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L109-S MATAVISH 3 Review


Is the L109-S MATAVISH 3 just another sleek looking drone from China or there is more to it? Are all the claims that the manufacturer makes about this drone true?

Well, here, we are going to look at some of these claims and we shall be ascertaining whether this is true. Among some of the things that we shall look at here include the performance of the drone, the camera (which zooms) and some of its flight functions. Keep reading so you can see whether this drone is worth spending more than $150 of your hard-earned money on.

But first, see the features of the L109 so that you can see what you will be buying into:


L109-S MATAVISH 3 Features & Technical Details

The features make or break a drone and the seal or break a deal to buy one too. The L109-S looks like a good drone, but you cannot know what its features can do by looks alone. We might also mention that this drone comes with the options for one, two and three batteries, of course at different prices.

Design and Build Quality

This is a foldable drone, which makes it good for packing and traveling because you can reduce it to a smaller and more compact size. To give credit where it is due, this drone is well-built. The hull is made of the popular ABS plastic, so you can be sure it will not break open at a crash.

You will notice the high landing gear. The reason for incorporating this is for the protection of the camera, which is suspended under the head of the drone.

The drone comes with 1406 brushless motors. They do not consume the battery charge fast so you can fly longer. They are quieter, they don’t overheat and they require minimal care and maintenance.

Talking about the size of the MATAVISH 3, it is a small and manageable drone, but it is not a mini-drone. When unfolded, it measures 24.5*23.5*7.5 cm/9.6*9.3*3.0 inches. When folded, it measures 16*7.5*7.5cm/6.3*3*3 inches, which as you can see is considerably smaller.

The takeoff weight of this drone is 337g.

Camera Quality

Well, here, we have a huge bone of contention to pick with the manufacturer. If you check on different online marketplaces, you will see they claim that this drone comes with a 4K camera. IT DOES NOT!!

Rather, it has a 1080P camera. Even the images are not 4K. Therefore, if you were truly looking for a 4K camera, you had better move on.

It is not fair to buy a drone with the expectation that it is a 4K camera only to find that it is a lesser quality. On the bright side though, you can adjust the up/down angle of this camera upto 90 degrees on the transmitter. It also has a wide field of view.

The drone is FPV-enabled, so you should enjoy 720P quality real-time videos on your smartphone.

Battery and Flight Time

Where the manufacturer misrepresents information regarding the quality of the drone camera, they make it up with a battery. It is a 1600mAh capacity battery that will give you up to 25 minutes of flight time. Of course, most drones never make the advertised time because of many factors. However, even if you can get 22 minutes or thereabouts, it is a good deal. Of course, you can buy a second and even a third battery for longer flight times.

The charging time is from 4 to 5 hours.

Remote Controller

First, the remote controller uses 3 AA batteries, which you have to buy separately. Secondly, it is fully equipped to perform all the functions that the drone comes with.

Secondly, the remote controller has a small LCD screen that lights up in a beautiful blue hue. This is where the drone stats are displayed. These include the drone distance, the battery charge and percentage, and many more.

The remote controller is as beautiful as the drone, made with the same ABS material. It is light in weight so you can hold it for the entire flight time without your hands feeling cramped at the wrists.

Flight Performance and Functions

The L109 S comes with many automated flight functions that make it a joy to fly for beginners as well as advanced users. Let us look at a few of them:


This has many benefits. One of them is that when you bring the drone to hover, it will hold its position and height precisely. This will enable you to take distortion-free photos and videos. At the same time, the drone connects to the phone GPS so that it can return home when you want it to. That way, it is hard to lose the drone.

Hand Gesture Shooting and video recognition

The drone will recognize your face and take your videos exclusively. It will also recognize gestures such as the victory sign or palm sign and start taking your selfies from close quarters.

Surround Flight

Appoint the drone a point of interest and engage the surround flight mode. The drone will fly around that area in circles, shooting footage from all angles, while keeping a good radius.

Point Flight

Open the map on the app and draw a flight plan around the areas that you would like the drone to fly. When you launch the drone, it will fly along this route.

GPS and Image Follow Me Mode

Engage the follow me mode and fly the drone hands-free. When you engage follow me mode, the drone will follow you keeping a decent distance. It will move faster when you run.

Aircraft recovery function

This is one of the best functions on this drone. If you lose your drone, just press the GPS button on the remote controller three times in quick succession and the last position of the drone before it lost signal. That way, you can go find it.

L109-S MATAVISH 3 Pros

  • Nice, foldable design
  • Comes with a nice carry case
  • Battery lasts long, drone available in one, two or three batteries
  • The drone is simple to fly
  • Wide field of view for camera
  • Drone has a recovery option
  • Long remote controller distance of 1000 meters
  • FPV-enabled

L109-S MATAVISH 3 Cons

    L109-S MATAVISH Size

  • False information – camera is not a 4K drone. It is 1080P
  • Long charging time for drone battery

Who Should Buy the L109-S MATAVISH 3?

Despite the misleading information about the camera capability, the L109 S, also called the MATAVISH 3, is an exciting drone. Anyone, even an advanced user will find it good. Therefore, you can buy it if you are looking for a drone with smart functions such as aircraft recovery. If you need a drone that can well, get this one. It is foldable, is not too heavy and it has a nice carry case. Even for newbies, this drone is exciting.

Conclusion and Recommendation

There are a few things to bear in mind when you buy your L109-S MATAVISH 3 drone. First, never fly it around people and pets because it can spook them. Always choose an open space without trees and other obstacles to fly your drone. Secondly, read the user manual before flying the drone. It will give you a picture of what to expect when you launch the drone. Also, choose a sunny and windless day to fly your drone for the best experience.

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