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Fat Shark Attitude V5 FPV Goggles Review

Fat Shark Attitude V5 FPV Goggles

To make your FPV experience even more immersive, you would need an excellent pair of FPV goggles. Without fear of contradiction, we can tell you that there are many, but not many of them beat the price and the performance of the Fat Shark Attitude V5 FPV goggles.

But then, Fat Shark is a renowned FPV goggles maker. They make goggles for all budgets. For example, they have the Fat Shark Recon V2/V3, Fat Shark Scout and of course, the Fat Shark HDO FPV goggles that we reviewed earlier. However, while the HDO goggles cost an arm and a leg, the Attitude V5 comes hard on its heels, at a very affordable price and with features that almost match what you get with the HDO.

Just like its sister the HDO, these ones also have the Organic Light Emitting Diode – OLED display technology. This is where the manufacturer uses a thin film between two conductors. The essence of this technology is that it brings you sharper and more vivid images even when you are using these goggles in low-lit condition. In the upcoming sections, we are going to look at these goggles in more detail.

Fat Shark Attitude V5 FPV Goggles

Fat Shark Attitude V5 FPV Features & Technical Details

Before you can buy a pair of FPV goggles, you want to know that they will meet your needs. The first thing to look for in any product is the features, and the Fat Shark Attitude V5 does not disappoint.

Design and build quality

The simplicity of these goggles gives them their elegance. However, do not let that simple design fool you because these goggles are really good. The green and black color combination looks good on this set.

The casing is quite strong. You can be sure that the goggles will not rip apart with a single crash on the floor, but do take good care of them all the same.

On the interior side, these goggles come with comfortable leather padding that feels very cozy around the face and on your skin. It is black in color. Although this set does not weigh much, the comfortable padding helps you wear them for a long time.

When you get the package, make sure it has the headset itself, 5.8GHz FS RHCP patch, 5.8GHz antenna, battery case, 5.8G diversity receiver for OLED display, 5.8GHz polarized antenna and a zipped carry case.

A small fan prevents fogging of your goggles, always keeping your view crisp-clear all the time.

Module and antenna

The antenna goes to the left side of the goggles but it can also be on the right side. The DVR module and the receiver are the two most important aspects of FPV goggles. In the Attitude V5 goggles, the module is on the left hand side. It is also interchangeable, so you can upgrade to a bigger one in future if you so choose.

For changing the channels, just roll the small wheel provided for that. However, to change the band, you have to press and hold a button on the module that is put there for just that. This moves to the next band but to stop on that band, you have to press the wheel, dial.


These goggles come with a resolution of 640 x 400 OLED. OK, this is not very high, but don’t worry because the integration of the OLED technology makes these goggles fantastic. They capture vivid details and bring you a crisp picture. You also get a 30-degree field of view makes your viewing experience even more fantastic.

Adjustable interpupillary distance

The interpupillary distance is adjustable from 59mm to 69mm. This is a good thing because some people have their eyes set close together. Others have their eyes set wider apart and so on. The interpupillary distance is the distance between the middle of the left and right eye pupils.because your pupils move, you can adjust this distance for a better viewing experience.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that you will not be able to fit glasses under the goggles, but you may buy diopters for that.


The Fat Shark Attitude V5 uses 18650 batteries, two of them. These are Lithium-ion batteries, rechargeable and start at a voltage of 3.7V. It does not ship out with them but they are easy to find anywhere in the market. It has a battery pack that is designed to hold two of these batteries. You will enjoy the extended viewing time that you get from these batteries.

NTSC and PAL video compatibility

The goggles are compatible with NTSC and PAL video formats and it switches automatically from one to the other. The auto selection between these two video formats enables you to view these videos

Video storage

You have to store the videos that you capture and for that, the Attitude V5 goggles support SD cards of up to 32GB. That should be enough to hold your videos until you can transfer them to your computer. You may keep the goggles in auto-record mode so that you do not miss any moment.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

This is a simple-to-use headset, easy to change bands with just a touch of a button and channel selection is also easy. The spectrum analyzer keeps the channel selection simple. James G.

I find the leather padding on the inside of this headset very comfortable on my face. I had goggles with foam padding, and it irritated my skin so much. Phyllis J.

I love the way Fat Shark takes care of even the smallest details. In the Attitude V5, they have even included a small fan for preventing fogging. Marten S.

These goggles are not compatible with DJI drones! I think this is a disadvantage since DJI is very popular. Lawrence K.

The display quality of these goggles is really good. They will give you a good experience with 16:9 and 4:3 pictures from camera. Pitts M.

I feel these goggles are light on my face, and as a first-timer, I found them easy to use. I would buy them all over again. Jim K.

Nice design that curves around the face nicely. They fit comfortably on the face.  Aaron H.

Fat Shark Attitude V5 FPV Goggles Inside

Pros of Fat Shark Attitude V5 FPV

  • High quality build, nice casing
  • Compatible with SD card of up to 32GB for storage of your videos
  • The padding is very comfortable on your face
  • Comes with a small fan that keeps the screen clear
  • The shipping weight is 300g, so the headset weight is much less than that
  • Has a 5.8GHz dual receiver for high performance
  • Uses OLED display technology which has high quality images and videos
  • Has a nice zipped case for transport and storage

Cons of Fat Shark Attitude V5 FPV

  • Analog goggles so they will not work with HDMI cable
  • It is easy to break the snap connector if you tighten the antenna too tightly

Who Should Buy The Fat Shark Attitude V5 FPV?

This high quality headset enhances your FPV experience. It has many good features. Its faceplate has a fan that keeps it clear so that you can continue enjoying yourself longer. If you love easy to use FPV goggles with all the bells and whistles, get the Fat Shark V5 FPV goggles. You do not have to spend several hundreds of dollars to get a good headset for your FPV experience.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Your first person view experience from your drone will never be the same again with this headset. When it is delivered to you, just put everything together following the user manual.  You may interchange the stock module with Clearview and Rapidfire modules, but even the stock one is still good. You just need to use these modules without any modifications at all. The good thing about this set of goggles is that it is easy to setup even without prior experience. Just be keen not to tighten the antenna too much because it can snap.

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