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Holy Stone HS177 Review

Holy Stone HS177 RC Battle Drones Image

It is rare to find a battle drone being sold at a very affordable price. However, when you get the Holy Stone HS177, you will see that good drones do not have to extravagantly priced. This is purely a fun drone, but it still packs many incredible features. It is the perfect plaything for people who would love to simulate a mid-air battle. It is not only fun to use, but it is also easy for beginners to start with. With many simplified features, there is no reason why you should not have crazy fun with the drone.

Holy Stone HS177 RC Battle Drones Image

Holy Stone HS177 Features & Technical Details

Physically, this is a small drone, measuring 4.92 by 4.92 by 1.57 inches. It is also light in weight at 0.9 pounds. The Holy Stone HS177 is available in different colors such as blue and red. Please note that these drones are sold as a pair so that you can give one to your family, friend or fellow drone enthusiast and then with the two drones, you can play Cowboys and Indians in the air.

These drones are light in weight. Thus, even if one falls, it will be unlikely to break. The propellers also have guards to prevent them from breaking when the drone falls.

You can enjoy awesome 3D flips with these drones. On the transmitter, you will find a button for the flips. If you press it, the drone can roll sideward, forward or backward. Since this is a fun drone, the 360-degree rolls make the fun even more exhilarating.

The Holy Stone HS177 has three speed modes – low, medium and high. That way, beginners can start on the low speed setting and then advance as they become more experienced at flying drones.

Safety features

For safety, the drone comes with the headless mode. Even as a total beginner with drones, you need not be hassled about where the front and the back end are. You just need to press the headless mode button on the transmitter and the drone will come back to you.

When your drone goes out of sight and you want to retrieve it, just press the emergency stop button and it will stop immediately. On top of that, takeoff and landing is quite simple, with the one-key button made for just that.

Altitude hold and flight system

The altitude hold feature allows you to preset a hovering height on the transmitter. When you press the altitude hold key, the drone will hover at that height. You can then shoot your opponent using infrared. You will also be shot at, and when your drone takes 4 hits, it will initiate landing. The built-in 6-axis gyro 4CH flight control system keeps the drones pretty stable in the air.

For aesthetics and perhaps night flying, these drones have bright LED lights. You can adjust the brightness of the LED lights to suit the level of brightness that you want.

Battery and battle drone mode

These drones use 3.7V 250mAh Lithium Polymer battery with a flight time of maximum 9 minutes. The charging time for that battery is 60 to 90 minutes. Perhaps you can buy spare batteries to double that flight time. It would mean double the fun too.

To go to battle mode, you will have to set the two drone to battle mode. There is a button for that on the controller. With this, the drones start firing infrared beams until one takes 4 hits and “goes down.” Note, when you engage battle mode, you are given 4 hits to kill your enemy.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

My son and I have been having fantastic times with these drones. Every weekend is a fun weekend, whether we are outdoors or indoors. Julian L.

My husband and I had so much fun with this drone yesterday that 9 minutes of the battery time seemed to whittle away in no time at all. I wish it came with more flight time for extending the fun. Leah K.

I bought these cheap battle drones for my 12-year-old twins. They have been having a lot of fun in the backyard. However, I have to help them with the charging of the batteries since it is hard to get the charger plugged. Leyla T.

I wish they could make more battle drones. When I bought this one, it was delivered almost ready for flight, I just had to charge the battery and start having my fun. I love the 3D flips and rolls. Headley R.

Once we start flying these battleships, I engage altitude hold from where I can shoot at the enemy. I really wish these drones came with longer lasting batteries. I love the trim features on the transmitter, the different colors for the fuselage and the bright LEDs. DroneMaster.

Holy Stone HS177 RC Battle Drones Altitude hold

Pros of Holy Stone HS177

  • Comes in a pair and it is very affordable
  • Does pretty awesome flips and rolls
  • Really withstands crashes and falls due to the minimal weight
  • Different speed modes for beginners as well as advanced users
  • Quite a lot of fun when in battle mode
  • Has an emergency stop button to prevent it from getting lost
  • Transmitter has many features, but is quite easy to use
  • Low battery alert lets you know when it is time to bring the drone home

Cons of Holy Stone HS177

  • Drone can be a bit hard to control when using high speed mode
  • The plug gets held in the socket
  • Feels too light in the hand


Who Should Buy Holy Stone HS177?

Anyone who loves a good fun drone will find this cheap battle drone so nice to use. This drone comes packed with features that make it to use for beginners as well as advanced drone pilots. With low and high speed modes, battle mode and even 3D rolls and flips, you will love using the drone. Besides, its price is quite affordable.

Conclusion and Recommendation

There are many nice things going for these small drones. For the price of one, you get a pair of drones so that they can shoot at each other. Besides, you also get features such as altitude hold and impressive flight time of 9 minutes. If you love fun, this drone could be just the thing that you want in your collection.

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