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Force1 F100G Drone Review

Force1 F100G Drone

When you read about the specifications that the Force1 F100G comes with, the first thing that pops into your mind is… what an appropriate name for a drone! But this drone packs much more than a good name. It also lacks some of the features that you have been used to in many other drones.

Also called the F100 Ghost, it has a GoPro mount, so if you have a GoPro camera, this drone is a good deal. Whatever type of outdoor camera you want to use with this drone, you will get it from GoPro. Just make sure it is compatible with the drone. But first, read this Force1 F100G review to see why you should buy this drone and what it can do, despite its price being so affordable.

As for the build and design, you will notice that this drone has many protective features. They include the high legs, which ensure that the camera stays out of the way when landing. Then there are the propeller guards which will ensure safety if the drone lands fast.

Force1 F100G Drone

Force1 F100G Features & Technical Details

This is a high quality drone, from whichever side you look at it. It is incredibly easy to fly, and quite durable. It does what it is supposed to do perfectly. We say what it is supposed to do because it lacks some of the common features.

The camera

This is a camera drone. It is designed to be compatible with a few GoPro cameras. Please note that it will not work with all GoPro cameras. However, even its own camera should be quite ok for your outdoor adventures like hiking, beach camping and others.

When you get the package, check that it has the drone itself, a camera, 2 batteries, high landing gear – four pieces, propeller guards – four in number, charging cable, camera mount and others.

The detachable camera can take good 1080P video footage plus stunning aerial photographs. However, it lacks live video transmission, so you will not see your videos in real time. The reason for this is that there is no app that you can download to your smartphone for FPV – first person view.

Two batteries for longer flight time

This drone comes with a pair of batteries. Don’t worry, one is a bonus, so you will not have to pay for it. Now, imagine what you can do with this drone, if you can coax 15 minutes of flight time from each battery. This means you can have 30 minutes of flight time. When you are on the second battery, get the first battery to charging. No one prevents you from ordering a third or even a fourth battery for longer flight time.

360-degree flips

Nothing beats a drone that can do stunning 360-degree flips. The Force1 F100G can do these all round flips at high speed. Sure, they will take more power from the battery but they are worth it. This is just a thrilling fun feature that you can use to make your friends jealous.

You will also love the two-speed settings, one high and the other low. If this is your first drone, start on the low speed settings and graduate to the high speed setting. With a maximum flight range of 500 meters, you will really have a blast flying this nice drone.

The controller

This is simple and easy to use, doesn’t look like something that you would find in a Sci-Fi movie. It is quite straightforward and many of the drone functions are on the controller. For pairing with the drone, just press the red button on the controller and then  switch on the drone, and it will be ready to go.

The controller has two sticks. The left one is for the throttle, while the right one is for selecting the direction. The power switch is located between the two sticks and then there is a sliding button beneath each stick. These two sliding buttons do the job of controlling the flight trim.

There is a button for the 360-degree flips, another one for the speed selection and yet another for choosing between photos and videos.

Brushless motors

No one can overemphasize the benefits of having a drone with brushless motors. They last longer, fly longer without getting hot and most importantly, they are quieter and you will appreciate that kind of quiet when shooting your videos. The Force1 F100 Ghost comes with 1800kv brushless motors. These are tested and proven and they will give you an enjoyable time flying this drone.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

In my visit to the countryside, I flew the F100 Ghost over a heard of dairy cattle without spooking them. Just one more reason to respect a silent Ghost, such as this one, thanks to the brushless motors. Gordon O.

I was disappointed that this drone lacks FPV and I did look up a few YouTube videos on how to add FPV. However, I gave up after some time and decided to fly it blind for the thrill of the speed and stunts. Allan G.

It does not work with all GoPro cameras, but that is not a worry for me since I only have one GoPro camera and it works well. I like the big bold size of this drone! Pascal A.

All I can say is that my husband has been very happy with this drone. I bought it as a present for his birthday because I know he loves flying. He is a retired commercial pilot. Helga R.

I love challenging sports and so when I found that this drone lacks the features that most of its counterparts come with you know things like altitude hold, GPS and others, I decided it was just the thing that I needed and so I got it. I love flying it without GPS assist. I will keep the Ghost for a long time. Tony O.

Good battery life per battery and then… it comes with a bonus battery. Now, my bonus battery did not work, I contacted the manufacturer and I got a brand new battery shipped right to my doorstep. Today, I do about 13 minutes of flight time per battery. Zach P.

I love this drone, but I have a word of caution for you if you are a beginner. First, there is no automatic return, so keep the drone within your sight. Secondly, there is no GPS, so this is as rudimentary as drones go. It is a racer – you will love the speed and the 360-degree stunts. Jasmine S.

Not bad at all for the price. The video quality is also good, but it lacks the first person view for live video. Miraj S.

Force1 F100G Drone Features

Pros of Force1 F100G

  • It is easy to fly even for a first timer but it requires patience before exploring all the features
  • Camera is detachable, so you can use a higher quality one if you like
  • Good video footage
  • Sold with two batteries – most drones come with one
  • Impressive flight time per battery – some people have done 15 minutes per battery
  • It can fly fast on high speed setting
  • Beginner and advanced features make it a good investment
  • Brushless motors are high quality
  • Can do 360-degree flips


Cons of Force1 F100G

  • It lacks FPV yet it is a high quality camera drone
  • Lacks any automated feature
  • Not as stable in flight as the pricier camera drones

Who Should Buy The Force1 F100G?

This drone is not for people that are used to GPS-assisted flying. It is for speed and performance junkies who just love the good old things that move without too many automated features. While it has a detachable camera and can be matched with a few GoPro cameras, the drone lacks FPV or a gimbal stabilizing system. If you can do without such features, this drone is for you. It is also fairly easy to learn how to fly it, which makes it good for both beginners as well as advanced drone pilots.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Of course, this is a fancy drone that lacks many of the automated features that most drones in this price range have. But it is a Ghost and ghosts do lack some of the things that humans have. If you love the performance of your drone raw and rudimentary, this is the drone to go for. However, take note of a few recommendations before you start flying the Force1 F100 Ghost:

  • Do not let the drone out of your sight – it does not have automatic return
  • Do not fly the drone in windy conditions – it can fly away and vanish
  • Do not fly the drone indoors – it is big! Outdoors is better
  • Start flying at the low speed setting – you can grow into high speed later
  • No need to buy a spare battery as it already comes with one
  • Wait before you attempt to do flips, learn how to fly the drone

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