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The DRONEEYE 4DV13 is a small, entry-level drone that is good for adults and children who want to get into the drone hobby. It is affordable and it has many flight functions, which make it easy to use for beginners.

This company makes good, small drones. In the past, we looked at the DRONEEYE 4DV14, which comes with some impressive hands-free functions. As you will note, the main outstanding difference between the 4DV14 and the 4DV13 is in the camera. The former has a 1080P camera, which gives slightly better quality than the 720P camera that the 4DV13 comes with.

Back to our DRONEEYE 4DV13 review, this drone has a downside that you should be aware of before you buy it.

While the camera angle is adjustable, you can only adjust it manually. This means bringing the quadcopter home to adjust the camera and then launching it again. Anyway, this is not a dealbreaker because many low-priced mini drones lack the remote vertical angle adjustment feature.


DRONEEYE 4DV13 Features & Technical Specification

Even when buying a mini drone, it is important to consider the features it comes with. Some of the things that you need to know include the battery time, camera quality and others.


This mini has a nice, black matte finishing. It is made with high quality plastic material for protecting the interior electronic parts.

By design, the propeller arms fold, reducing the overall size of the quadcopter making it easier to carry and store. It comes with a good quality storage bag so traveling with it is easy.

To enhance the design, the drone comes with aggressive bug eyes at the top. These LED lights make it easy to fly at night because they help you to know where the drone is easily.

There are no obstacle sensors but the 4DV13 comes with propeller guards. Fly it carefully when there is no wind. Also, fly it in a space without trees or other obstacles to prevent crashes.

720P Built-in Camera

This mini quadcopter comes integrated with a nose camera. It has a resolution of 1280 by 720P. It will not take stunning footage because this is low resolution but it will introduce you to aerial shooting. During daytime, it will take decent photos and videos.

You can also catch nice FPV using your smartphone. Since the quadcopter is also compatible with VR goggles, if you buy one, you will have a more intensive first person view experience.

As is common with many mini aircrafts within this price range, there is no SD card slot. All the footage that you take will be stored in your smartphone.

Also, the camera does not have any form of stabilization (gimbals or EIS). Thus, in the wind, it can take shaky and blurry footage.

Download the app so that you can enjoy real-time image transmission. Also, on the app, you will find the social media buttons that will enable you to share your footage with friends and family.

2 Batteries for 26 minutes’ flight time

Equipped with two batteries that can give you a collective flight time of 26 minutes, you might not find the need to order a third battery.

These batteries are easy to charge and they have built-in overcharge protection functions. They are also easy to remove and insert into the drone. Even in the hands of your children, these batteries are safe.

Since they are of a modular design, you can use one to fly the aircraft as the other one charges. We recommend you use the provided USB charging cable to avoid damaging the batteries.

2.4GHz Remote Controller

This is a regular 2.4GHz remote controller. It does not look cluttered on the face and it has a smartphone holder on the top side. There are the regular sticks, one is the throttle for speed while the second one is for trimming.

There are two clusters of buttons. The cluster on the left side has buttons with arrow icons. These are for performing 3D stunts when the drone is mid-flight. On the right side, there is a cluster of buttons for various flight modes and functions, which we will look at in the section coming up.

Flight Modes/Functions

From 3D Flips, circle mode and waypoint flight modes, this small quadcopter comes with a good number of automatic flight functions. These are as follows:

Voice control

Like an obedient puppy, the V13 mini drone is going to obey your voice commands. You can engage this function on the app and get the drone to take photos, go left, right and so on.

Gravity control

Once this function is engaged, the drone responds to the way you wave your smartphone. If you wave it to the left, it flies to the left and vice versa.

Gesture shooting

Get this quadcopter to start taking images when you show it the Victory sign with your fingers. Also, get it to start taking videos when you show it the palm sign. Just engage the gesture shooting mode.

Safety functions

This mini comes with some safety functions. They include the emergency stop key and a low power alarm to alert on the remote controller to alert you when the battery voltage is low so that you can bring the aircraft home. There are propeller guards to minimize the risk of breaking your blades if there is a crash.

Circle mode

This is best when you want to capture footage of a monument. You can get the V13 to fly around an object as it takes footage from all angles.

3-Speed modes

You can start flying the 4DV13 on the low speed setting if it is your first time to fly one. You can then engage the medium and fast speed modes later.

Flight path

In this mode, you will have to open the map interface to draw a route that the drone will follow when you launch it. This is a good hands-free mode for flying the aircraft.

Headless mode

Engage headless mode and get the quadcopter to fly in whichever way the right stick tells it to fly. You need not worry about the direction the nose faces.

Altitude hold

When you engage this mode, the drone hovers at the set height after releasing the throttle stick. This makes the aircraft more exciting to fly.

3D Flips

DRONEEYE 4DV13 Voice and Gestion Control
Use the 3D flips to break the monotony of the horizontal flights by getting the drone to do stunning 3D flips. It can do these flips in all directions, but they might consume more battery power.

Feedback from 4DV13 Mini Drone Owners

This drone seems so well built. It is also easy to fly because I am a senior at 69 years of age and I have been able to fly it severally without crashing it. Good for the money! Myles M.

I have crashed this mini quadcopter three times and each time, it has come out unscathed. I think it is very fitting for a beginner with no experience. It is sleek and it has propeller guards. Dwight C.

It tries to take good footage but that is all it can do – try. If you can afford a better one with a better camera, go for it. The V13 is only best for the 3D flips and learning how to fly. Ezra W.

4DV13 Mini Pros

  • Two batteries that you can charge easily from any USB outlet
  • It comes with a decent storage and carry bag
  • Has prop guards and low battery alert for safety
  • One key take off and landing
  • You can buy it to gift someone
  • Easy for adult and kid beginners to fly
  • Comes assembled, ready to fly
  • Has emergency stop function
  • Three speed modes for easier control and more fun

4DV13 Mini Drone Cons

  • The camera quality could be better
  • No information about the charging time for the batteries

Who should Buy The DRONEEYE 4DV13

This mini drone offers decent quality at a low price. It is also equipped with 3D stunts and a camera to give you more fun. If you are a beginner pilot or there is someone special you would love to get started on the drone hobby, this is a good mini to get. You can give it to them as a gift. This quadcopter will also help you get started on aerial photography especially with functions such as gesture shooting and voice commands. It is a fun little drone and you will have a lot of fun, but you will outgrow it fast.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you get a new drone, you should do a few things. First, fly it indoors (if it is designed for that) to know how it flies. If you take it outside, ensure it is in a large and open space to avoid crashing it.

Read the user manual carefully because it will show you how to calibrate the aircraft, among other things.

Take care of your DRONEEYE 4DV13 so it can last a long time. Also, if you need any spares, you can contact the company on their website.

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