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Holy Stone HS270 Review

Holy Stone HS270

If you are looking for a good drone, get the Holy Stone HS270. For many drone enthusiasts, brand names such as HS and DJI are the Holy Grail of flying toys. They do not disappoint. It is easy to fall in love with the Holy Stone HS270 drone. First, it is a portable selfie drone, takes awesome shots from the air. Secondly, when you take the shots, you can share them with family and friends on social media through the Holy Stone App. Many people also love this drone because of the affordable price. As you will see in the upcoming sections, there is more to this drone, especially feature-wise.

Holy Stone HS270

Holy Stone HS270 Features & Technical Details

From a glance this drone looks quite stylish. We are happy that it also brings good performance to the table. Everything about it, inclusion the battery, motors and flight functions is performance-oriented.

Design and build quality

The HS270 is a foldable drone. It is designed in a compact rectangular shape. Therefore, packing it in your travel luggage is quite easy. It has a good size – it is not too big and definitely not too small as it measures 16.9 by 11.6 by 3.2 inches when it is unfolded. When it is folded, it measures 7.9 by 4.1 by 3.2 inches, reducing the size amicably for storage and traveling. The propellers are foldable and so are the drone arms. They do not come any more compact than this.

To protect the delicate interior parts, the drone casing is made of strong material. It is not going to rip apart when you crash it by accident.

The drone motors are brushless. There are certain benefits that you can only get from brushless motors. For example, they are more powerful, they consume less power and they do not overheat.

Camera quality

Capture all of your videos and photos in vivid detail, thanks to the high quality 2.7K resolution camera. 2K videos are the real deal in 2019 and we have seen many consumer drones coming with this high resolution. For example, even the Holy Stone HS700 drone that we reviewed earlier has an awesome 2K camera.

The Holy Stone HS270 has a Full HD camera. It is adjustable by 90 degrees which means that you have a chance to enhance your aerial view by trying different angles.

This camera also comes with a good holder that absorbs the shock. Therefore, even when flying the drone in slight winds, the images and videos that you get are distortion-free.

Because of the high quality of these images and videos, you can use the drone for professional photography.

This is a 5G camera, so you will have an excellent first person view experience. Just connect your phone WiFi to the drone WiFi for FPV. It is fluent and it transmits footage without interruptions. After taking your footage, open the app and share with family and friends on social media.

Battery and flight time

The HS270 comes with a Lithium-polymer battery. It gives you a full 18 minutes of flight time. However, you can buy a spare battery or two from HS and increase your flight time tremendously. This is also a good idea because the charging time is long – anywhere between 5 and 7 hours.

This is a safe modular battery. It is easy to insert and remove. You will see how much charge remains on the battery anytime. Thanks to the brushless motors which consume minimal power, you will enjoy flying this drone for almost 40 minutes if you buy a second battery.

The remote control

We love that the drone stays in connectivity range even when you fly it high above you or far to the maximum horizontal flight range of 1968 feet. Even at this long range, you’re still able to capture videos and photographs of diverse things and landscapes. All that footage will be streaming right to your phone, giving you a perfect aerial view just as if you were riding inside the drone itself.

A lot of technology has been invested in the drone. The same tech has also been invested in making the remote controller. For example, if you want the drone to come back home, just press the button designated for that function and home she comes.

The remote frequency of 2.4GHz is not interrupted by obstacles in the flight path. You will have to buy two AA batteries for powering the remote controller. You will also realize that this controller is stylish in build thanks to the protruding bars at the bottom. It also has a solid smartphone holder. The holder is foldable so it packs in a small and compact size.

HS 270 flight features and functions

With many automated features, this drone is quite a thrill for young pilots and beginners to fly. It is also hard to lose as you will see below.

GPS-assisted flight

GPS-assisted flight function means that this drone can do many things automatically. GPS assist is also a means of safety for drones. When the battery goes down or the drone starts to lose signal with the controller, it turns back automatically and comes home. When you press the return home key, the drone comes back home.

Follow me mode

This is another automated function that comes with GPS assist. When you want to make flying the drone fun, you can have it follow you wherever you go. The drone maintains a respectable following distance capturing footage from all angles. If you are on a bicycle and you speed up, the drone increases its speed.

Altitude Hold

The altitude hold feature is simply for helping the drone maintain the vertical flight automatically as you concentrate on flying it forward. Unless you are a real pro and you can fly the drone manually, you will appreciate the altitude hold feature.

Custom flight path

Here is what you can do with this special function – survey the area where you would like the drone to fly, pick out the route with the most diverse and beautiful scenery. Draw a route on the app and when you launch the drone, it will follow this route, capturing nice footage along the way.

Holy Stone HS270 Follow Me and Auto Return Home

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I am a diehard fan for Holy Stone drones because I have never been disappointed. However, I think the HS270 is a good overkill with incredible flight time, long range and professional quality footage. Benson C.

The main things that caught my eye for this drone are the long flight time, the long range for FPV and transmitter. I also love the high quality camera. Ibrahim A.

I am a landscape photographer and I bought the HS270 as my backup camera drone. So far so good, I cannot complain about the quality of the footage. Antonie N.

Don’t look any further than the HS270 if you are looking for an excellent camera drone at a very affordable price. I thought all the reviews were hyped until I flew it. George H.

First week of December 2019, my friend’s Holy Stone HS270 was delivered when were enjoying a late lunch at his home. We assembled it and flew it together and right then I knew I needed mine. I am now waiting for mine to be delivered. Eli J.

Great as it is, I think HS should have included a carry-case with this drone, especially one with their logo.

Holy Stone HS270 Pros

  • Foldable into a small and more compact size and shape for traveling
  • The build of this drone is quite solid!
  • The brushless motors are very powerful
  • Long range of transmitter and FPV connectivity
  • Incredibly good video and photo footage
  • The drone battery is intelligent so you see the remaining charge
  • GPS assisted functions such as return home and follow me mode
  • The drone performs well in the wind

Holy Stone HS270 Cons

  • No carry bag or case is provided
  • The battery takes too long to charge

Holy Stone HS270 Easy To Fly Drone

Who should buy the Holy Stone HS270?

If you need a moderately priced, advanced drone, you should get the HS270. You can be sure you will not be disappointed. Considering the features that this drone comes with, honestly, it should be in the price range of 300 to 400 dollars, but it sells at a very affordable price.

If you are a photographer, you can buy this drone for your work. You could use it as your main aerial camera or as a backup. Either way, it really takes stunning footage. Thankfully, the camera is attached to a stabilized holder so that it does not shake.

Conclusion and recommendation

This is a good drone for the money. However, when you get it, take a few precautions in mind. First, choose a good open space where you can fly the drone. It does not have obstacle avoidance system so you should be keen not to crash it onto buildings and trees. You definitely will need to buy a second or even a third battery because of the long charging time. Remember, one battery takes almost seven hours to charge. Before flying your Holy Stone HS270 drone, read the provided user manual carefully to learn everything about the drone.

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