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Holy Stone HS340 Drone Review

Holy Stone HS340 Mini Drone

If you need a mini drone that you can fly easily both indoors and outdoors, you might want to try the Holy Stone HS340 mini drone with the throw go function. You just toss it into the air and it takes off, after calibration.

Of course, this small drone also comes with other flight functions. In addition, it has a camera so that you can have fun taking aerial footage.

Since this is a mini drone, it lacks many things too. For instance, it does not have wind resistance, so it will be unstable and hard to trim even in the lowest velocity wind. All it takes to make the drone fly away for good is a small to medium strength gust.

Another downside is that this mini is not foldable.

Because of the many smart ways to fly the drone, it is good for beginner adults as well as kids. However, as an adult beginner, you will soon outgrow the drone and you will probably want to get something bigger.

Holy Stone HS340 Mini Drone

Holy Stone HS340 Features & Technical Details

When you want a cheap mini drone that can last a long time, you probably want some of the big names such as Holy Stone, Eachine, DJI or Potensic. However, brand name aside, it is always good to consider the features and functions that a quadcopter comes with.

Design and Build Quality

This is not a foldable mini drone by design. However, that should not really worry you because even if it is fixed, it is small to pack when you want to go fly it away from home. In addition, the weight is so minimal such that you hardly feel it.

The mini quadcopter has propeller guards. This is a good feature for a small drone targeted at kids. There will be a few crashes with the learning experience.

However, since the blades are the most extended parts of any drone, they will not break because the prop guards protect them. Fixing the guards and taking them off is easy since you just snap them on.

You will not need to register this quadcopter with the FAA before you can fly it since its weight is far below the required threshold.

The fuselage of this aircraft is made with strong but lightweight ABS material. Therefore, even if it crashes, the electronic parts in the interior have some protection.

Camera Quality

This small quadcopter comes with a 720P nose camera. Therefore, you will be able to capture photos and videos as it flies.

We cannot say that you will get high quality footage, but when you get the drone to hover, it will stay stable enough to enable you to take decent photos and videos. However, when flying, they will not be too good because there are no means to remove vibrations and distortions in a mini drone camera.

You will also be able to enjoy a first person view over the area that the drone flies through WiFi image transmission. However, you have to download the drone’s app and use your smartphone for FPV.

Battery Quality

The mini comes with two batteries for extra flight time. In addition, these are modular batteries by design so they are safe to handle and they charge outside the quadcopter.

You can charge one battery as you use the other one. The package also comes with a USB charging cable. The batteries have overcharge protection so when it is full, it will simply stop charging.

One battery will give you a flight time of 10 minutes. Therefore, on full charge, you will get 20 minutes from the two batteries.

Remote Controller

The remote controller is small and light in weight, which is perfect for children. They can hold it through the two batteries and they will not feel cramped at the wrists.

The remote controller of the Holy Stone HS340 mini drone also has an extendable smartphone holder. Therefore, your child can enjoy a good first person experience, you know, the ability to see what the drone can see as it flies.

The simplistic design of the remote controller is also very appealing. It does not have a flurry of buttons to confuse a newbie drone user. There are the usual joysticks/wheels and about three other buttons on its face.

Flight Functions

Many people are usually surprised that such a small quadcopter can have so many automatic flight functions, but that is the whole point – to make it easy and fun to fly. Here are some of them:

Stable Hover

This function enables the user to let the drone hover stably as he or she concentrates on taking good footage. By letting go, we mean just leave the throttle alone and the drone goes to hovering mode.

Throw to go

Just calibrate the drone on and then toss it in the air and off it goes. This is not only a simple way to launch the drone, but it is also a lot of fun.

Speed Settings

When you are new in the drone hobby, it is easy to crash the mini drone. However, HS340 mini comes with three speed settings – low, medium and high. Therefore, you can start your flight on low speed and once you have mastered how it flies, try the higher ones.

Auto Rotation

Not many drones come with this function. It is a lot of fun to set the drone to rotate on its axis counterclockwise.

Emergency Brake

If the drone comes across an obstacle in its flight path, you can hit the emergency stop button and it will stop immediately. All the same, it is best to fly the drone in an obstacle-free area.

Headless Mode

A kid can get confused about where the nose of the drone faces when it is out of sight. However, when the headless mode is engaged, the drone realigns itself according to the position of the pilot.

Altitude Hold

There is a button for engaging this mode on the remote controller. When you engage it, the drone holds its vertical height so that you only have to worry about its horizontal flight. It also hovers stably.

Voice Control

You can control the drone with voice commands like “take off”, “landing” and more.

Gesture Control

The HS340 support gesture commands. You can do the V sign and the drone will automatically take photos which is great for selfies. You can also use Palm Gesture to take video.

Holy Stone HS340 Mini Drone Fun Featuers

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

This is a good drone for someone who is looking to get into the flying hobby. It is affordable and it has a decent flight time especially with two batteries. Paul M.

When you buy from Holy Stone, you will see the attention they pay to detail. For instance, the HS340’s two batteries come with two charging cables. Col G.

I live in Fremont in Utah and it is pretty windy. Therefore, I haven’t gotten a chance to fly my HS340 outdoors, but I am working on it. I am impressed with its indoor flight. James S.

The propeller guards are a good addition in the package. They have saved my bacon twice when I crashed this mini drone in the very first flight. Kevin R.

Holy Stone HS340 Mini Drone Pros

  • It can perform stunning 3D flips
  • It comes with voice control function
  • The one key start and landing makes it easy to launch or land
  • It sells with an extra set of propellers
  • Easy to calibrate the gyro
  • The HS FPV app on android works really well
  • Streamlined shape helps the mini to fly well

Holy Stone HS340 Mini Drone Cons

  • The drone is not easy to fly in the wind
  • It is not foldable

Holy Stone HS340 Mini Drone - Beginners Drone

Who Should Buy the Holy Stone HS340 Mini Drone?

This is a good drone to introduce your kids into the drone hobby. However, the manufacturer recommends that users should be of the age 14 and older. However, even if you are an adult beginner, you should get this mini from Holy Stone.

The price is affordable, so if you have two teenagers or two people that you want to gift, you can afford to buy them this mini quadcopter.

Conclusion and Recommendation

That is it for the Holy Stone HS340 Mini Drone review. It has some downsides, but the pros are more than the cons. Before you fly it though, here are a few important things to note:

Do not fly it in the wind, even in the lowest velocity wind. It becomes hard to trim since it is so light in weight.

To enjoy FPV, you have to download the HS FPV app. This will also unlock other functions that will make flying this drone a lot of fun.

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