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JJRC H78G Drone Review


Sometimes, the best things do not have to cost you an arm and a leg. You will see the truth of that statement after reading this JJRC H78G drone review. Sold at $200, you will see why this drone is a keeper, why it gives great value for money and best of all, why it is suitable for users of all levels. Whether you are a beginner drone user, or you have been flying them for years, there is a lot of goodness to look forward to in the H78G drone.

Keep reading to find out all of its features and the pros and cons.


JJRC H78G Features & Technical Details

Design and build quality

The first thing that we notice about any drone is the size and the build quality and this one does not disappoint. First, it is a foldable drone. If you travel from time to time and you would like to take your camera drone with you, this is it for you.

Folded, the drone measures 5.2 by 5.2 by 2.4 inches and double that when it is unfolded. You can see that it is quite small for traveling with without much hustle.

Camera quality

The H78G is a camera drone. It comes with a 1080P HD video camera. You are assured of good photos and video footage all the time. With a field of view of 120 degrees, this is wide enough to capture a lot of details. While still discussing the camera, you will enjoy the high quality FPV transmission through the 5GHz Wi-Fi. It can transmit live video for a distance of up to 800 feet, which is quite commendable.

Auto-return home

This feature is for safety. You cannot lose your drone. If the battery runs low or the drone loses signal, it will return home automatically. This makes sense since you cannot press the return home button when the drone has lost signal.

Battery and flight time

The JJRC H78G drone is sold with a 7.4V 900mAh Lithium Polymer, modular battery that can give you a flight time of up to 16 minutes. Since you get two batteries with the drone, you will get at least 30 minutes of flight time. The second battery is a bonus, yet another reason why this is a good drone to invest your money on. The charging time is 150 minutes.

Way Point and Follow Me Mode

These work almost the same way. They leave your hands free to do other things while the drone follows the way that you pointed out for it on the app, or follows you. When you draw a route on the app, the drone follows that capturing beautiful footage along the flight.

One Key take off/landing, one key return

The drone has been equipped with the one key return feature. Since the drone does not have obstacle sensors, when you see an imminent crash, you can just press the one key return and the drone stops in its tracks immediately and turns back to return home (where it was launched from, or to the controller).

For ease of use, the drone also has a one key take off and landing feature. When you press this key, the drone either takes off or lands immediately.


First, the controller uses three AA 1.5V batteries, which are easy to get in any store. They say this is a dual mode controller because it has master and newbie modes. With the master mode, it should preferably be engaged when you have learned some skill at flying drones. You can fly the drone at 120 meters altitude and a horizontal range of 300 meters. With the newbie mode, you can only fly the H78G at 30 meters high and for a range of 30 meters only. This allows you to learn the ropes first before you can engage the expert mode.

The controller has a small screen but it is not for your FPV experience. You will have to use your smartphone for real-time video transmission.

JJRC H78G Auto Return

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

Nice drone and it is so good of the company to include a bonus battery with the drone. I would buy this all over again. Trip Z.

My wife has been having a lot of fun with this drone. I bought it for her as a gift for no reason at all, just that she is my wife. She has been having a nice time shooting videos of our picnics with the kids. Charl B.

While many reviews say that the JJRC H78G is a beginner drone, I love using it even though I have had many other bigger and more advanced drones. It is a good one. Dennis H.

The two modes on the drone convinced me to buy it for my son. As soon as he learns to fly it well in beginner mode, I will allow him to use master mode. Justin P.

This is a DJI lookalike, but it is not too bad. It performs well and the camera captures good video and photo footage. Kaitlyn G.

This is a small drone, light in weight and flies fast. I am afraid to fly it even in the slightest wind. Jasper M.

Pros of JJRC H78G

  • Easy to use even for teens
  • Good flight time from the two batteries
  • Intelligent battery alerts you when it is draining
  • Good video and photo footage
  • Foldable arms make it easy to travel with
  • It is light in weight
  • Good app, FPV function available
  • Sold with a nice case
  • Has headless mode for beginners

Cons of JJRC H78G

  • Charging time is a bit long
  • Can fly away with the wind as it is too light

JJRC H78G Point Of Interest

Who Should Buy The JJRC H78G?

Buy the JJRC H78G if you love a combination of beauty, style and functionality. This might be a small drone, but it has enough features to make it exciting enough even for advanced drone users. It also makes a perfect gift for teenagers. If you would like a flying camera to take family videos and photographs, get this drone. It will be $200 well spent.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you get your JJRC H78G drone, you need to do a few things so that you can enjoy the flight experience. First, you need to read the user manual carefully so that you can know how to calibrate the drone for GPS, know how to remove and insert battery, and many more. Another recommendation is that you should fly this drone in calm weather. It does not perform very well in the wind. While it is built to last a long time, take care not to crash it too often. Too much abuse is not good.

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