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Potensic P7 Review

Potensic P7

The Potensic P7 drone is for kids but even adult beginners can use it. It is small, cheap and packed with many fun features (battle mode and 3D stunts). For its safety, it has compact propeller guards. It also comes in exciting color combinations of black and red or black and white.

As mentioned, this drone has a sturdy body and the propellers are safe in their guards. It can also do some cool things such as sideways, front and back flips at the touch of a button. It is not only a nice drone for kids, but adult beginners can get it to start flying.

A drone is as good as its features. Thus, we shall see the main features that the P7 Mini drone comes with. We shall also see its main automatic flight functions. A kid’s drone should have certain flight modes to make it easier to fly.

Like other drones, even the P7 mini drone has one or two downsides. One of them is that at times, it flies so freely as if it has not been calibrated. This is not an across the board thing. Rather, it seems to be an isolated case.

Some users also say that this drone pulls a bit to the right when you are trimming it. But that is a small price to pay for such magnificence and flying prowess.
Potensic P7

Potensic P7 Features & Technical Details

Although this is a very affordable drone, it still comes with some impressive features for its size. However, to enjoy double fun, you should order two of these drones. They come in red and white color and both of them have battle mode.

Design and Build Quality

This is one of the best-looking small drones. First, it comes with fully encircled propellers. Even if the drone crashes, the propellers will stay intact. Since this drone has battle mode, it is likely it will crash a few times before you learn how to control it fully.

The weight of this drone is 572g. Thus, you will have to register it with the FAA before you can fly it. More weight for a mini drone is good because it keeps it stable in the air.

By size, this is a small drone. It measures 5.5 by 5.24 inches. You can also see that it is not foldable, but it is small enough to pack in your backpack when traveling. It is also small enough to carry in your coat pocket when you want to fly it outdoors.

The color combination of this drone is just right for kids. The propellers are black as are the guards. The body of the drone is either red or white, depending on your taste.

Camera Quality

The Potensic P7 Mini Drone has a nose camera that lets you enjoy a first person viewing experience as it flies over different terrains.

It comes with a 720P camera, which is quite good for such a small drone that is so affordable. You will need to download the app to enjoy FPv with this quadcopter. Use your smartphone to see what the drone can see as it flies.

You can also be able to take selfies by using the gesture mode. You will have a lot of fun testing what the camera can do. While it will not take stunning footage, it takes images of decent quality during the day.

You can capture nice memories when having fun with your kids. All the footage will be stored in your smartphone. You can transfer it to your computer later.

This is a fixed camera, so you cannot adjust the vertical angle to get the best view. However, the field of view is decent and the propeller guards are in a place where they cannot obliterate your vision.

Batteries and Flight Time

This drone comes with two batteries. Each battery is going to give you about 10 minutes of flight time so in total you will get 20 minutes.

20 minutes is enough time to have as much fun as you want. If you feel the need for more, perhaps you can buy another battery.

These batteries are modular so they charge out of the drone. They are also safe to handle and use, easy to insert and remove from the drone.

These batteries also have overcharge protection so when charging; you don’t have to worry about damaging the batteries. Just make sure you charge them with the provided cable.

Remote controller

This drone controller is simple by design. It is also light in weight and it has protruding handles. Your kid can hold the remote controller through two batteries without feeling cramped on the wrists.

The foldable smartphone holder is on the top end of the remote controller. This is the prime position because it enables you to see everything on the smartphone and on the remote controller without moving your eyes too much.

This is a 2.4GHz remote controller, but in some models, Potensic says that you can get the drone with a 5GHz remote controller.

Overall, this is a sleek remote controller with keys for emergency stop, photo, video, one key takeoff and landing, control sticks (trim and forward) and others.

Flight Functions

As a drone aimed at kids and beginners, it comes with many flight functions. They make it easy to fly, control and keep safe! Some of the most notable flight modes are as follows:

Gravity Sensor Control

With this mode, you can fly the drone in the direction that you wave the smartphone. If you wave it to the right, the drone flies to the right and vice versa.

Custom Flight Path

Open the app and access the map interface. There, you can make dots along the route that you want your drone to follow when you fly it. You can then join the dots with a line. The quadcopter will fly along that route when you launch it.

3D Flips

This drone can do stunning 3D flips just for fun. However, these stunts might drain the battery faster than regular flying. If you have a second Potensic P7 Mini drone, you will have to use 3D flips to dodge the second drone when flying them in battle mode.

Battle Mode

We said that the P7 mini is a battle drone. But to use this mode, you will need a second drone and a second pilot. When you engage battle mode on the remote controller, the drone sends infrared waves up to 5 meters.

If the second drone is within range, these waves will make it sway out of its path. If you make four hits, you win! The angle of emission is plus or minus 30 degrees from the nose of the drone, so you have to time your move very well.

Gesture Shooting

In this shooting mode, you can make the drone capture photos by showing it the victory sign. You can also start to shoot videos by showing the palm sign.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

This is the cheapest battle drone. Potensic makes nice mini and mid-size drone, so I had no doubt I would get good value for my money. And I did! Barbara M.

The only “problem” I have encountered with this quadcopter is that it over-trims to the right. Apart from that, it flies incredibly well. Jon S.

I bought two of these P7 mini drones – one black and one red. We engage in serious aerial battles with my son. I beat him too often, but I occasionally let him win to have a taste of victory. Simon E.

This drone is so agile in flight, easy to control and for extra fun, it has battle mode. It is small and sturdy, as I have witnessed mine get through two crashes without a scathe. Colin T.
Potensic P7 Battle Mode

Potensic P7 Drone Pros

  • The emergency stop is effective for prompt stops
  • Sturdy little drone that doesn’t fall apart easily
  • Two batteries for extra flight time
  • The price is affordable for a battle drone
  • App is compatible with android and iOS systems
  • It comes ready to fly

Potensic P7 Drone Cons

  • Stops too easily even if it comes in contact with a small branch
  • There seems to be more latency in real-time video transmission

Who Should Buy the Potensic P7 Mini Drone?

If you want a nice gift for your kid, get them this drone. If you have two, you can get them a drone each so that they can practice aerial warfare with battle mode.

This drone is also good for adult beginners who want to learn how to fly with a basic quadcopter. Later, you can get a GPS drone since this one is not.

You can also practice taking aerial photos and videos with the 720P camera so that you can later get one with a 2K, 4K or higher camera resolution.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Potensic P7 Mini drone for kids is very sensitive. If it brushes against something, it stops immediately and drops to the ground.

While the emergency stop function is good for preventing crashes and damage, it can interrupt your fun too much. Thus, fly it in open spaces without obstacles.

Buy two P7 mini drones so that you can enjoy flying them in battle mode.

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