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CFLYAI Dream01 Drone Review

CFLYAI Dream01 Drone

With powerful brushless motors, a 4K camera (for still photos), a slot for SD card and 15 minutes of flight time, what more could you ask for? The CFLYAI Dream01 is one of the best selfie drones in the market. It is such a good thing to see an unknown company come up with something that challenges the big boys of the industry and actually delivers. Even the looks alone seem to rival most drones in the market. We will see more about its features, design and looks in the upcoming sections.

CFLYAI Dream01 Drone

CFLYAI Dream01 Features & Technical Details

Design, build quality and durability

If you care about good looks in a drone, you have already found your drone in the CFLYAI Dream01. It is a nice looker with its thick rectangular body. However, looks do not fly a drone. It needs a good flight system, battery and other things.

Let us start with the size of the Dream01. It measures 5.8 by 5.74 by 2.4 inches. It is not a big drone, but it is not small either. The weight is 300g, again not too heavy such that you cannot travel with it. However, before you can fly this drone, you will have to register it with the FAA.

The motors are brushless, and powerful! They can last a long time without sustaining damage and the good thing is that they are quieter. They do not overheat. If a drone is made with brushless motors, you should know outright that is a high quality drone.

The camera

This drone has a high-resolution camera for both photos and videos. For example, for the photos, you will get 4K resolution (4096 by 3072P), 12MP camera. With the video recording and real-time transmission, you get 1080P HD resolution. To store your footage, you will get a slot for an SD card of up to 32GB.

This saves you from having to use your phone resources all the time. Remember, this camera is also adjustable by 90 degrees. You can adjust it to capture footage at the best angle. To watch the video transmission in real-time, you have to use your smartphone since the controller does not have a screen.

The battery

The CFLYAI Dream01 drone is sold with one – a 12.4V 1000mAh battery. You can get 15 minutes of flight time from this battery. Thanks to the small weight of the drone, it does not consume batteries too fast. Brushless motors are also better at preserving the battery charge than the brushed motors. The modular battery is easy to remove and to insert. The charging time for the battery is 90 minutes.

Remote control

The Dream01 remote control has all the bells and whistles. The buttons and the joysticks are very responsive. Even with all these, the remote controller still retains a simplistic design. The flight range of the controller is 1800 meters. The connection is through the 2.4GHz frequency.

Flight functions and safety features

One of the features that you will enjoy using in this drone is headless mode. It will align the drone to the GPS in your phone. That way, even when the drone flies away out of your sight, you do not have to worry about its orientation.

You also get one start key. This is a great feature for kids and beginners. You do not have to worry about calibration and stuff. Just press the one start key and the drone starts the process of taking off. Other beginner features that we must mention here include the emergency stop button. This is a thoughtful addition for drones without obstacle sensors. Thus, if an obstacle comes up in the flight path of your drone, you can hit the one-stop button and it halts immediately.

Return to home works very well, thanks to the GPS assist. When the battery starts to drain really low, the drone will turn back automatically. It will come home. You may also bring the drone home when you hear a low battery or a signal loss beep by pressing the one key return. Once you do that, the drone comes back home to where you launched it from.

The GPS assist also plays another role, that of hovering and altitude control. It is so precise such that when the drone is hovering, you will be able to capture high quality photos and videos.

Follow me mode ensures that the drone matches your speed when it is following you. If you slow down, it slows down. If you move faster, it increases its speed to match yours and so on. All the entire time, it will be capturing videos and photos.

Orbit mode works when you pinpoint an object or subject that you would like the drone to circle. It will keep circling that object or person capturing videos and photographs from all angles.

Finally, there is the waypoint mode. Get on your app, draw the route that you want the CFLYAI Dream01 drone to follow. When you launch the drone, it will follow that route without deviating.

CFLYAI Dream01 Drone 2 axis gimbal

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I almost avoided this drone since I thought it was too costly but I threw caution to the winds and went forth to treat myself to it. I am glad I did because it is everything I thought it would be. Carey W.

With features such as brushless motors, two batteries, GPS-assist and high quality camera to name but just a few, what is not to like about this drone? Luis B.

The high quality build appeals to me. I also love the long battery time, but I am looking for a spare battery to increase the flight time. Leon K.

This high quality drone is worth every dollar you pay for it. I love flying mine indoors and it achieves this very well especially because of the quiet brushless motors. John C.

I love the long flight range and battery time. I love taking it to the open and flying it to the longest distance that it will go. Billy B.

I found it to be very good for beginners. Everything is straightforward and the Dream01 responds fluidly to commands. Roy G.

Pros of the CFLYAI Dream01

  • Good flight time from the battery
  • Light in weight at only 300g even when loaded with batteries
  • Easy to fly even for kids, but make sure they are of the recommended age
  • High quality build and design
  • Brushless motors are quiet and they do not overheat
  • High quality camera for photographs and videos
  • SD card for video and photo storage
  • Many safety features like GPS-assisted return home, one key return and emergency stop

Cons of the CFLYAI Dream01

  • Cost is a bit high
  • No carry bag is provided
  • Most of its peers in this price range come with two batteries but it comes with one

CFLYAI Dream01 Drone - 1800M Control Distance

Who Should Buy The CFLYAI Dream01?

Anyone who is not afraid to try a fairly new entrant in the market can buy this drone. If you love to try new brands, go for the Dream01 drone. It gives good value for money thanks to all the features that it comes with. It has both the standard features such as headless mode and the advanced ones like GPS-assist. You will not have a boring moment too. It is easy to fly so beginners can use it very well, with a short learning curve.

Conclusion and Recommendation

You will definitely want to find a second battery to make your flight time even longer. Just imagine having all of 30 minutes with two batteries to fly your drone. Read the user manual to know how to use the drone. If you use it well, you will be amazed at how much you can achieve with it, especially with the high quality camera. When it comes to the flight itself, there is not much to it really. If you have experience, just punch it and roll. If the CFLYAI Dream01 is your first drone, take your time and learn how to fly it.

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