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JJRC X16 Review


You may order the JJRC X16 drone with one, two or three batteries, of course at different prices. However, even if you go for the one with three batteries, you will find the price fair considering the features that you get.

Some of the things that we shall explore in this quadcopter include the 6K camera. We shall find out whether it truly has 6K resolution. Automatic flight functions are very important and this quadcopter has a good number of them.


When your order is delivered, it will have the following items:

  • The X16 drone
  • 1, 2 or 3 7.6V 1450mAh batteries
  • 1 remote controller, 2.4GHz
  • Screwdriver and screws
  • Spare set of blades
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual

JJRC X16 Features & Technical Details

This Chinese drone maker makes sleek specimens. This one is not any different.

Design and Build Quality

From a glance, you can tell that this is a good-looking drone. By design, it is foldable. That makes it easy to pack for storage and traveling.

When folded, it measures 6.3 by 4.1 by 2.4 inches. When it is expanded, it measures 10.8 by 10.9 by 2.3 inches.

You may choose the black or gray color. Both look dashing and the hull is made with high quality ABS plastic. Therefore, the delicate electronic parts are well protected.

At the weight of 197g only, this is a lightweight drone and so traveling with it should not be a problem at all. You also will not need to register it with the FAA in the US.

Finally, the motors are brushless. They will last a long time and the drone will fly at minimal noise.

Camera Quality

The manufacturer says that you can take images at 6K resolution. However, that is not really the case because the maximum resolution for the camera is 4800 by 2700P. Therefore, this is more like a 4K rather than a 6K camera.

This drone captures 1920 by 1080P videos. Chances are that you will never capture 6K footage with this drone.

You can also enjoy FPV experiences with this quadcopter. The remote controller has a smartphone holder that measures 170 by 90 by 10mm, which actually fits many smartphones. The FPV range is up to 500 meters.

You can zoom the camera several times, thereby getting images and videos of objects that are far away in vivid detail.

With a wide angle of 120 degrees, you can capture footage with a lot of background.

Remote Controller

It has a small screen on which you can catch a few important specs for this drone. These include things such as height, distance, remaining battery charge and others.

The remote controller requires you to use 3 AA batteries, which are not provided, so you have to get them separately. However, that should be easy because they are readily available in the stores.

You will find all the important keys for different functions on the remote controller. For example, there is the power switch, headless mode and return home keys. In addition, there are speed control keys, video/photo key and others.

Battery and Flight Time

The quad comes with a 7.6V 1450mAh battery. When there is no wind, you can get a cool 25 minutes from this battery.

The battery charges out of the drone, it is safe to handle and easy to insert or remove from the drone. The only regret is that even if you order two or three batteries, you only get one charging cable.

It is recommended that you do not use any other charging cable apart from the one that comes with the drone.

The charging time for this battery is 200 minutes. Therefore, if you would love to enjoy longer flight time without waiting too long, get three batteries.

Flight Functions

Today, drones are so easy to fly because they come with many automated flight functions. They make it easy to fly the quad. They are many but we will look at a few of the major ones here:

GPS Positioning

GPS connectivity in a drone has become so important because it is a safety feature. It is also great for hands-free flights. The quadcopter connects to the GPS in your smartphone. Therefore, you always know where it is, and it comes back home automatically when the battery runs low or when the signal is lost. Besides, you can also press the return to home key and she will come back home.

Headless Mode

You will be grateful for this function if you are a beginner. When you are flying the drone and you turn, you are not sure whether the drone turns.

Instead of being confused about where the nose faces, just engage the headless mode and it aligns itself to the position of the pilot.

Custom Flight Path

Open the app and on the map interface, draw a route that you would like the drone to follow when you launch it. This is a good way to fly this quadcopter in hands-free mode.

GPS Smart Follow

Also referred to as follow me mode, you can set the drone to follow you so that you can leave your hands free to do other things. You can ride your bike, run, hike or do other outdoor activities as the drone takes your footage.

It keeps a respectable distance of 5 to 20 meters.

Gesture Photography

Show the drone the victory sign so that it can start taking your photos. When you show it your palm, it starts capturing video. This is a good way for operating the quadcopter in hands-free mode.

Beginner Mode

Engage the beginner mode when you want to learn a few tricks for flying drones. Once you acquire some experience, you can try the advanced mode for more fun.

Circle Mode

When you have found something, say, a landmark that you love, you can engage circle mode so that the X16 can fly around it capturing panoramic footage from all angles.


JJRC X16 Pros

  • Comes with a high quality carry bag
  • Good flight time and long FPV range
  • Available with 1, 2 or 3 batteries
  • Easy to fly for teens and beginners because it has beginner mode
  • Fail-safe features
  • Small and light to travel with
  • Brushless motors are powerful and durable

JJRC X16 Cons

  • Not sure whether you can really get 6K footage with the camera
  • No information regarding SD card usage

JJRC X16 Size

Who Should Buy The JJRC X16?

At a price of less than $100 with one battery, this quad is quite affordable. It has good features and flight functions. It is good for beginners as well as advanced users. If you would like to give your teen with something that they will not forget in a hurry, get them this quadcopter. You may order it with one or more batteries and the price is still affordable.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If this is your first drone, only fly it in beginner mode. You can hit the top speed later on after you have gained some experience.

Read the user manual first. This is very important because it will teach you how to calibrate the drone for flight and how to use the other functions.

Show me the price !

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