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GD91 Pro Drone Review

GD91 Pro

The GD91 Pro is going to cost you a substantial amount of money. However, if it has the features to back the cost, it is not costly.

Some of the things that stand out in this quadcopter include the fail-safe features such as low power return, signal loss return and one key return. You should never lose your drone!

In the upcoming sections, we shall look at many more features and flight functions that you will get in this quadcopter.

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GD91 Pro

GD91 Pro Features and Technical Details

This good aircraft is rich with features and functions.

Here are the most important features that every drone should have:

Design and Build Quality

The hull is made of plastic. It is thin and light in weight, as we have come to expect of ABS plastic, which by the way is 3D-printed plastic. However, it is enough to protect the interior parts of the drone. In addition, it also keeps the takeoff weight of the aircraft to the minimum.

The color of the drone is black matte.

In the world of toy drones for adults, this is medium-sized aircraft. It measures 16.5 by 13.8 by 3.1 inches when it unfolds. When folded, it measures 6.8 by 4.5 by 3.1 inches. It will fold down to a small and compact size, which makes it easy to carry or store.

The motors are brushless. They give excellent performance and they make minimal noise.

You will have to register this aircraft with the FAA if you are in North America. Its weight is far above the 250g threshold.


If you want a high quality aerial camera, get this quadcopter. It has been equipped with a 4K HD camera. You will be able to capture vivid details in your photos and videos.

This camera is also built on a 2-axis mechanical gimbal. Therefore, it takes high quality footage in the right orientation even if the drone slants. Mechanical stabilization beats electronic stabilization anytime.

You can adjust the vertical angle of the camera by up to 90°. Since you can do this from the drone, you can always find the perfect view. The field of view is also wide enough so that you can capture footage with a lot of background.

Please note that you will not be able to capture 4K video footage. Rather, you will only be able to capture 4K photos. The video is 1080P but it is still good enough.

You can also enjoy a good first person view over a long distance of 1200 meters.


This drone comes with a speaker, but it is optional and it will cost you more money. But you can just imagine how cool it is to capture drone footage with sound.

Many people opt to buy it without the speaker though because it also has the MV function that allows you to add sound, music and other effects to your videos. Besides, we are not sure what kind of audio you would hope to capture with this speaker.

Battery and flight time

You will get this aircraft with a 2S 25C 7.6V 3000mAh battery. On a calm day and without any theatrics, you can squeeze up to 28 minutes out of the battery. However, the manufacturer says you will get 25 to 28 minutes of flight time.

For such a high capacity battery, the charging time of 2 hours is quite good. However, for a little more money, you can get this aircraft with two batteries to make your flight time even longer.

This is a safe, modular battery. Since the youngest recommended age of the user is 14 years, you need not be afraid of any electrical hazards because there aren’t any. Just use the recommended charging cable.

Remote controller

You will love the remote controller. It is super slim and low weight, but it is also packed with features. First, it has a retractable smartphone holder that can fit many smartphones, of different sizes. The phone will be quite secure on this holder.

Secondly, it has a small LCD screen that shows you the metrics of the drone. On this screen, you will be able to see things such as distance, speed and even height of the drone. You can also see the remaining battery charge so that you can bring it home in good time once it starts running low.

All of the important functions are available on the remote controller. There are keys for return to home, auto takeoff and landing, camera and others.

Flight Functions

Drones with camera need many automatic functions to make them fun to fly. This one comes with many of these. They are as follows:

Dual GPS/GLONASS Optical Positioning

Always know where the Global GD91 drone is. It will never get lost since it connects to the GPS in your phone and satellite. When you need to hover the drone to take footage, it will hold its altitude precisely.

Strong Wind Resistance

This quadcopter has strong wind resistance thanks to the strong brushless motors. With level 7 resistance, it will actually withstand a gust.

One key take off and landing

This function is very important for beginners. When you punch either key, the drone takes off and hovers at a given height to wait for your next move. It also comes back home to land.

Gesture Photos and Videos

Show the drone your palm and it starts capturing videos. You may also show it the victory sign and it will start capturing photos from a short distance away.

Headless Mode

With a flight range of more than 1KM, your quad will definitely fly out of sight. You need not worry whether it is aligned in the right way. Just engage headless mode and the drone will realign itself to the position of the pilot.

Smart Follow

This drone can recognize you and lock onto you. It will follow you everywhere you go taking footage from different angles.

GD91 Pro Follow Me

Trajectory Flight

Open the app and go to the map interface. Tap the places where you would like the drone to fly over and then connect them with a line. When you launch the drone, it will fly along that route.

Speed Regulation

Recommended for 14 year olds, you can fly this drone at different speeds. When learning how it handles, fly it on low speeds and then move on to medium and high speed, eventually.

Aircraft Retrieval

On the rare occasion that your drone fails to return, you can find out the last position that it registered a signal. To do this, you just need to tap the GPS icon 3 times and it will open the map, which will show you the last position the drone was at, and the time.

GD91 Pro Pros

  • High quality brushless motors for powerful flight
  • Sleek looking with green LED lights on the front
  • High quality camera
  • Long flight time
  • Long flight range
  • Different speed modes for beginners and advanced pilots
  • At 2 hours only, the battery charges surprisingly fast
  • MV function for adding music, video effects and sharing on social media

GD91 Pro Cons

  • Too many functions – can be confusing for a beginner
  • High price especially when you add speaker and extra batteries
  • A bit on the heavy side

GD91 Pro RTH

Who Should Buy The GD91 Pro Drone?

If you are looking for a drone that you will never outgrow, try the GD91 Pro. It has many features, long battery life and many functions. Even if you are an advanced pilot, you will never have a boring moment because it flies well and over long distances. It also takes nice photos and videos and on the app, you can share them, add effects and filters too.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This drone has a few downsides, but it still has more pros than cons, which makes it a good buy for advanced pilots. It is medium sized when unfolded and it has more weight. However, this extra weight keeps it stable in the air.

While it is still a new release into the market, you can go the whole hog and get two batteries and the speaker. Just see what it can do. The Global Drone GD91 Pro might be a game changer in the drone industry.

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