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HR i4 PRO Review


Occasionally, you will find a good, feature-rich affordable drone to get into your drone hobby or to upgrade to from a small mini drone. The HR i4 PRO mini is one such drone.

When choosing a recreational drone, get a good one. That way, you won’t have to upgrade soon. In the USA, there were almost 2 million registered drones by January 2021. Almost three-quarter of these were recreational models. If you do not have one, you are missing great fun. You can start with a mini drone such as the HR i4 Pro.

It comes with one, two or three batteries. Although it costs more, it is recommended that you get the package with three batteries to enjoy a longer flight time. If you are pressed for money, you can get the one-battery package.

You can also choose between the black and white colors. The nice LED lights at the top of the head make the quadcopter look so stunning.

This is a good camera drone, with good features and flight functions. There is a downside though because this drone is not sold with a carry bag. You might have to get one separately to make it easier to pack the aircraft for traveling.

HR i4 Pro Features & Technical Details

This drone has some misses, but it has many wins, which we are going to reveal in the features and flight functions.


The HR i4 PRO comes in a foldable design. Even the propeller blades are built in the split design so they fold nicely. That way, you do not need to unscrew anything when you are storing the quadcopter.

When the drone is folded, it measures 5.9 by 2.6 by 3.1 inches, which is quite small and easy to carry when you are traveling. It can fit in your jacket pocket easily.

When you unfold the drone, the size increases considerably to 8.9 by 7.1 by 2.0 inches. This is a mini drone that will help you take your aerial photography to another level.

With a weight of 332 grams (including the battery), this drone needs to be registered with the FAA before you can fly it in the USA.

This drone comes with brushless motors. Such motors do not overheat easily even when you fly the aircraft through three batteries. They also make less noise and they require minimal care and maintenance.


If you are looking to get your foot in the aerial photography scene, this drone is going to help you get started. It comes with a good camera, with a resolution of 4096 by 3072P for photos and 1920 by 1080P for videos.

The FPV transmission distance is 2000 meters, which is quite good. Also, the quality of the real-time image transmission is high at 1080P at 20 frames per second. For A Good FPV experience, you can switch from the nose to the belly camera at will.

The camera’s field of view is 120 degrees, so you will capture a wide view for your footage. The remotely adjustable vertical angle is 90 degrees, so you can tweak things a little to find the best views.

HR i4 PRO Three-axis gimbal

Three-axis gimbal and EIS

The combination of the three-axis mechanical gimbal and the electronic image stabilization (EIS) ensures there is absolutely no distortion in your footage.

The gimbal is going to control the camera orientation when the drone is flying. The EIS is going to remove any vibration so that you can take the most stable footage.

Batteries and Flight time

You can buy this drone with one, two or three high capacity Battery: 7.6V 3000mAh batteries for longer flight time. One battery can give you a flight time of 25 minutes, which is quite good. With three batteries, you can get up to one hour and fifteen minutes of flying time and fun.

These are modular batteries, so you can charge one while using the other one to fly the aircraft. Also, the batteries have built-in protection features such as overcharge protection. They are safe to handle and you can insert or remove them from the drone easily.

Remote controller

The remote controller comes with an integrated rechargeable battery, so you do not have to buy one-time alkaline batteries. The overall control range of the remote controller is 3000 meters, which is good news for people who love flying their drones blindly (without the app).

In addition to the relevant buttons for flight control, photography and many more, this remote controller also has a small LCD screen in the middle.

It shows you important specs such as the height the HR i4 PRO aircraft is flying at, the distance as well as the remaining battery voltage. It also displays the flight speed. If you are flying the drone without the app, you will appreciate this display.

This is a 2.4/5GHz remote controller. The 2.4GHz frequency is good for short flight range while the 5GHz is good for long distance flights.

Flight Functions

This Chinese dronemaker has put in quite a good number of flight functions. There are so many of them and they are as follows:

Optical flow positioning

This function helps with accurate hovering especially when you are flying the drone indoors. It also helps when you want to hover the quadcopter so that you can capture footage.

GPS positioning

With GPS and GLONASS connectivity, this drone is hard to lose because you will always know where it is. This is a good safety function.

Safety and anti-loss functions

One key return – If the drone flies too far from you, just press the return to home key and the quadcopter turns and comes back home.

Low battery return – Even if you do not press the return home key, the aircraft is going to return home automatically when the battery runs low.

Signal loss return – If there is a disruption to the connectivity of the signal, the drone will return home automatically. It will return and come back home if there is signal loss for 3 seconds.

HR i4 PRO Auto Return Home

GPS follow mode

You can get the drone to follow the mobile phone when you click the GPS follow function in the app. This is a good way to fly the aircraft hands-free.

Circle flight

In this mode, the drone will fly around the monument you select, capturing footage from all angles. You can adjust the radius of the flight from the object that you are flying around.

Palm control

When you are flying the drone indoors, you can click the palm icon on the app and the drone will respond to your arm movements. When you turn the palm to the left, it flies left, up, down and right.

Trajectory flight

Tap the screen at several places to draw the route that you would like to fly the aircraft. Join the dots by drawing a line with your finger and when you launch the drone, it will follow that route.

Gesture shooting

When you engage gesture shooting, the drone is going to turn and face you. It will then respond to different hand movements and shoot either a photo or a video.

Wind resistance

It is equipped with level-7 wind resistance so it will fly stable in wind speeds of up to 38MPH, which is quite good. The powerful brushless motors help in this regard.

HR i4 PRO Pros

  • You can buy it with two or three batteries for more flight time
  • Built to last with high quality ABS material
  • Flies powerfully thanks to the brushless motors
  • It has many safety and loss prevention functions
  • Double GPS connectivity always lets you know where it is
  • It is simple to fly, with many functions
  • You can set it to fly hands-free through multiple places

HR i4 PRO Cons

  • There is some confusion about the availability of SD card support
  • It does not come with a carry/storage bag

Who Should Buy the HR i4 Pro Drone?

Some sources say the HR i4 can take the place of the Mavic Mini, but at a lower cost.

Experienced pilots will find this drone a lot of fun to fly because of the long flight and FPV range. It also has awesome features and you can fly it in the wind without losing control. It has a level 7 wind resistance.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The first thing you want to do is to read the user manual so that you can learn everything about this quadcopter.

Secondly, you can fly it indoors to try out the double GPS connectivity as well as the optical positioning function.

This is a long-range drone, but don’t go the whole hog just yet. Fly it closer home until you learn how it flies. Remember to register it with the FAA because it is required of all recreational drones heavier than 250 grams.

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