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Le-idea IDEA10 Drone Review


It is a case of love at first sight when you see the le-idea IDEA10 drone. It is shipped in a nice, compact package. You may also use this case for traveling with the drone. The case is lined with a foam layer that makes it shockproof. This means that even if you drop it on the floor, you will be putting your drone at risk of breaking it. Everything fits in the case nicely, including the controller and the battery.

When you get the drone delivery, ensure the package has a 3.7V 1800mAh battery, 4 spare propeller blades, remote controller, the drone itself, microUSB cable, a screwdriver and 2 user manuals. If you have some experience with drones, putting the le-idea IDEA10 drone together should be a straightforward process. However, it is always good practice to read the user manual first so that you do not fly the drone blindly.


Le-idea IDEA10 Features & Technical Details

Design and build quality of le-idea IDEA10

This is a fabulous looking drone, with its white top and black underbelly. But color combination alone does not make a good drone. However, a good and strong casing like this one does. This drone can take all the abuse without caving in from a crash.

This is a foldable drone. When you are packing it for traveling, you will love that you can carry it in a small and compact shape. It does not come with propeller guards, which means that the propellers fold and stay intact on the body. Thus, you do not have to keep screwing and unscrewing things.

It is sold with its carry case, which makes it a darling for traveling. Do not throw away the foam casing inside the case because that absorbs the shock of any impact.

The camera

This is a camera drone, and in fact, it comes with a 1080P video camera. It captures good quality video and photos all the time. This drone also has a slot for a microSD card, so you will store your videos and photos. Another thing that you need to know is that this drone is FPV enabled, but for that, you will have to use your smartphone because the remote controller does not have a screen.

You can always find out what versions of iOS and android the drone is compatible with. FPV – first person view mode gives you the same experience that you would get if you were flying inside the drone. It is all about real-time video transmission.

The camera is adjustable within 90 degrees. You can set it right where it will capture the best footage. It also has a wide field of view of 120 degrees. All said and done, you will be able to capture the best video and photo footage.

Map location

Sometimes when we get a new drone, we forget to read the user manual, only to find that we need to trace our drone. With the map location, you will be able to spot the drone on the map. It appears as a red dot on the map.

Speed modes

Different speed modes in a drone make it easy to fly it when you are a beginner. You can always start with the low speed mode, and then after you have learned how to fly the drone, you can move on to the higher speeds. This is a three-speed drone, so you can have all the fun that you need.

Gravity sensor

This advanced and special feature makes flying the le-idea IDEA10 a dream. When you engage the gravity sensor mode, you can literary fly the drone just by moving your smartphone in different ways. You wave it to the left and the drone goes to the left, up, down or right.

Altitude hold and headless mode

These two are good beginner features. Starting with the altitude hold mode, it is the “auto-pilot” mode of drone. It will hold its altitude, so you just have to mind about the horizontal movement of the drone.

Headless mode is very helpful for any drone. Sometimes, you will be confused about where the drone’s nose is facing. Thus, with the headless mode engaged, you just press the auto takeoff key and the drone will realign itself to face away from the controller.

Remote controller

They do not come any better than the le-idea IDEA10 remote controller with its foldable arms. It is ergonomic in design, easy to use and the knobs, joysticks and buttons are very responsive. The use of the 2.4GHz frequency means it is very stable and can fly a long distance without losing signal. The flight range is 300 meters and for Wi-Fi FPV transmission, the maximum distance for video transmission is 80 meters.


This drone uses a Li-po 3.7V 1800mAh battery. You will charge it with a USB cable, and you may even buy a spare battery to make your flight time longer. With a full charge, you can fly the le-idea IDEA10 for 17 minutes. The charging time for the battery is 180 minutes.

IDEA10- Camera

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I was looking for a fairly-priced drone with as many features as possible and I could not have chosen any better than the le-idea IDEA10. I am happy with the video quality, the speed modes and many more features. Becky N.

I have used this drone to take nice videos in the park with my children. The selfies are stunning. Leon W.

If you are a beginner looking for a camera drone, I suggest you try the le-idea IDEA10. It is compact, strong and durable and takes good videos. Hiraki N.

I flew this drone to the maximum flight distance of 300 meters and not even once did the drone disconnect signal with the remote controller. Ali S.

I used the drone during our road trip, following our car and taking video footage on the road. I have no complaint whatsoever. I love it. Lydia W.

I have not been able to get more than 12 minutes from the battery, but I am planning to order a second battery to increase my flight time. Frank G.

The only thing I dislike about this drone is that the battery takes too long to charge. I have never understood why drone batteries will charge in 3 hours only to give 15 minutes of flight time. John B.

Pros of le-idea IDEA10

  • Easy to put together
  • Foldable into a compact size for traveling
  • Good quality camera with wide field of view
  • SD card slot – supports up to 64GB cards
  • Strong casing makes it a durable drone
  • Reasonable flight time per battery
  • Comes with a nice carry case
  • Nice remote controller
  • Stylish build and colors

Cons of le-idea IDEA10

  • Charging time for the batteries is too long
  • Not very stable in the wind

le-idea IDEA10 Follow Me

Who Should Buy the le-idea IDEA10

The le-idea IDEA10 is made for people who love stylish drones that can give great flight experience as well as to capture good video and photo footage. If you would like to save money on a drone with features mostly found in a highly priced drone, buy this one. Unless you are looking for a professional camera drone, this one will serve you just fine and you may never even need to upgrade to a bigger one in future. The IDEA10 is good for beginners and advanced users.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you have bought the le-idea IDEA10, there are a few recommendations that you should bear in mind. One of them is to fly the drone in calm conditions, but just in case some wind develops, you can engage the map location so that you can spot the drone. You should also read the user manual before you can fly the drone. For longer flight time, buy a spare battery. Also buy a good SD card for storing your footage, or you can use your smartphone.

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