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F-Cloud HMO-F3 4K Drone Review

F-Cloud HMO-F3 Image

For an affordable amount of money, you can have the F-Cloud HMO-F3 drone that comes in a unique, almost cylindrical shape. This makes it look a bit distinguished from many other drones of its size and price range.

However, price and unique shape do not make a good drone. Many more things such as the material, camera quality, battery and flight time make a good quadcopter.

Therefore, here, we shall explore the features of the aircraft. In addition, we shall also look at its pros and cons. That way, you will make up your mind whether to buy it or not.

But before we do that, every quadcopter has its downsides and this one is not any different. For instance, this is not a foldable drone. Although it is light in weight, being foldable would have made it so easy to carry when traveling. This might or might not be a deal breaker for some buyers.

Keep reading to see the features.
F-Cloud HMO-F3 Image

F-Cloud HMO-F3 Features & Technical Details

This looks like a hardy quadcopter. But is it? Let us find out in the upcoming sections:

Design and Build Quality

This is not a foldable quadcopter as we have already said. However, it has a minimal weight of less than 100g. Therefore, you do not need to register it with the FAA before you fly it.

The hull is made with high quality ABS plastic, which is important for absorbing the shock from impact and protecting the delicate electronic parts.

You can choose to fly the F-Cloud HMO-F3 with or without the propeller guards. This is not such a large increase since it is only 12mm extra on the wingspan. However, it is important to attach the prop guards since they protect the blades from breaking in case there is a crash.

The cylindrical design of the aircraft makes it look really good and special. In addition, it is available in select colors such as gray, gold, red and black.

Camera Quality

This drone comes with a 4K camera. However, we do not really know whether it can take videos and photos at 4K resolution. However, you are assured of taking nice shots when the drone is in the air.

However, the manufacturer says that you can take footage at a resolution of 2.5K. Of course, one of the reasons why we buy drones is to use them as our aerial camera.

This is a video recording quadcopter. Therefore, you can capture video as the drone flies and watch later if you like. To do that, you will have to download the relevant mobile phone app. In addition, you will have to store the camera footage in your mobile phone.

Battery and Flight Time

This quad comes with an 1125C Lipo battery. It is removable so you can get a spare one if it is available so that you enjoy a longer flight time.

On a full charge, you are going to get 12 minutes of flight time. The charging time for this battery is 1 to 2 hours. However, it is recommended that you use the 5V USB cable that comes with the quadcopter.

Remote Controller

This is a small, lightweight and stylish remote controller that uses 4 AAA batteries. However, it does not come with the batteries so you will have to buy them separately. The good thing is that they are so readily available.

Because this is a 2.4GHz remote controller, there is minimal latency. When you key in a command, the drone responds almost immediately.

The remote controller distance is 50 meters. Therefore, this drone will always be in your sight.

Flight Functions

Flight functions make quadcopters such as the HMO-F3 simple and fun to enjoy. Here are some of the outstanding ones that you get with this quadcopter:

Gesture Shooting

Every small or big drone should have this mode since it enables you to go hands-free and take footage from the air. For instance, when you show the drone the victory sign, it starts to take photos and when you show it the palm sign, it starts to take videos.

Altitude Hold Mode

In this mode, the drone holds a certain vertical height when flying. Therefore, you just have to worry about the horizontal flight.

Optical Flow Positioning

This function helps the drone to maintain its vertical height very well. In addition, it stabilizes the drone when it is in flight by helping it maintain its flight route and hold the velocity.

Headless Mode

The headless mode ensures that the drone aligns itself to the position of the pilot. Therefore, you can launch the drone without worrying about which direction it faces.

Smart Following

The HMO-F3 quadcopter is going to recognize you, lock onto you and follow you wherever you go. It keeps a good distance and takes nice footage as it flies.

F-Cloud HMO-F3 Switch

F-Cloud HMO-F3 Pros

  • Sold at an affordable price
  • Battery is detachable and safe for handling
  • Has 360-degree roll for fun
  • Gesture controlled shooting is a good idea
  • The battery charges fast and gives decent flight time
  • Drone has a sleek and outstanding design
  • Has beautiful LEDs in the front and the back, under the motors

F-Cloud HMO-F3 Cons

  • It does not come with an SD card slot
  • It is not foldable

Who Should Buy The F-Cloud HMO-F3 Drone?

This small drone has many good things going for it. Therefore, anyone can buy it and they will have a lot of fun with the quadcopter.

For instance, you can set it on follow mode so that it will follow you taking footage all along.

In addition, you can also set it up on your car’s dash so that it records footage as you go along. The on and off car switching feature enables you to do this.

This is a good beginner drone, but then, it is also exciting enough for advanced pilots. It is so fun-packed and so affordable such that you won’t feel a dent in your wallet.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Before you can fly the F-Cloud HMO-F3 drone, you need to buy the remote controller batteries. In addition, you should read the user manual carefully to see how to calibrate the quadcopter, how to get it on its first flight as well as the flight functions that it comes with.

The flight range of this drone is quite short at 50 meters. Therefore, you can even practice flying it indoors before you do it outdoors.

Finally, this is a small quadcopter with minimal weight. Therefore, you should avoid flying it in the wind because it can fly away easily and vanish.

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