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DROCON GD60 Mini Drone Review

At less than $50, the best kid friendly drone does not come any cheaper than this. Even bearing in mind that this is a beginner or kids’ drone, it still packs a number of good features. These make it a joy to use all the time. It is a small drone, but that has not hindered the manufacturer from including some nice and advanced features. You do agree of course that the 720P camera is a welcome touch indeed even in such a small drone. Besides, with the small weight of this drone, you can practically carry it anywhere you want with you.

When choosing a kid friendly drone, you know that safety for the kid as well as the drone is paramount. Thus, a good drone targeted at the kids must have some good features. The DROCON GD60 does not disappoint. It is one of the best small drones in the market. In the following section, you will see just why.

DROCON GD60 Mini Drone

DROCON GD60 Features & Technical Details

This is a small drone. When we say that, we mean it measures about 7.4 cm by 7.4 cm with a meager weight of 19 g. No FAA registration required. Just unpack the drone, and start flying it as soon as it is ready.

The body of this mini drone is made with a strong and durable nylon material. As the best kid friendly drone, it does not means that it is exempt from crashes at high speed. You do want your beginner quadcopter to be written off in the crash. This is why this one has been designed to withstand such crashes.

The most inspiring feature of this small drone is the 720P HD camera that allows your kids to shoot good photo and video footage from the air. However, at the price and considering the target market, you know this drone is not going to shoot footage that can rival that of the Yuneec Typhoon H Pro. Even with low expectations, you will still be impressed by what the built-in camera can do. If you are a beginner, you can use this camera drone to learn the ropes of taking professional footage with a drone so that you will have the skills when you upgrade to a bigger drone in future.

This mini drone for beginners and kids also has headless mode. Who would believe this for such a small drone? But it has it. This feature makes an easy-to-fly-drone even easier to fly as you can just fly it irrespective of the direction that it is facing. You can fly the drone sideways and backwards. This is a very useful feature for kids and beginner drone enthusiasts. It can also help you get the drone back even when it is out of sight. When you engage headless mode, the drone flies in the direction of the controller.

DROCON GD60 Mini Drone Headless Mode
Another feature that this drone has is the three speed modes. The low speed setting would be good for beginners, and then they can graduate to medium and high speed once they have cut their teeth in drone piloting. However, there is no limit to what you can do with the speed modes, including switching to fast, slow and medium intermittently.

Another feature that you do not even find in the big boys is the short charging time of this drone. It only takes 30 minutes for the 3.7V 140mAh lithium polymer battery to be fully charged. However, note that the battery can only give you about 7 minutes of flight time, a bit short, but not a surprise at all for such a small and affordable drone. However, you can buy a spare battery or two to double or triple the flight time.

This drone can also do 3D flips and rolls. Just by pressing and holding the stunt button on the controller, you will get the drone to entertain you with its flips and rolls. Just move the stick on the right side to any direction in which you want the drone to do the flips. It is going to respond accordingly.

The flight range for the DROCON GD60 mini drone review is 80 meters. This is not too big but it is still quite impressive for this small drone.

For storage of your footage, you can use any micro SD card, up to 32GB.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owner

This drone has been designed to make flying it easy for first timers. Ok, I crashed it into the walls a couple of times, but it came out unscathed, although I was practicing at low speed mode. Dan R.

I bought this mini drone for my son when he turned 14. Within a couple of hours, he had learned how to fly the drone like a pro. Pretty nice drone, cheap and all, but the flight time could be better. Isabel A.

As a drone enthusiast, I just bought this to fill a gap in my collection when I gave one of my small drones away. I have been very impressed with the small size and the things it can do. June N.

I ordered this drone just because of the price and I really was not expecting much especially when I realized it did not have the first person view mode. However, a few months after using it, I think it is incredible. Carlos J.

I am surprised that this small quadcopter packs so many features. I love that it can do fun 3D flips and rolls. Bernice M.

DROCON GD60 Mini Drone Small Size

Pros of DROCON GD60

  • It is small – can fit in your palm
  • Short charging time for the battery
  • Very easy to fly for beginners
  • Has three speed settings and hover mode
  • The 720P HD camera shoots good videos and photos
  • You can do 3D stunts with it
  • Light in weight- good for traveling with

Cons of DROCON GD60

  • Short flight time, gets even shorter if there is wind
  • You have to match the rotors or the quadcopter won’t fly
  • Does not have first person view (FPV) mode

Who Should Buy The DROCON GD60?

Well, the DROCON GD60 mini drone is the best kid friendly drone, but that does not mean you cannot use it. As you can see from many testimonials online, even advanced users love using this drone. It is small and nimble, yet very agile and easy to fly even for beginners. If you are a professional videographer and photographer, you might want to pass this drone for something bigger. Beginners will also find this drone very useful to learn important piloting trips and tricks before you upgrade to a bigger drone in future. You might even buy it just for the price.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The affordable price, the small size which is very good for traveling and the advanced features such as the camera make this drone a good catch for just about anyone. If you are looking for the best kid friendly drone that can show them the real features that some of the big boys pack, this is the drone to buy. Some people have laughed off the DROCON GD60 mini drone because of the diminutive size, only to be surprised out of their wits later by the performance and the advanced features.

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