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DEERC D20 Mini Drone Review


DEERC D20 mini drone comes from a well-stocked stable of different types of toys such as DE36, DE33, DE32, DE37, DE38 and many others. It is high quality and it makes a perfect gift for boys and girls.

DEERC is the one-stop-center for stunt cars and toys. They bring many toys such as indoor and outdoor remote controlled trucks, cars and robots.

And now, they have added a drone – the DEERC D20 toy drone.

To give you a glimpse of the features that this drone comes with, you will get a 720P HD camera, 3D flips, FPV transmission and many others. For such a small size, this drone comes with a lot to write home about.

But like any other drone, the D20 also has some downsides. For example, it has a minimal weight, which makes it quite unstable in the wind. In fact, this drone can vanish easily even in a small gust.


DEERC D20 Features & Technical Details

Many people always write off small drones. However, many of them give good value for the money. To know whether it is a good investment, look at all of the features.  Keep reading to see the features of the D20.

Design and Build Quality

This is a mini toy drone. Therefore, it is only fair to expect it to be small and indeed, it is. It measures 7.0 by 4.7 by 1.7 inches. With that size, you can pop this drone into your jacket pocket when you are traveling.

The weight of this drone is equally low. It weighs just 70g. In addition, it is also foldable, which makes carrying it super easy. It folds intact with the propellers so you do not have to unscrew or screw anything.

When you get the package, it will have the drone itself (assembled and ready to fly), two batteries, the remote controller, four extra blades, four extra propeller guards, screwdriver and user manual.

Lastly, this drone looks quite good. It has a sleek design and even the logo/word DEERC on its back looks quite good.

Camera Quality

With a photo and video resolution of 1280 by 720P, this small quad really takes good footage. It also has FPV transmission, so your children can see what the drone sees. You just have to download the app for the D20 so that you can see what she can see as she flies. It might be a mini drone, but the addition of a HD camera was a nice touch.

Battery and Flight Time

You will get two 500mAh batteries when you buy the DEERC D20. Each battery is going to give you 10 minutes of flight time. In total, you will get 20 minutes of flight time.

The batteries are safe to handle, so you do not have to worry when your children are using the drone on their own. They are also easy to insert and remove from the drone.

With the provided charging cable, you can charge one battery while using the other to fly the quad. At the same time, the charging time for the battery is about 80 minutes. In this case, there is no need to buy a third battery. Just use these two.

Remote Controller

The D20 is quite lightweight and so is the remote controller. It has a foldable holder that can fit many smartphones. It is also simplistic in design, with responsive joysticks.

You will have to buy the batteries for the transmitter, but they are easy to find in the market. This lightweight transmitter is not going to cramp the wrists of your children because it is just the right size and weight. They can fly the drone through a full charge without resting.

Flight Functions

A beginner or children’s drone such as the D20 should come with many flight functions to make flying it easy and enjoyable. This comes with so many of them. Here, we shall look at the most popular of them.

They include the following:

One key take off and landing

There is no need for your child to figure out how the drone flies. They just need to press the one key start button and the D20 takes off and hovers at a height. It does the same when you bring the drone home.

Altitude Hold

This is a very important feature for a kid or beginner drone. It holds the drone at a certain height so that you do not have to worry about the vertical height. You just have to worry about the horizontal flight. This also enhances the quality of your footage.

Safety functions

Another important thing that a kid’s quad must have is a couple of fail-safe features. First, the DEERC D20 has a low power alert. The alarm will go off as soon as the battery reaches a low percentage. That way, the user can bring it back home.

In addition to the low battery alert, there is an emergency stop button. This stops the quad in its tracks in case there is an obstacle in the way. This button can help save the drone from crashing.

3D Flips

This is an extra fun feature. It is also so easy to execute as you just have to push the sticks inwards and the drone will perform impressive flips.

Waypoint Mode

This function enables you to fly the drone in hands-free mode. All that you need to do is open the map feature on the app and make dots along the areas where you would like the route of the D20 to be. You can then connect the dots. When you engage this mode, your mini flier will follow that route capturing HD footage.

Headless Mode

Fly the drone in headless mode, which means that you do not need to worry about the direction that it faces. With this function engaged, the D20 just realigns itself according to the position of the pilot.

Gesture Photos and Voice Control

Engage the gesture photo mode and when you show the drone the victory sign, it is going to come to a respectable selfie distance and take your photos that way. If you show it the palm, it starts to record videos.

You will also enjoy using voice control when flying it. Give it simple commands such as Fly, Left, Right and so on. This is a nice fun function to include in such a small quadcopter.

DEERC D20 Voice Control

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

This is a good fun drone for beginners and children. It flies really well and it comes with two batteries for more flight time. I like it! Eva W.

DEERC D20 Pros

  • It is foldable
  • It is supplied with two batteries for more flight time
  • Impressive camera for good HD photos and videos
  • It can perform 3D flips at the touch of a stick
  • You can fly it indoor or outdoor when there is not much wind
  • Comes with extra prop guards and blades
  • Has a low battery alert and emergency stop

DEERC D20 Cons

  • Too light, should mostly be flown indoors or outdoors when there is no wind
  • At 40 meters, the transmission distance is too short

DEERC D20 Easy Control

Who Should Buy the DEERC D20 Mini Drone?

This is a good buy for people who want to give their children a gift that will leave a lasting impression on their mind. The manufacturer age rating is 14 years, but anyone can use it and have fun while at it.

Because of the affordable price, you can even buy two or three of these drones and gift your friends or family with them. With good care, this drone can last a long time. Besides, it also has propeller guards and it comes with an extra set in case you break anything.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The most important thing when handling such a small drone is to fly it indoors or choose a calm day when there is no wind. While the drone lacks a geo-fence feature, 40 meters are not that big, but at the same time, you should keep an eye on your children as they fly it outdoors.

Read the user manual so that you do not miss anything and when keeping it in storage for a long time, remove the batteries. Apart from the exciting functions such as gesture selfie, palm videos and 3D flips, the DEERC D20 is mostly a no-frills mini drone for children.

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