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DJI FPV Racing Drone Combo Review


If you want a powerful drone that can rip through the air, offers an immersive FPV experience through VR goggles and has emergency brake to name but just a few, try the DJI FPV drone combo.

Sure, it is going to cost you a substantial amount of money and in fact, we count that as one of its downsides. However, you know it is not too much to pay if the quadcopter has features to justify the price.

Besides, this is not a regular standalone DJI drone with a remote controller, battery and drone. It is an FPV racing drone combo with VR goggles. In addition, it has low latency during transmission, thanks to DJI’s Ocusync low latency transmission technology.

Keep reading to see other features that this DJI FPV combo package comes with.

DJI FPV Drone Combo Features & Technical Details

A racing drone must have sturdier features than a regular quadcopter. In addition, it must be more resilient, more responsive to commands and must offer a good aerial imaging experience.

Is that what you get from this $1299 DJI FPV racer? Let’s find out!

Design and Build Quality

For lack of a better word – the design is amazing. First, the sides are made of translucent plastic that enables you to see some of the interior electronic parts. However, the top is made of opaque plastic as is the bottom.

The streamlined shape of the drone enables it to slice through the air nicely and easily, improving its aerodynamics a great deal. Even the small grill at the top enhances the looks of this FPV racer.

You will also notice that the body is slightly taller than the Mavic and Phantom. In addition, the propeller blades have these red tips that make the drone look super nice.

This is a “fixed wing” drone. In addition, it has a take off weight of 816g. You have to register it with the FAA. However, when the package is delivered to you, it will weigh close to 3KG thanks to the remote controller, goggles, antennas and other accessories.

Camera Quality

This is an excellent FPV racing drone. DJI has won the heart of many peoiple who are into aerial imaging. For instance, with this drone, they have fitted a wide-angle camera at 150 degrees.

In addition, this is a 4K camera drone. It will take 4k videos at 60FPS and 1080P videos at 120FPS. For stability, the camera is built on a 1-axis gimbal but it also has electronic stabilization. Even at tight turns, the camera still records decent footage.

The video footage captures all color and other details. In addition, the camera corrects the video by default. However, when you use the goggles, you can get your FPV in its raw quality.

Talking about the goggles a bit, you will be able to catch the sound of the rotor whines. However, the FPV experience that you will get here will be of a lower quality, but it is definitely worth it. Besides, you also get an SD slot on the drone as well as on the goggles for storing your footage.

Battery and Flight Time

On a full charge, you are going to get up to 20 minutes of flight time from the Lithium polymer battery. Besides, this intelligent battery lets you know the amount of voltage that remains. In addition, it has self-protection features such as overcharge protection. Getting 20 minutes of flight time on a racing drone is quite commendable.

Remote Controller

This simple remote controller resembles that of a playstation, thanks to the two-pronged design. The joy sticks in an upright position on the left and right side of the controller. However, the manual control rings are in the handles.  You will also be happy that you can tighten or loosen the tension on the sticks.

This controller does not have a smartphone holder because you do not need one. You will use the provided goggles for your FPV experience. In addition, the goggles use an external battery with a cable that can extend from your pocket comfortably.

Flight Modes

Even racing drones come with some functions. However, unlike regular beginner and toy drones, this FPV racing drone comes with a few flight functions.


There are normal and sport mode speeds. In normal mode, the drone can reach a maximum speed of 26MPH. In normal mode, the obstacle sensors will warn you of obstacles in the flight path so that you can slow the quadcopter down to avoid them.

In sport mode, it can reach a maximum speed of 60MPH. In sport mode, the obstacle sensors are turned off, so you had better fly the quad in an open space.

In addition, to be able to hit the maximum speed, you will have to fly the drone blindly, especially since the goggles will not work beyond 87MPH.

Return to Home

To bring the DJI FPV home, you need to press and hold the brake button. The drone will turn and come back home to the place where you launched it from. When you press the brake key, the drone will fly at normal speed after that.

S, N and M Flight Modes

In S flight mode, you will get the best FPV footage from the flying drone. In N mode, you can get the assistance of all the automatic flight features. In M mode, you have manual control of the drone. We recommend you do not use M mode until you feel fully skilled for the high-speed control.

DJI FPV Drone Main Features

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

This is a high-speed drone and I am surprised that the battery can last so long. You will be impressed by its stability even at high speed. Gene S.

A man and his toys! I just had to get this to remind me of my days when I was a navy helicopter pilot and the crazy speeds we would do in training sessions. Knot M.

I am yet to hit the high speed with this drone since I have not had time to try it out in an open space. However, even at normal speed, it flies faster and stays more stable than other drones. Justin H.

If you are a speed enthusiast, this is the combo to go for. However, chances of crashing it are high since obstacle sensors go off at high speed. Dona M.

DJI FPV Combo Pros

  • Heavy weight and level 6 wind resistance increases stability
  • Has nice LED strips on the landing gear
  • You can add more goggles and remote controllers
  • If you lose your drone, you can use the goggles and remote controller with another one
  • Nice LED and red strips on the blades add to the style
  • Does very impressive speed

DJI FPV Combo Cons

  • A crash can total this drone especially at high speed
  • You can only do high speed on manual mode
  • Price is too steep for some people

Who Should Buy The DJI FPV Combo?

First, any drone enthusiast who can afford to pay this price should get this drone. If you love racing drones, you can try this one because it has some automatic functions and it gives you a nice FPV experience. Many racing drones such as the EMAX Hawk Pro FRSKY drone, which we reviewed earlier come with lesser features.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you get your DJI FPV drone combo, you need to take note of a few things:

First, the FAA says you cannot fly your drone out of your sight. Therefore, resist the temptation. If the drone goes out of your sight (as it surely will), press and hold the brake button to bring it back home.

Choose a large open space to fly the drone. When you hit high speeds, the obstacle sensors just switch off.

Also, read the user manual and you will most probably need a backpack for storage and traveling with the drone.

Show me the price !

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