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Potensic Elfin Mini Drone Review

Potensic Elfin Mini

The black and white Potensic Elfin Mini Done for kids and adult beginners is a good looker. In addition, it is a Potensic, which places it far ahead of many other mini drones in the market when it comes to build quality.

However, it takes much more to make a good mini drone that can hold a stable flight, take good quality pictures and offer a decent flight time. In that case, we are going to look at the features of this mini drone, the camera quality as well as the flight functions.

While the Elfin Mini is a good quadcopter for beginners, it has some downsides too. For instance, it is a bit too bulky with the propeller guards on. Therefore, it “refuses” to fit in the storage bag so you have to tinker with the guards when you are done flying.

Another downside is that the videos and images appear a bit shaky. There is no gimbal, which means the camera is not stabilized. Therefore, you can only take good footage when there is no wind or when you get the quadcopter to hover.

But not all is lost, as you will see in the features and flight functions.

Potensic Elfin Mini

Potensic Elfin Mini Features & Technical Details

Is the Elfin Mini different from the other minis in the market? That is what we shall find out here:

Design and Build Quality

This small drone weighs less than 100g. This means you need not register it with your civil aviation authorities. In addition, the low weight also makes it easy to carry a round. Just toss it in your coat pocket and you will hardly feel the weight.

In addition to the low weight, the drone is also foldable. Therefore, it becomes even more compact for traveling with or for packing in your backpack.

While the propeller blades are not in the split design, you do not have to remove them when folding the drone. However, you have to remove the propeller guards so that it can fit in the storage bag.

This mini aircraft also comes with brushed motors, but they post a good performance all the same.

Battery and Flight Time

Now, the Elfin Mini drone comes with two batteries for more flight time. In addition, each is a 3.7v 1100 mAh Li-po battery that gives a flight time of 10 minutes. Many mini drones have flight times in the range of 7 minutes, so having an extra 3 minutes on top is a good plus.

In addition, these are smart batteries so you will know when it is running out. Also, it is safe for kids handling since there are no open cables and stuff. At the same time, it has overcharge protection when charging. Therefore, when it is full, it just stops charging.

The two batteries are going to give you a flight time of 20 minutes. Usually, Potensic makes its accessories available in the market. Therefore, you can buy a third or even fourth battery if you so wish.

Camera Quality

Now, the manufacturer claims that this mini drone comes with a 2K camera. However, when you look at the footage, you will see that it is more of a HD camera than a 2K one.

Therefore, do not take their word for it. Many manufacturers exaggerate the camera power of their small drones and this is not any different.

However, even if it is a HD camera, can you get decent footage from it? The answer is yes and no. Yes because it does a good job when it is stable and no because even the smallest shaking will distort the quality.

You can also adjust the vertical angle of the camera for a better view. However, you cannot do this from the remote controller. You have to bring the mini home to adjust it manually.

In addition, you also get good FPV so that you can see what the drone can see as it flies. However, you will have to store your footage in your smartphone.

Remote Controller

The remote controller is well built with the same ABS plastic that has been used to make the body of the quadcopter. Therefore, it does not feel “cheap” in your hands and a crash will not rip it open.

It has all the keys that you need to fly the drone blindly, that is, without using your smartphone for FPV. However, to use it, you have to buy three AAA batteries separately.

Lastly, calibrating the drone is ever so easy since you just have to press and hold the calibration button. Therefore, you will not need to swing the remote controller around.

Flight Functions

Since the Potensic Elfin Mini drone is targeted at the adult beginners and even kids, it comes with a fairly good number of flight functions. These automated functions make it easier to control and fly even when you have no experience. Some of them are as follows:

Get all of your flight functions in one place by downloading the Potensic Toy app that you have to download to your android or iOS device.

G-Sensor for Gravity Control

You can adjust the vertical height that you want this quadcopter to fly at. That way, you won’t need to worry about the vertical flight. It makes flying it super easy since you just have to worry about the horizontal flight.

Gesture Control

This is a fun function. It also makes it easy to take selfies and personal videos in hands-free mode. When you engage this mode, just show the mini the victory sign and it will start taking photos. In addition, when you show it the palm sign, it starts taking videos.

Potensic Elfin Mini Gesture Selfie

Trajectory Flight

Open the map on the app and draw a line on your screen denoting where you would like the drone to fly over. When you launch it, it will follow that route. Once again, this enables you to fly your quadcopter in hands-free mode.

One key take off and landing

With this key, even a kid can launch the drone or bring it home ever so easily. That is why many beginner drones have this function.

Three Speed Settings

You can begin with low, medium and then hit high speed when you have gained some experience.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

The inclusion of a storage bag and two batteries tell me how thoughtfully this product has been put together. However, the camera quality is truly not 2K. Albert B.

I bought this drone for my 12-year-old son and he crashed it in its maiden flight. However, it came out without a scratch thanks to the propeller guards. Terrence H.

Because this drone has headless mode, you can fly it anyway you like without minding where the nose faces. It rights itself to align to the position of the pilot. Flight Dog

You can turn on the hover mode for smooth footage. However, when you stop the drone flying in mid air, you will notice that it drops a bit in altitude. Simon N.

Potensic Elfin Mini Drone Pros

  • Light in weight
  • High quality build with ABS plastic
  • Takes good footage when the weather is calm
  • 3-speed setting is a good idea
  • The prop guards do a really nice job of keeping the props safe
  • The flight time is as advertised
  • Many flight functions make it easy to fly

Potensic Elfin Mini Drone Cons

  • Camera quality is good but it is really not 2K as advertised
  • You have to remove the prop guards to fit in the storage bag

Who Should Buy The Potensic Elfin Mini Drone?

This is a good buy for parents who want to introduce their kids to flying without breaking the bank. In addition, any adult who wants to learn the basics of drone flying on a minimal budget can get this one. It is not the king of small drones, but it does perform well, has FPV and the battery time is decent. However, if you are an experienced quadcopter user, you will find it a tad too boring.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Before you can fly Potensic Elfin Mini Drone, you should read the user manual. It has good instructions that will help you get started.

Do not fly this mini aircraft in the wind. It can fly away forever. You will also note that it does not have fail-safe features, so always do short distance flights.

Finally, enjoy your FPV experience and the gesture control mode makes it good for taking family selfies. When you are not using it, remove the propeller guards and keep it in its storage bag.

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