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DROCON DC-08 Drone Review


Are you looking for a mid-sized consumer drone with features such as auto return to home, a full HD camera, long flight distance for both FPV and remote controller and a reasonable price? Your search ends right here with the DROCON DC-08 drone. It is sleek and good looking, as it has a high quality build. And that is not all that there to this drone. It comes with many more features, which make it such a joy for beginners as well as experienced users to fly.

DROCON DC-08 Features & Technical Details

If the features are worth it, then it is a good drone. Here, we shall look at the physical features of this drone. We shall see its flight functions too. We recommend that you never buy a drone without reading up on its features. That way, you do not buy one blindly without knowing what you are getting into.

Design and Build Quality

The drone measures 15.6 by 13.2 by 7.6 inches. This is a bit big considering that this is not a foldable drone. Therefore, if you have to pack it for traveling, it will occupy some good space inside your bag. The weight of the drone is manageable, but you have to register it with the FAA if you will use it in North America.

The manufacturer has used high quality materials in the construction of the drone. The hull is made of ABS plastic. This does not crack under pressure. Therefore, even if the drone drops or crashes onto an obstacle in its path, it will come out intact.

Camera Quality

DROCON-DC 08 comes with a high quality 1080P video camera. You can take HD images and videos with it. At the same time, you enjoy a bigger field of view at 120 degrees. There is also a 60-degree gimbal, which keeps the camera well aligned even when the drone slants in flight.

The drone also gives you a perfect first person view (FPV) over 5G WiFi. If you fly the drone in a clear space outdoors, you can enjoy live video transmission over a distance of up to 450 meters. That is more than enough distance to catch live video transmission. You will have to use your Android or iOS mobile for this since the remote controller does not have an LCD screen. Just make sure your smartphone has android version 8.0.0 and newer.

Battery and flight time

This drone is sold with a high capacity battery of 3000mAh. You are going to enjoy about 15 minutes of flight time. This is a modular battery so it is easy to remove and insert. It also has a smart battery monitor that calculates the amount of time left in the battery and alerts you so that you can bring the drone home. If you are late to bring it back home, the drone will automatically return home once the battery goes down.

Any time that the drone is flying, it connects to 12 GPS satellites. This is how it is able to return home automatically, ensuring that it never gets lost.

The charging time is too long at a maximum of 5 hours. Use the supplied charger. In future, you might be able to order two or more batteries if you would like to enjoy longer flight time. At the moment though, there are no spare batteries.

Remote Controller

Some people love to fly their drone through the app. However, some love to fly it using both the app and the remote controller. You will love using the simple 7-button remote controller. It is light in weight, its batteries are easy to buy and it has a long flight range. The buttons and the joysticks are easy to use. They respond very well without feeling too sensitive. Whether you use the app to fly the drone or the controller, you should enjoy how it flies.

Finally, the remote controller is made of the same material used to make the drone itself, so it should withstand abuse very well.

Flight Features and Functions

Today, many drones are built in such a way that they are easy for beginners to use. They are also a lot of fun for experienced users to enjoy. The DROCON DC-08 is not any different because it comes with some advanced functions. These functions enhance the flight performance of your drone. Read more about them below:

GPS Auto Return

This has to be the most important function in this drone. After all, as you will no doubt see from listings in various online marketplaces, this drone is costly. Therefore, the last thing that you want to have to worry about is losing it to a low battery, poor signal or a strong gust of wind.

Relax! It will not happen. You see, when you fly this drone, it connects to 12 GPS satellites. When the battery runs low, the drone turns back and comes home. If it loses signal, it turns back and comes home. These fail-safe functions ensure that the drone comes home all the time. Even if it has power loss or signal loss, this drone always comes back home.

While we are still on safety of the drone, it has been programmed with some sort of geofence feature. For example, it cannot fly outside the range of 420 meters!

Follow Me Mode

We all love Follow Me Mode because it allows us to fly our drones in hands-free mode. You can get the drone to follow you keeping a precise distance while capturing videos and images from different angles. If you run faster, the drone moves faster and so on.

Surround Flight Mode

Set the drone to circle around you taking video and photo footage from all angles. This is also a hands-free mode just like the Follow Me Mode.

Altitude Hold

Why worry about the vertical flight position of the drone while you can only worry about the horizontal flight only? When you engage altitude hold, the drone will fly at a consistent altitude all along leaving you to just control the forward flight.

GeoFence Limit

We said that you should not worry about losing this drone. It has an inbuilt geofence limit of 420 meters. This means it cannot fly outside that range no matter how hard you push it. If it goes beyond this range, it will alert you that it is flying out of range.

Auto take off and landing

Press the auto take off/landing key and the drone either takes off or starts landing. It will take off and hover at a given height to await your next move.

DROCON DC-08 450M Geofence Limits

Short summary of feedback from existing owners

I have been using this drone for two weeks and I would like to say a few things. First, I have crashed the drone twice and both times, it came out unscathed. I have also shot nice footage with it. Uslav K.

I found this drone easy to put together, requiring no screwdriver or any other tool. I also find it easy to fly.  Damian G.

I have flown this drone in the wind and I watched it fight to stay airborne, without any input from me whatsoever. I think it can resist winds of up to 10 miles per hour.  Tom L.

This drone has a couple of fail-safe features such as auto return home and geofence. Therefore, it is hard to lose it. I flew it for the entire 420 meters of flight range and everytime it got beyond that, it alerted me. Lena W.

It is simple to assemble, fly, is quite sturdy and it will go through a crash or two without breaking anything. I have owned it for a couple of weeks now and I am so glad I bought it. Jotham H.

The drone has good flight performance despite not having brushless motors. You will record awesome aerial footage from the 1080P UHD camera. I intend to buy an SD card for mine since it has a slot for one. Prince N.


  • Easy to put together without the need for any tool
  • It can be easily packaged as a gift for your loved one
  • Powerful flight performance all the time
  • Long FPV distance ensures you get video footage from far and wide
  • High landing gear keeps camera clear off the ground when drone lands
  • GPS auto-return enhances your drone’s safety
  • Has an SD card slot
  • You get a warranty of 12 months


  • The flight time is too short considering the high capacity of the battery
  • Charging time for the battery is too long at 5 hours for just 15 minutes of flight time
  • It might not be easy to buy a spare battery at the moment, maybe later

Who Should Buy The DROCON DC-08 Drone?

DROCON DC-08 No Screwdriver Nedded
This is a befitting drone for both beginners and advanced users alike. Beginner will love the fact that it is easy to assemble and fly anytime. They will also love the fact that it comes with many automated flight functions. At the same time, advanced users will love the fact that this drone posts a powerful flight performance, handles itself well in the wind and it takes nice video and photo footage. There are many good things going for this drone, but on the flip side, the flight time is too short which also makes the price feel a bit too high.

Conclusion and Recommendation

To buy or not to buy the DROCON DC-08 drone? To buy definitely! This drone offers good flight performance, takes good video footage in the daytime and has long FPV distance. However, there are some recommendations to bear in mind. One of them is to read the user manual keenly before you can fly it. It will show you how to assemble and use the drone. Secondly, buy a microSD card to store your footage and thirdly, fly the drone in the daytime and in open spaces to avoid collisions.

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