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EMAX Tinyhawk Review

One would think that a brushless motor drone would cost a higher price. However, that is not always the truth. In this EMAX Tinyhawk brushless drone review, you will see just what value you will be getting for your money. With a very affordable price that will not put a dent in your wallet, you can own this drone, and have some good fun out of it. This is a small drone, actually, it is a micro drone. But do not be deceived by the size, just try it. It is a very fast drone because it can fly at a maximum speed of 56km/h. Weighing just 42 g when the battery is fixed (29 g for the drone alone), you do not need to register it with the FAA. Just buy it and fly.

EMAX Tinyhawk

EMAX Tinyhawk Features & Technical Details

Design and build

The design of this tiny drone will blow you away. Right from the quad itself, the drone looks sleek and everything has been crafted and put together thoughtfully to last a long time. The propellers have been designed in such a way that they are under the quad instead of above it as we have been used to with other drones. Another thing that you will notice is that the motors face downwards.

When you get the package, you will see that it comes with a nice, soft carry case. Inside, the drone body and other parts are protected by foam padding. Do not lose the case as you will use it for traveling with your drone. Just pack everything and toss it inside your backpack.


This is a camera drone. It comes with a fixed camera that is also FPV enabled to allow you to see what the drone sees as it flies. You can enjoy a first person view as the drone flies, just as if you were inside the drone. You will have to store your video footage on your smartphone though. The camera is fixed so you are stuck with the same field of view and angle for all time, unless you would like to modify it on your own. The picture and video quality is good for such a small drone. However, it is not remarkable.

Battery and flight time

Equipped with a removable a 1S 450mAh 4.35 V lithium polymer battery, this drone can do a maximum of 4 minutes in the air when flying indoors. Because of its small size, it would be better to fly the drone indoors rather than outdoors.

To increase the flight time, you can order extra batteries from EMAX. Note that this drone will only run on 1S battery. You try 2S and see; it will not work. You will however be happy that the USB charger comes with four connectors so you can charge two or more batteries at the same time.


The EMAX Tinyhawk motors are brushless. Brushless motors have many benefits over their brushed counterparts. For one, they are quite powerful, even in a tiny drone such as the Tinyhawk. In fact, many people say that you will only start having fun as soon as you understand its full power. Brushless motors also last longer than the brushed ones. They do not heat up fast and they remain in service probably until they have exhausted their lifespan.

With the MPU6000 gyro, the drone gives a fairly stable flight. If there is no wind at all outdoors, you may even fly the drone there.

This drone is only compatible with a FRSKY remote controller, so make sure you have one before flight.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I bought this small drone just because I have used another EMAX drone before and I was so impressed. I use this one to goof around the house and annoy my kids out of their wits. Cara L.

I have flown this drone right into obstacles indoors. One time I banged it good against the wall and it did not lose even a propeller. It seems the propylene material is as durable as they say it is. Jimmy K.

I have my misgivings about the EMAX Tinyhawk. However on a side-by-side comparison I find the pros to be more than the cons and so I get to keep it. Word of warning though… do not try flying this drone even in the lowest wind speeds. It will disappear with the wind. Nate H.

The dashing red propellers and the white color of the drone body appealed to me. However, I have come to realize that this small drone can do much more than just look good. Ian N.

I have flown the Tinyhawk at its highest speed of 56 km/h. It is quite fast, but first, you should get some experience to enable you navigate around objects. Neil T

I am slightly disappointed in the camera because the photo and video footage are only so-so in quality. However, for the price, I would buy it again and again. Todd R.

I have to order spare parts from EMAX and although the wait was a bit long – 2 weeks, I found it worth it. Pete M.

As a beginners, I found this drone entertaining. I bet an experienced drone pilot would find it boring. Trev B.

EMAX Tinyhawk2

Pros of EMAX Tinyhawk

  • Motor design is so simple – just plug them in or pull them out for care and maintenance
  • Fast racer – good for indoor drone racing
  • Light in weight at 42 g
  • It is affordable
  • Nice carry case for keeping the drone safe when in transit
  • Brushless motors last longer and are more powerful
  • Durable construction sees the drone survive many crashes – be careful!
  • Flies smoothly and steadily indoors
  • You can “tweak” it to give you some rolls while it is in mid-flight
  • Spare parts are readily available from EMAX
  • It is easy to use for beginners

Cons of EMAX Tinyhawk

  • Flight time is too short
  • Lacks important features such as return home
  • Camera could be better, even at this price range

Who Should Buy The EMAX Tinyhawk?

Beginners mostly. This is a good drone for someone who is cutting their teeth on drone flying. However, if you are an enthusiast-turning-collector-soon kind of person, you can buy the EMAX Tinyhawk and see why many people are full of praise for it.

Note that this drone is not sold with a remote controller. However, it comes with an EMAX tiny receiver, which works only with Frsky D8 controller. If you are a beginner, you need a drone that can withstand different types of abuse and crashes because you can be sure they will happen.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Before you can fly the EMAX Tinyhawk brushless drone, it is recommended that you study the user manual carefully. You need to keep your flight experience within the safety range. It is recommended that you fly this drone indoors where there will be no wind. Even the slightest wind affects its performance. Rather than take this as a camera drone, just think of it as a fun drone and you will not be disappointed. The good thing is that it will not cost you much and it is durably built to last through the abuse that first-timers are apt to put it through.

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