers you detailed breakdown of the weather conditions and every little detail of the restricted zones. The weather details – notably- encompass cloud cover, wind speeds, visibility, chances of rain, precipitation, local temperature – and – of course- global information about flight restrictions. What more? You enjoy access to information about local flight regulations as well.

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UAV Forecast Free App

UAV Forecast App: Why Every Drone Pilot Must Use it

Current Weather Conditions

There are various reasons why both new and experienced drone users prefer using drone apps. There are several free drone apps that you can access and depending on your choice you can be guided regarding the following aspects of flying your drones:

  • There are apps that inform you about the weather conditions (including sunrise, sunset, cloud cover etc) indicating whether it’s a good time to fly or not
  • There are apps to tell you whether the area where you intend to fly your drone is safe for flying or not
  • They help you record your flight
  • You can also communicate with other pilots while flying


Uses of Different Drone Apps

Different apps are backed by different functionalities and it’s best to download the one which you think complements your needs in the best possible fashion. Not all drone pilots have similar aspirations. While there are some pilots who are just happy finding out about the “fly” and “no fly” conditions, there might as well be others who prefer consulting these apps for 3D navigation of areas. You don’t necessarily have to download all the free apps. Choose what the best is for you by studying the features of all these apps.  Today in the course of the post, we will discuss one of the most popular free drone apps – UAV Forecast. It will not be an exaggeration to claim that every drone pilot out there should have it. There is a string of benefits that this app has to offer the drone pilots. Read on to explore.

The Benefits of UAV Forecast App

The basic function of the UAV Forecast app is to help pilots identify weather conditions before flying. The most prudent flyers check this app before flying so as to find out whether the sky conditions are suitable for flying or not.

The fact that users can actually identify the “no-fly zones” or the flight restrictions – remains one of the primary benefits of this app. It offers you reliable details of the restricted zones. The weather details help you fly your drone smoothly. The real time information about flight restrictions is based on global coverage. You can stay compliant with the local regulations, as such, as well.

Flight Restrictions
Flight Restrictions

Another beneficial attribute of the UAV Forecast app is that it offers you a breakdown of the climate. So, you’re not really getting a vague forecast but a clear breakdown of the weather in the form of the minutest of details like:

  • Wind speeds
  • Cloud cover
  • Chances of rain
  • Precipitation
  • Local temperature
  • Visibility

The aforementioned data may change from hour to hour. You can actually track data in accordance.

Current Weather Conditions

Hourly Forecast

Another noteworthy feature of this app is that it helps you view hourly forecasts – both for the day and the week. So it becomes immensely easy for you to plan your flight well ahead.

Weather Forecast

KP Index

KP Index remains another very important feature which helps you discover possibilities of interference with the GPS, radio control signals and on-board electronics owing to geomagnetic disturbances engendered by solar activity. This is very important if you are flying at really higher altitudes or during the night.

It offers you information about the exact number of satellites visible and the number of satellites your drone is locked into.

UAV Forecast is a Must-Have App for Every Drone Pilot

So, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re just a beginner or a hobbyist or someone willing to take photos or videos with your drones, the UAV Forecast app is a must have – because you will eventually have to find out about the weather conditions before flying. That’s the basic requirement.

The app remains a perfect tool that any drone pilot at any level need.

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