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FQ777 F8 Monster Drone Review

FQ777 F8 Drone

The FQ777 F8 GPS 5G WiFi FPV drone is sold with the option of one, two or three batteries. This is a real monster. Looking at its  features, it is possible to see why. With anti-shake shooting feature, brushless motors, long flight time and incredible build, this drone is quite a steal considering its affordable price.

The camera quality is excellent thanks to the high resolution and the stabilizing features. With such features, you may even use this camera drone for professional photo jobs, or perhaps just use it as a backup camera for your professional video and photography gigs. Keep reading as we explore more of the drone’s features in the upcoming sections.

Something to note: This drone is marketed as a 4K camera drone. However, it is really not a 4K. The video resolution is more like 2K.
FQ777 F8 Drone

FQ777 F8 Features & Technical Details

This drone excels when it comes to the physical features, the automated flight functions and long FPV and remote control distances. This is the kind of drone that is not going to bore you even if you have been around drones for some time. As a beginner, you will find the flurry of features too many, but the good thing is that you will not find the need to upgrade.

Design, Build Quality and Durability

First, this is a foldable drone. It is therefore easy to carry with you from place to place. It also comes with its storage bag. The drone measures 7 by 4 by 2.2 inches when the arms are folded. When the arms are unfolded, the drone measures 11.2 by 9.2 by 4.5 inches. With a flying weight of 400g inclusive of the battery, this drone is not too heavy but you will have to register it with the FAA if you are in North America.

The exterior casing of the drone is made with high quality ABS PC PP material. This makes it quite sturdy, and the delicate interior parts are always protected. While this drone will not crash haphazardly, you still want to be sure that in case it does, its parts are well protected.

Enjoy using the noiseless brushless motors that last a long time without requiring too much maintenance. You can fly through three batteries without the motors overheating because they are that good.

Camera quality

Here is another area that the F8 Monster has truly excelled. It has a high quality camera with a wide angle lens at 120 degrees. With such a wide field of view, you are going to capture a lot of background with your photographs and videos.

The photo resolution is 3840 by 2160, which ensures that you capture vivid detail in your photographs. The video resolution is 2592 by 1520. With the 2-axis self- stabilizing gimbal, this drone takes distortion-free photos and videos. In addition, even when the drone flies in a  slanted position, the videos and photos still retain a horizontal orientation. This drone will adjust its camera angle automatically when in flight so that it can capture photos and videos in the best orientation possible.

This is an FPV drone, and the quality of the real-time video transmission is quite good. In addition, the FPV distance of 700 meters is good. It gives you the power to see the same thing that your drone can see.

FQ777 F8 Mechanical Gimbel

Battery and flight time

There is no need to have all these wonderful flight features and functions and yet not have enough battery power. Thankfully, with 11.1V 2500mAh Lithium-polymer battery, this drone can give you a flight time of a maximum of 27 minutes. Ok, we know that it will not achieve that, but even 24 minutes of flight time would still be a good deal for us.

One disadvantage with using a high capacity drone battery is that the charging time is too long. With this battery, you will spend all of 240 minutes/4 hours charging the battery only for you to enjoy about 25 minutes of flight time. Not fair at all!

This is a safe battery, modular in design and therefore easy to insert and remove from the drone. You will also get stats for the battery so that you can see when it is about to drain.

Remote controller

The best thing about this remote controller is that it has a rechargeable Lipo battery. You will take about 60 minutes to charge the battery but on a full charge, you can use the remote controller through two or even three quadcopter batteries.

The exterior casing of the remote controller is made with the same material as has been used on the quadcopter. This is high quality ABS plastic that is both light in weight and very strong. It will not rip open just because of a crash.

The buttons and keys on the remote controller are in excellent shape, responsive without being too sensitive. The joysticks respond very well too.

Flight functions

It is the custom for many drones to have several automated flight functions. Even the most experienced pilots still need these functions so that they can fly the drone in hands-free mode.

Here are a few of the many functions that you will get:

GPS assisted flight

GPS is the mother of all flight functions and features. It is responsible for bringing the drone home at the touch of a button. It also makes functions such as follow me mode effective.

Electronic Fence

If you have a beginner flying this drone, electronic fence function will contain the drone within a certain radius. This ensures that it stays within the set area and it never flies out of the set boundary. This is a safety function since it is hard to lose a drone.

One key return

If the conditions turn too windy, punch the one key return and bring the drone back home. This is one of the best safety features that you should learn to use first when flying the drone.

Low power and lost return

This is a great function for beginners who might forget to use the one key return button when the battery runs low or when the drone loses signal. It will turn back and come home automatically, home being the place where it was launched from.

FQ777 F8 Monster Drone Return To Home

Follow Me

This is a great function for the time when you want to fly the drone in hands-free mode so that it can capture your videos and photos as you do your thing. It keeps a respectable distance, increasing its speed when you increase yours and vice versa.

One key takeoff and landing

Again, this is a nice function for beginners. You do not have to waste time figuring how to start the drone. Just punch this key (it will be indicated on the controller) and the drone either takes off or starts to land.

Circle Flight Mode

With this mode, the drone is going to fly in circles around the point of your interest. You can choose an area with nice scenery and get the drone to go around that taking video and photo footage from all angles.

Waypoint flight mode

Open the app, make dots along the area where you would like the drone to fly and then connect the dots with a line. When you launch the drone, it will follow that route.

Headless Mode

Control the direction of the flight easily with headless mode. There’s no need to worry about the direction the drone is headed because with headless mode engaged, the drone will align itself automatically to the position of the pilot.

Multi-directional flight

You can fly this drone upwards, downward, left or right easily.

FQ777 F8 Monster Featuers

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I have had this drone for only a few months. I must commend the quality of the photos and the videos. They are incredibly good, clear and vivid in detail . Cassandra G.

I was looking for a drone that I could use to record my outdoor adventures and I think I found it. I am yet to take it mountain biking though, but I already love what I see. Bruce C.

I have flown the F8 Monster in calm weather but I could only get 24 minutes of flight time. Anyone else? Bishop J.

This is a real monster. I ordered mine with three batteries and I have not regretted it. I would buy it again and again. Petersen C.

When buying a drone, I mostly consider the camera and the flight time. For the F8 Monster, both are good. I cannot complain. Bobby L.

My FQ777 F8 Monster flies really smooth.  I am always skeptical when it comes to toys but with this one, I cannot find any major fault. Bucky E.

FQ777 F8 Pros

  • Has GPS positioning mode
  • It has LED lights for night and low light flights
  • The drone has level 7 wind resistance – 40 to 50km/h
  • Beginners can learn how to fly this drone easily
  • SD card support
  • The anti-shaking feature is very helpful
  • Camera takes good quality footage
  • Drone flies steadily and has fail safe auto return
  • Makes a good gift for people that you love

FQ777 F8 Cons

  • This is not a fully 4K resolution drone. While it is higher than 1080P, it is closer to a 2K resolution than 4K

FQ777 F8 Monster Foldable Design

Who Should Buy The FQ777 F8 Monster Drone?

A person who knows good quality when they see it can get the F8 Monster. It has its cons, but the pros outweigh them by far. It has many automated functions, but still, it is very interesting even for an experienced drone pilot. While the manufacturer information is a bit misleading since it claims this is a 4K drone while it is more like a 2K, the quality of your footage will still be great. For the price it is sold at, we think this drone is quite a steal for anyone.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Good wind resistance, tens of automated flight functions, good camera with stabilization 2-axis gyro, good flight time and many more make the FQ777 F8 Monster drone quite irresistible. However, when you get it, read the user manual first to see how to use it. Make a habit of flying all of your drones in areas that have no buildings, trees or other obstacles. In addition, always know that footage quality is always better when you store your photos and videos in an SD card rather than in your mobile phone.

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