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GoolRC SG906 Drone Review

Honestly, how often do you find a drone sold with two bonus batteries, a nice and durable carry-case as well as so many features to boot? We must concede, this does not happen too often.

With the GoolRC SG906 drone, you have an opportunity to own this awesome specimen. In this review, we are going to look at the features that make it tick and see what you can expect of its performance.

Even the styling of the GoolRC SG906 is very appealing, starting with the logo of the bullhorns on the head, reminds you of The Rock when he was a wrestler. Did you smell what drone The Rock is flyiiiiiing!

About the price, well, it could be better, but with many impressive features and the three batteries, you will agree when we say you will have good value for your money.

Keep reading to see is full features in detail.

GoolRC SG906 Features & Technical Details

Design and build quality

The first thing we can say about the design and the build quality of this drone is that it has brush-less motors. Now, if you know the difference between brushed and brush-less motors, well, you know that the latter is unbeaten. These motors are quieter, they last longer and they require minimal to no maintenance.

The GoolRC SG906 is foldable drone. That alone makes it a darling for traveling. Besides, it is also sold with its carry case, so you just need to pack it up and tuck it in your travel backpack. The dark gray, silver and red color combination makes this drone look so nice.

When the drone is folded, it measures 6.9 by 3.3 by 2.9 inches and almost double that when it is unfolded. It weighs 527g, which means you are going to have to register it with the FAA before you can fly it.

The camera

One of the most outstanding features of the SG906 is the camera. It comes with a 4K camera, which entirely justifies the price. One of the reasons why 4K camera is much better than the regular 1080P HD camera is that it captures footage in vivid details.

The wide-angle camera is a dream come true for people that are enthusiastic about aerial photography. Even if you are a professional videographer, you can still use this drone as your back up.

The camera has an anti-shake lens, which means you are still going to get the best footage even when the drone shakes.

Another thing… the camera recognizes gestures. It will recognize a palm or victory gesture as long as you are within 3 meters of its range so that it can start capturing photos and videos.

GoolRC SG906 Gestture Recording

Batteries and flight time

It comes with three 7.4V 2800mAh modular batteries. It also has a battery indicator (you have to press a button to see how much power you have left) so you can bring the drone back home before it totally drains out.

Each battery will give you a flight time of 25 minutes! That is quite awesome. So, with the three batteries, you will get up to 75 minutes of flight time. The only downside is that charging the battery takes about 4 hours, which is quite long.

Stable hover

The SG906 gives a more stable hover as compared to other drones. There is a good reason for this. First, it has a dual switch for GPS positioning and optical flow positioning. This is very helpful for aerial video and photo capturing. When the drone hovers, you free your hands to pose and take photos and videos comfortably.

2 Follow Me Modes

The SG906 comes with two follow me modes. One of them is the Path Fly where you can draw a route that the drone will follow automatically. Of course, you draw this route on the smartphone app.

The second follow me mode is GPS transmitted follow me mode. This is where you designate an object and the drone follows it. It is very helpful when you are taking a road trip or other adventure.

Center of interest

You can be able to set a point of interest so that the drone flies around you with a radius of 30 meters. This is enough space for capturing your videos and photos with awesome background.

Remote controller

You will love this remote controller. It is ergonomic in design, with responsive controls and much more. It has a retractable stand for your smartphone. You will also love the long control range and many more features.

GoolRC SG906 Performance Highlights

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I bought my SG906 because of its 4K camera. I have not been disappointed at all, as the drone has consistently taken good video and photo footage of my adventures. Moses K.

Who needs a DJI when they can have this GoolRC? It is incredible with so many features, stunning style and looks. I am so glad I bought this. George B.

I love the camera quality, the flight feature and the two bonus batteries. I have flown this drone to the maximum range of 500 meters and it never lost signal. Smirti M.

This is money well spent especially when it comes to the 4K camera. It captures stunning videos of your outdoor adventure. Gael H.

I almost passed over this one in favor of the more renowned brand names. However, I decided to try it out. I am so glad I did, such goodness packed in one drone. Peter M.

Nice touch with the carry handbag and the three batteries! Such bonuses make a drone worth buying. Pristy G.

Never once did I think that I would have so much fun with this drone. It is sturdy and packs many features. Salim S.

Pros of GoolRC SG906

  • Foldable design
  • Has a nice and secure carry bag
  • Sold with two bonus batteries
  • Advanced flight features such as dual switch for GPS and optical flow positioning
  • High quality 4K camera
  • Good flight range
  • Sturdy, high quality build
  • Motors are brush-less
  • Has return home, headless mode and other beginner features

Cons of GoolRC SG906

  • Batteries take long to charge
  • Some features are too complex for beginners

GoolRC SG906 Intelligent Following

Who Should Buy The GoolRC SG906

The GoolRC SG906 is made for people that love style, high profile looks and performance. We could all do with a couple of spare batteries at no extra cost. This drone has a 4K camera, so if you are in the videography or photography business, you may use this drone as a backup for your main photo drone. If you would like a drone that can last a long time, a drone for traveling, a drone for aerial photography, buy this one.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Once you buy the feature-packed GoolRC SG906 drone, the temptation to fly it right out of the box will be great. After all, we love great looking drones. However, do not do that. First, study the user manual carefully to see how it works. It has some fantastic, albeit complex features such as dual mode remote controller and dual GPS feature. Thus, you want to know how everything works before taking it for its first flight.

Show me the price!

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