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Drone Spare Parts

Drone Spare Parts

Drones become more and more durable but still there is a chance that something will break… So what are the most needed drone spare parts? Where you can buy drone spare parts? Answers below.

Drone Spare Parts

Most needed drone spare parts:

Battery – you need to take into account that flight time from one battery mention by the manufacturer is when flying on optimal conditions. When you are flying in windy condition, flying aggressively on high speed, lifting weight with the drone for example when using the drone for fishing the battery time goes down.

Propellers – Propeller are the most “breakable” parts on the drone. Many drone manufacturers providing propeller guards but it’s always good to have spare propeller.

Motor -basically drone motors are reliable part but still you don’t want to Throw the drone to the garbage when there is motor problem especially with expensive drones.

Drone spare parts tips:

Buy at least two batteries – many drone packages come with 2 batteries as a standard.

Check which drone spare parts the manufacturer suggesting – most low-cost drones suggesting only batteries and propellers and it’s make sense because for drone that costs under $100 you will not replace motor if it will break…

Check the spare parts cost and availability – if you are buying and expensive drone let’s say above $1000 check the availability and cost of the spare parts. In the more expensive / professional drones it have more components that can break for example: obstacle avoidance sensors, gimbals and more.

Where you can buy drone spare parts online?

The manufacturer web site – for example for DJI drones you can buy spare parts on DJI online store: Drone Spare Parts on DJI Store

Amazon – on amazon you can find spare parts for many drones- Drone Spare Parts on Amazon

On Banggod – bangood is a Chinese web site suggesting spare parts to many drones – Drone Spare Parts on Banggood


Buying new drone and after short time losing the ability to fly it because of broken propeller or malfunctioning battery could be very frustrating. To avoid this buy new drone with at least 2 batteries and spare propeller.

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