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Hubsan X4 Storm H122D Racing Drone Review

The Hubsan X4 Storm H122D is a racing drone and so it has been optimized with features for speed. It is also capable of doing acrobatic tricks like rolls and flips in mid-flight. When you buy it, you will notice that this drone has been built to last a long time. It comes with a carbon fiber body that can withstand crashes. If you are cutting your teeth in the drone world, this is a perfect quadcopter for you as it is made to withstand many abuses that may arise from mistakes that beginners make with their first drones. This is an aggressive drone and you will love it. As a First Person View (FPV) drone, it means that when it is flying, you will view through the camera as if you are inside the drone.

Hubsan X4 Storm H122D-Racing Drone

Hubsan X4 Storm H122D Features & Technical Details

The physical features – Because of its small size, this quadcopter is perfect for flying indoors in small spaces. It measures 3.7 by 3.7 inches and when loaded with cameras, it weighs a meager 116.5g and that makes it perfect for traveling. It packs nicely in your backpack so that you can perform those flips and rolls in the park. When you buy it, it will be delivered with a charger, 4 blades/rotors, HV002 Goggles, HS001 monitor, battery and the user manual.

Camera – This is one of the best features in this drone. While there was a limited angle of camera view in the earlier Hubsan drones, this one comes with a wide angle of view. It packs a 720P HD camera that is capable of shooting awesome videos and photos. Of all the features that this drone comes with, the camera has received the most accolades. If you are going to shoot the videos from onboard the drone, maybe in an SD card, you will love the quality.

The camera rotates, and the angle of view is big. This means you can shoot wholesome videos and stunning photos all the time. While marketing the H122D, they said this is a race drone, but the camera is of professional quality.

The camera range of view is almost two football pitches, quite big!

Battery – The Storm H122D comes with a 7.4-volt 2S battery, which gives the drone a little boost of power. With a full charge however, the drone can only do 6 minutes of flight. The flight range is rated at between 100 and 200 meters, pretty long range. It can also do an impressive height. The charging time is 2.5 hours. It would be better to buy extra batteries to increase the flight time.

Image transmission and storage – If you want the highest quality of videos and photos, it is recommended that you shoot videos and direct them to the SD card, which you will install in the slot provided for just that. For image and video transmission, the drone has been built with a 5.8G FPV – 5.8G, a high frequency transmission technology that ensures the highest quality for your media. To uphold the quality of the media, this drone has been designed with a 2.4GHz TX technology that ensures anti-interference. It is sold with a 4G TF memory card, but you can use a bigger one of up to 32GB.

Safety features – When the battery starts to drain, you need not get worried about the drone crashing. It has a return to home feature that allows it to return to the point from where it took off and even land safely. This way, the drone is hard to lose.

Flight – There are many features for flight. One of them is the Roll, which allows you to perform certain acrobatics with the drone. It can roll and rotate 360 degrees in all directions. Flip mid flight, roll in any direction and you will be wowed at the performance of this racing drone.

The controller – It almost looks like an XBOX controller. However, it has a short range, but it is easy to modify it with an antenna to increase the range. It uses the readily available AAA batteries.


Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I am impressed at the video and photo quality of this small drone. I also love that I can slip it into my jacket pocket and go fly it outside. Pilot Ken

I wish it would have come with a longer battery life, but apart from that I have no complaint. I have seen what this drone can do and so I am looking for another battery to increase the flight time. Priscilla C.

I crashed this little drone a few times and it came through unscathed. I would not be too confident about it surviving another crash and that is why I am looking for an extra set of propellers to buy, just in case I break these. Lauren G.

For such an affordable price, I did not know that I could get these many and impressive features. Buy an extra battery though for increased flight time. I would rate the flight time at between 5 and 7 minutes. Govi M.

Pros of Hubsan X4 Storm H122D

  • Affordable
  • Small learning curve for beginners
  • Wonderful camera technology
  • Can do flips, rolls and other tricks on flight
  • Returns to home when battery is low
  • Shoots professional quality videos
  • Charging cords, goggles and other accessories included
  • Big camera range
  • Has beginner mode for total newbies and advanced mode for advanced pilots

Cons of Hubsan X4 Storm H122D

  • Short battery life
  • Shot range for controller
  • Does not come with extra propellers


Hubsan-X4 Storm-H122D Racing Drone Image

Who Should Buy Hubsan X4 Storm H122D?

While the Hubsan X4 Storm H122D was designed to be a race drone, it has a high quality camera, making it something that even a professional photographer and videographer would use. The sturdy compact build ensures that the drone stays intact even when it crashes. This drone is therefore perfect for both beginner flyers and advanced users. The good thing is that when you buy the drone, you will not need to upgrade in the near future because this drone has many advanced features.

Conclusion and Recommendation

From the affordable price of the Hubsan X4 Storm H122D drone to the advanced features and the inbuilt acrobatic ability, this racing drone is made to impress. However, as you have seen here, this drone can also be used for photography and video works. While some features could do with improvements, for the money it is sold at, this drone is worth every dime that you will pay for it. You should not miss the H122D in your collection if you are a drone enthusiast.

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