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Holy Stone HS370 Drone Review

Holy Stone HS370

The Holy Stone HS370 drone is tiny. However, do not let that dissuade you from getting it because it offers quite a lot. First, it is a Holy Stone drone and this is one of the most trusted brand names in the drone industry.

If you are looking for a small, high quality drone for a beginner or a kid, get them the HS370 drone. It is affordable and therefore even if you have a few people that you want to gift with the drone, you will not dent your wallet too much.

Sold with two batteries, you can enjoy a longer flight time. You can also capture good videos and photos from the 720P resolution camera. Generally, this drone has many good things going for it.
Holy Stone HS370

Holy Stone HS370 Features & Technical Details

Even with its small size, this drone still has some nice features and flight functions. They make it fun to fly for beginners, as well as advanced users. Let us look at the physical features first.

Design and build quality

The HS370 measures 7.0 by 6.7 by 1.3 inches. It weighs 171g only. You can carry it in your jacket pocket without feeling the weight at all. The casing has been finished with a pleasant red and black color combination. This color makes the drone easier to see when you are flying it outdoors.

The front rotors are red while the back ones are black. The blades are also protected by propeller guards. The hull of the drone is black too. Basically, this is a nice looking drone, striking in its color combination.

The camera

This Holy Stone drone comes with camera to enable you take aerial footage of your flying adventures. The 720P camera is on the nose of the drone, thus enabling you to take footage of the area the drone is facing. It is set at an angle of 60 degrees.

You will also enjoy a good FPV time. Just download the app to your phone (works for iPad too and see what the drone can see. The FPV transmission distance is about 30 meters, which we consider quite good for a drone of this size.

Remote controller

First, the remote control distance is 50 meters. Just like the drone, the controller too is well designed, light in weight and easy to use. The joysticks and the buttons are responsive but not too sensitive. It has a phone holder that is big enough to hold an iPad for a better FPV experience.

Battery and flight time

You will get a full 24 minutes of flight time from the two batteries sold with this drone. These modular Li-Po batteries are easy to remove and insert. They are quite safe to handle even for kids. You can charge one battery while using the other. In fact, you can also order a third spare battery if you like, for more flight time. The battery has a USB port for charging. If you use the provided cable for charging, the battery charges fully in 80 minutes.

Flight functions

Targeted at beginners, the Holy Stone HS370 has many automated flight functions. These make it very easy to operate.

Here are several of them:

One key take off and landing – With this key, the drone takes off and hovers at a height or it turns and comes back home to land.

Headless mode – Your son or daughter need not figure where the nose of the drone is. They can fly it in headless mode and it will align itself depending on the position of the pilot.

Altitude Hold – With altitude hold, the drone stays at its vertical height such that the pilot only needs to worry about the horizontal flight.

Draw trajectory flight – Here, you open the app and draw a path that you would like the drone to follow. When you launch it, if flies along that route.

Share videos and photos easily – Thanks to the Holy Stone app, you can share the videos and photos while they are still “hot.” The app has built-in social share buttons. At the press of a button, your friends can see the fun you have been having.

Gesture control – Take photos and videos in a fun way. With the drone hovering ahead of you, take photos and videos by using your gestures. For example, you can use the palm gesture to get the drone to take your selfie photos.

Emergency stop – Press the emergency press button if the drone starts to get out of control. It stops and lands immediately, safely. Hand-in-hand with this feature is the return home button. The drone comes back home immediately.

Holy Stone HS370 Easy Control

Short summary of feedback from existing owners

This drone came out at the right time, October 2019. I bought it as Thanksgiving gift for my 9-year-old son. He has been having a lot of fun. Nick H.

I was skeptical about this drone because of the minute size. However, I am pleasantly surprised that it can take such good footage, and it flies really well. Dinah N.

Two batteries, each with 12 minutes of flight time, 720P camera and good flight performance – you really can’t go wrong with Holy Stone. Genny M.

I think I have found the perfect gift for my nephew. I will order one for his New Year gift. Adlynn W.

I am not a fan of small drones but the HS370 surprised me with its performance and automatic functions. Nkem N.

This is a small, lightweight drone. While it flies like a marvel, be careful not to fly it in the wind. It can fly away for good. Rex O.

The addition of the emergency brake key and return home key is a good idea. That way, your children cannot lose it. Theo P.

Holy Stone HS370 Pros

  • Stable flight thanks to the altitude hold function
  • Two batteries prolong the flight time
  • Commendable camera work for such a small drone
  • Clear real-time video transmission
  • You get two charging cables and a spare set of blades
  • The share feature on the app is quite awesome
  • Quite easy to fly for kids and newbie pilots

Holy Stone HS370 Cons

  • Too light in weight, bad performance in any sort of wind
  • Takeoff is not very smooth as the drone first leaps into the air, then comes down to its hover height

Holy Stone HS370 Draw a Path

Who Should Buy The Holy Stone HS370?

This drone makes a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving or just a gift without an occasion, to children aged 9 years and above. Unless you are interested in small drones, this one might be a tad too boring for an experienced pilot. With many automatic functions, this small drone should be easy to control for kids and newbie pilots.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With two modular batteries to give you more than 20 minutes of flight time, headless mode, altitude hold, auto-takeoff and landing and other automated features, this drone is a good buy. Take caution though. First, fly the drone in your yard if there is clear space. You can also fly it elsewhere as long as there are no obstructions. If you like, you can also fly it indoors. This is a trouble-free drone and that is why it comes highly recommended for beginners.

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