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KUSOII Drone with Camera Review

KUSOII Drone with Camera Picture

At the minimal price that you will pay for the KUSOII Drone with Camera Live video for kids and beginners, you would be forgiven for thinking that it does not amount to much more than a fancy flying toy. Nothing could be further from the truth!

This drone packs quite a number of features. While there are some things that it does not do, for example, flying in the wind, it is a very good drone and it will shoot awesome photos and videos for you. You can fly it indoors or outdoors when the weather is calm with no wind.

KUSOII Drone with Camera Picture

KUSOII drone with Camera Live Video Features & Technical Details

The camera – Frankly, the camera is one of the main reasons why many people buy a camera drone. Now, you will not be disappointed with the KUSOII Drone with camera because it has been designed with a 1080P FHD camera that allows you to get beautiful pictures and videos. While many drones come with UHD or 4K cameras, resolution of 1920 by 1080P is still very good. The wide camera angle of 110 degrees makes it possible to shoot wide images and videos so that you can fit everyone into the picture.

Build and design – It has been designed with a flexible type of plastic, which cannot crack even when the drone crashes. It is light in weight, good to carry around with you when going to the park. It is also small enough and weighs just 140 g, and so it does not require to be registered with the FAA. It is also very stylish, nice black color and packs small when you want to travel with it.

FPV mode – First Person View means that when the drone is flying, you will be seeing what it is seeing just as a pilot is able to see from a plane. This means that you will be taking nice photos and videos in real time. You can stream live video through the app that runs on android or iOS on your smartphone.

Flight time and battery – The drone comes with a 3.7V 1800mAh battery that will give you about 20 minutes (give or take a little), of flight time. However, this is mostly possible when you are flying it in calm conditions. If it is windy, the flight time will reduce significantly. The charging time for the batteries is about 70 minutes. It is better to buy an extra battery to increase your flight time. The flight range for this drone is 150 meters.

Altitude Hold Feature – This is an advanced altitude hold function that enables you to let the throttle stick go at your designated height and then the drone will hover at that height. It will be stable in the air, shooting awesome images and videos.

Safety features – This drone has a simple return to home feature, also called One Touch Return and this will bring the quadcopter back to you irrespective of where you are. This safety feature will ensure that your drone does not get lost when you are flying it out there in the park.

App – Just connect your phone to your Wi-Fi, download the drone’s app on android or iOS and then control the flight of the drone through your smartphone app. While some users say that it does not connect with the first try, try again until it connects. However, note that the Wi-Fi Connection range is about 80 meters. Through the app, you can also designate the flight route that you want this drone to follow.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I love this small fun drone and I would like to recommend it for beginners. It has a small learning curve, although I had to learn how to fly it from YouTube. It is very easy to control and I found it affordable. When I hovered it, it shot great videos and photos. Karen W.

When I bought the KUSOII drone with Camera Live Video for my daughter on her 13th birthday, I was a bit apprehensive as I did not even know whether she liked electronics, apart from her phone and laptop. Now, she can’t have enough of this. She has crashed it a few times in our yard, but it has come out unscathed. Rod K.

Having some experience flying drones, I would not recommend this one for you if you are a serious pilot. I would only buy it for beginners. I tried flying it and found that the Wi-Fi connection works on and off, the app is in Chinese although there is a translation option. However, my son loves it all right. Melinda Y.

This is the second drone that I have bought from this company – KUSOII. I am pleased with it because frankly, at that price, I think it does more than enough for me. I love using it in my yard, but I have a bigger drone to shoot my videos and images when I am out mountain biking. Charles A.

Pros of KUSOII Drone with Camera Live Video

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to fly – short learning curve
  • Has a return to home button for safety
  • Shoots good video and can live-stream through smartphone app
  • Packs small for traveling
  • Can withstand crashes and come out unscathed
  • Wide angle for camera view

Cons of KUSOII Drone with Camera Live Video

  • Battery life is short when flying in the wind
  • Some users complain of issues with Wi-Fi connection range

Who Should Buy KUSOII drone with Camera Live Video?

This is regarded as one of the best quadcopter drones for kids as well as beginners and frankly, you should only buy it if you expect a fair return on your investment – that is, pay a small price, get equal features like the 1080P resolution instead of 4K. It is easy to fly, can handle crashes and that alone makes it the best for beginners. If you are looking for a drone you can use in the yard for shooting your family photos and videos, you can buy this one. If you have a big room and you would love to fly a drone indoors from time to time, use the KUSOII drone with Camera Live Video.

Conclusion and Recommendation

For the very affordable price, the KUSOII drone with Camera Live Video can be yours. There are no limitations to how you can use it either indoors and outdoors. It is made to last, with flexible plastic, which means you can crash it without the body cracking. Good camera, good flight-time of 20 minutes and nice landing and takeoff guarantee you a lot of fun with this drone. Buy and fly it with confidence because it will serve you perfectly.


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