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GEPRC CineStyle 4K Stable Pro F7 Review

Geprc CineStyle 4K Stable Pro F7

Racing drones have been with us for some time now. It was bound to happen anyway. After conquering speed on the ground, it just had to go to the air. However, this does not mean that choosing a racer drone is ever so easy. You still need to do some footwork to find the very best one. In this GEPRC CineStyle 4K 144mm Stable Pro F7 Review, you will see whether this one is worth buying. We shall also look at its downsides, features, flight functions and the build and design. Keep reading.

Geprc CineStyle 4K Stable Pro F7

GEPRC CineStyle Features & Technical Details

Since most racing drones have speeds close to 100km/h, they are also light in weight and they come with superb features. It is such features that we are going to explore here.

Design and Build Quality

Starting with the build quality of this drone, it has been designed with top of the range material. For example, the frame is made of 3K carbon fiber. It is light in weight, and it is quite durable. For example, it will not split or crack when it crashes. At the same time, this material has many more benefits. It is rustproof and it does not allow water to get in.

The bottom and top plates have ample thickness, which is important for extra resilience. These plates protect the delicate electronic parts of the drone and so the thicker they are the better.

This drone also comes with 1507 3600KV brushless motors. These anti-impact motors are resilient, they stay intact for a long time and better yet, they support the incredible racing speeds. They will not overheat and they make minimal noise. Coupled with the GEP-branded 3042/3-inch propellers, they whip up enough power to keep the drone flying.

The Stable Pro F7 has a small weight of 163g only, but this is without the propellers and the battery. This is no surprise because all racer drones are lightweight.  When you add all the components, the weight can go to more than 200g, which is still not too bad.

The size of the drone is 115mm/4.5 inches long by 88mm/3.5 inches wide by 35mm/1.36 inches high. As you can see, this is a small racing drone so it should be easy to carry to any drone races that you intend to take part in.

Flight stacks

This drone comes with advanced stacks. The first one is the flight controller stack; dual gyro F7 flight controller. The flight stack is just a collection of the navigation and drone control components. It also has things such as estimators for flight height and distance.

The second stack has video transmission and other components while the third is the power stack. Basically, these are the electronic components of the drone from where the video shots and flight are controlled.

Camera Quality

A camera is very important in a racing drone because without it, you will be flying blindly. The Stable Pro F7 comes with a high quality 4K camera. This is a Caddx Tarsier 4K 1200TVL with dual lens. Now, as we saw in the EMAX Hawk Pro FRSKY drone review, Caddx makes some of the best cameras when it comes to capturing vivid details and excellent night vision.

This is a dual lens camera and they are arranged vertically. With a wide field of view of 165°, you are going to have a lot of horizon in your FPV footage. The weight of the camera is just 18mm, so you will not be giving your drone too much load. The camera hole is also premade measuring 20 by 20mm, perfect because the camera measures 19 by 20mm.


You may buy this drone with or without the receiver. A receiver is very important for getting the radio signal from the transmitter. It will then send the signal to the flight controller system, which in return interprets the signal and gets the drone to obey your commands.

The drone is compatible with Frsky XM+, Frsky R-XSR and TBS Nano SE receivers. The Stable Pro F7 drone is sold with the Frsky XM+ receiver but if you want to buy it with the other options, that is OK too. However, you will pay slightly more money with the TBS Nano SE being the most expensive.


This drone uses a 4S 850mAh Lipo battery. However, it can also use a 650mAh or 750mAh battery. The drone is not shipped with the battery, so you will have to buy one or two separately. The good thing is that these batteries are readily available and affordable. You can even buy two or three.


For a racing drone, the propeller is very important. The GEPRC CineStyle 4K drone props are 3-inch propellers with three blades. These do a perfect job of whipping up the air and propelling the drone forward. They are transparent so you hardly see them when they are spinning.

GEPRC CineStyle 4K Stable Pro F7 Camera

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I love flying this drone at maximum speed but I choose an open space for that. It is powerful and it will not be swayed out of its path by wind. Mike M.

I expected this drone to be a little bigger than it is, what with all the pictures. However, now that I have it, I am glad it is smaller and more portable. Ala C.

As a racing drone, I expected I would do a lot of assembling. However, this drone comes almost ready to fly. Timan K.

The video transmission on FPV seems awesome enough for me. Glad I got this drone. Dan C.

I have only flight-tested my GEPRC Cinestyle Stable Pro F7 but soon I will get out there and punch it at full speed. Lexie F.

GEPRC CineStyle Stable Pro F7 Pros

  • Comes ready to fly out of the box
  • Light in weight and small size
  • Powerful performance when flying
  • Camera gives good video transmission
  • Strong build quality with carbon fiber frame
  • You can add a GPS to know where the drone is all the time
  • Strong brushless motors

GEPRC CineStyle Stable Pro F7 Cons

  • It does not come with battery, you have to get it separately
  • The drone is too small

GEPRC CineStyle 4K Stable Pro F7 Antenna

Who Should Buy the GEPRC CineStyle Stable Pro F7?

This is a racing drone, so obviously the target users are the racing enthusiasts. As a freestyle drone, it comes with no automated functions, which is why we do not recommend it for beginners. Get this racer if you are a speed junkie. You can also find out whether there is a drone race happening in your town so that you can go and take part.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you get the GEPRC CineStyle Stable Pro F7 racing drone, you need to read the user manual to see how to prepare it for flight. You should also buy the recommended 4S battery. The good thing is that this drone comes ready to fly, so you just have to secure your battery and fly. You require 650mAh, 750mAh or 850mAh battery. You need an open space to fly this drone because it moves really fast. You might also want to customize it by adding GPS and other things.

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