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GDU O2 Drone Review

GDU O2 Drone

When the GDU 02 drone was released into the market, it created quite a buzz where to some extent some people said that finally, here was a DJI Mavic Air competitor. However, while it falls short of the features and things the Mavic can do, it is still a good drone by its own right. Besides, you are going to buy it for being itself and not for how close it comes to its competitors. If for nothing else, one of the main reasons why you will love the GDU 02 is that it folds into a small and compact size, making it very portable. It is also durably built, but we will look at all these and more in the upcoming sections. This is an advanced drone by its own right so it is only fair to expect to pay a good price for it. Not to worry though, it gives back every value for the money you spend on it.

GDU O2 Drone

GDU O2 Features & Technical Details

Physical features

This is not only a very functional drone, but it is also a very well-built drone, nice design and a good looking matte-black finish. However, the most outstanding feature is the sliding arm, which makes the drone very portable.

The drone arms have been constructed from strong aluminum alloy, the same one that is used in the aviation industry. This makes the propeller arm one of the most durable in the market.

When you are traveling with the drone, just slide the arm back in and you will remain with an easy-to-pack drone, with no protruding parts.

Flight technology

You will love the Glonass and GPS technology that connects to 20 satellites for perfect positioning. Your flight experience will be excellent thanks to obstacle avoidance system with the advanced sensors positioned at various locations on the drone.

With a horizontal speed of 34mph/55 kmh and a maximum speed of ascent of 11.2mph/18 kmh, this drone is quite fast. It can also do a maximum altitude of 11482 feet, which is quite impressive. Besides, this drone also has capable wind resistance as long as you do not fly it in winds more than 12 mph.

GDU O2 Obstacle Avoidance


The GDU 02 drone has been equipped with a 4K camera that sits on a 3 axis stabilizing gimbal. Thus, even when the drone experiences some turbulence when in flight, the camera will also stay stable enough to shoot good video and photo footage.

This drone is also FPV enabled meaning that you can download the app to your smartphone and use it to view the video footage in real time, just as if you were right there inside the drone. The video transmission range is 260 feet. Video format is MP4, which is viewable on just about any device today.

The video transmission range is 1000 meters.

GDU O2 Camera
Remote controller

If you thought the done looks good, then you should see the remote controller. It is so well built, ergonomic in design and all, and you will also love that the smartphone holder is retractable. When you are traveling, push the smartphone holder back in to make the remote controller even smaller.

Unlike most other remote controllers that are powered by AA or AAA batteries, this one is sold with its own lithium polymer battery that has a capacity of 1200mAh.

On the controller, you will find icons for all the flight features of the drone, same as you will find on the app.

The drone battery

The GDU 02 gives you 20 minutes of flight time, give or take a little depending on conditions like wind. When the battery runs low, the drone starts to returns home immediately and the controller gives you an alert. You can then initiate the landing procedure. Same case happens when the signal is lost. The battery capacity is 4000mAh, and the charging time is 2 hours.

Flight features

This drone has many flight features, some of them such as the follow me mode will help you fly the drone hands-free. Then there is obstacle avoidance, slow motion and even gesture recognition where you can wave your hand to send the drone to either side.

Features such as headless mode and vision positioning help the drone steer a path outside obstacles. The drone also has “eyes” on the bottom that help it avoid a landing area with obstacles. This is one of the safest drones to fly.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

This is my third camera drone. I am stunned at the quality of the videos and photographs. I love flying it in the yard but I am planning to take it to Dubai with me and capture the incredible skyline and desert dunes. Allison G.

Everything about my GDU 02 oozes quality and class. This drone can fly fast, do tricks and has many advanced flight features. I thought the price was too high but not any longer. Eli H.

I travel a lot, shooting videos for my travel blog. This drone has helped me a lot with its incredible camera. I also love that it folds into a small and compact size for traveling. Raymond W.

Foldable, build to last a long time, a short learning curve for beginners and many more good things to say about the drone… I can never regret buying it. Will S.

I have flown this drone in windy conditions and it helps its own very well. I only noted that the battery drained a bit faster, but then these were 15mph winds. Forrest T.

It is almost 2 months of using this drone and I have never broken anything. Trust me when I say I fly it a lot because I do. Longest I have ever gone without flying it is 5 days. If you want a drone that can last, buy the GDU 02. Gerald F.

Price is steep but is definitely worth it! Flies fast, easy to control with the app or controller. Oli Q.

Pros of GDU O2

  • Groundbreaking, high quality, retractable aluminum-alloy propeller arms
  • High speed flight
  • Many advanced flight features
  • Obstacle avoidance system works very well with vision positioning to fly safely
  • High quality batteries for drone and controller
  • App works so seamlessly
  • Foldable into smaller size for traveling
  • Good wind resistance

Cons of GDU O2

  • The price is a bit steep
  • No information about warranty
  • Battery charges slowly

GDU O2 Size

Who Should Buy The GDU O2?

If you love a high quality drone and you understand that the best costs more, the GDU 02 drone is the best choice for you. It has many advanced flight features, has a high quality 4K camera that captures high quality video, obstacle avoidance system and durable casing. Although you may think the price is a bit steep at first, once you fly it a couple of times, you will see why the price is justified. You may also buy this drone to back up your photo and videography business.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The GDU 02 drone with FPV, obstacle avoidance and other features is extremely good. However, before you fly it, there are a few recommendations to bear in mind. First, fly it in relatively low winds if you must, to preserve the battery and for safety. Secondly, read the user manual if this is your first drone. It is a pricey investment and you do not want to risk flying it without knowing what it can do. Third, before you can punch it at the top speed, fly it slowly to learn how it handles.

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