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HS440 Drone

Holy Stone HS440 Drone Review

Holy Stone manufacturing drones since 2014. To know whether you will get value for money, it is best to consider every HS drone on its own merits. In this Holy Stone HS440 drone review, you shall see its features, and its flight functions.

Looking at the physical structure of the HS440, it looks like a small version of the HS720E. But there is a whole load of difference between the two drones, from the camera quality to the size. The HS440 is in the mini drone class.

This is a good drone for beginners. It also packs more features than most of the mini drones in its price range. For instance, it comes with an SD card slot, so you don’t need to store your footage in your smartphone.

Also, there are not many downsides to note with this aircraft. However, you should be aware that when you launch it with the one key take off and landing function, it might drift a little when it hovers at 5 feet. This is understandable for a drone of this size and weight.

HS440 Drone
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Potensic Elfin Mini

Potensic Elfin Mini Drone Review

The black and white Potensic Elfin Mini Done for kids and adult beginners is a good looker. In addition, it is a Potensic, which places it far ahead of many other mini drones in the market when it comes to build quality.

However, it takes much more to make a good mini drone that can hold a stable flight, take good quality pictures and offer a decent flight time. In that case, we are going to look at the features of this mini drone, the camera quality as well as the flight functions.

While the Elfin Mini is a good quadcopter for beginners, it has some downsides too. For instance, it is a bit too bulky with the propeller guards on. Therefore, it “refuses” to fit in the storage bag so you have to tinker with the guards when you are done flying.

Another downside is that the videos and images appear a bit shaky. There is no gimbal, which means the camera is not stabilized. Therefore, you can only take good footage when there is no wind or when you get the quadcopter to hover.

But not all is lost, as you will see in the features and flight functions.

Potensic Elfin Mini
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SMRC M21 Drone Review

The SMRC M21 is a new GPS drone with good camera, long flight time, and many advanced flight functions such as smart return, surround flight and more.

It is quite affordable, at far less than $100. It also has an impressive flight time of 30 minutes (we will find out whether this is from one or two batteries) and the 6K EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) camera legit makes it a mini drone that could be worth having.

However, this mini drone also has its flip side. For instance, since it is a lightweight drone, it performs so poorly in the wind. Therefore, it might have stability issues even in the lowest velocity wind. Another downside is that this mini drone does not come with a slot for an SD card. If a quadcopter has a nice, advanced camera, it should have a slot for an SD card to enable you to take photos and videos in the highest resolution possible.

To find out the main things to expect from this quadcopter, keep reading to see its features and technical details, as well as the flight functions.
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