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le-idea IDEA20 Review

le-idea IDEA20

Truth be told, sometimes, when you are looking for a camera drone, you just want one that can capture stunning footage without requiring you to have too much experience. In fact, you might want an aerial camera for the footage, even without any drone piloting experience at all. If you are looking for such, the le-idea IDEA20 drone is your best match.

It has a short learning curve, great 4K camera and an incredible design, dual GPS and a high quality flight system. With all its features, the price is so affordable.

Let us look at the features in the upcoming sections closely so that you can see what to expect from the IDEA20.

le-idea IDEA20

Le-Idea IDEA20 Features & Technical Details

Design and the build quality

The first thing that you notice about the le-idea IDEA20 is the stylish build. This drone looks so nice, irresistible, if you ask us. It has this slim rectangular body, four propellers (which are foldable), strong stands and two searchlights above the camera. The camera is positioned slightly below the nose. This gives it quite a wide field of view.

This drone looks big when it is unfolded. However, the sleek design of the body makes it quite compact even for traveling.

This is a GPS drone. It has features such as automatic return if the battery runs low or when it loses signal connection with the remote controller or with the app. It also connects to many satellites, enabling you to use follow me mode, have a very stable altitude hold and so on.

Camera quality

This could be the best aerial camera that you could ever buy. It comes with a 4k camera. This is many tiers above the 1080P camera. This is indeed high quality and it is going to capture vivid details in the videos. You get a recording resolution of 4096 by 2160P.

This drone is also FPV enabled. However, for that, you will have to use your smartphone since the controller does not have a screen. FPV means first person view, or live video transmission. However, for live video transmission, you get it at 720P resolution if you are storing it in the phone storage. However, since the drone has a slot for an SD card, if you use a card, you get the real-time video at 1080P. Download the app and enjoy WiFi control of the drone on the 5GHz frequency. WiFi distance is 100 meters.

Remote controller

The remote controller connects to the drone through the 2.4GHz frequency. The control distance is 200 meters. This ergonomic controller rests easy on the hands, with every button and joystick within reach. The controls are very responsive. The controller is also foldable, with the smartphone holder being easy to fold when it is not in use. With the integration of GPS, this controller is much fun to use. You will have to buy 4 AA batteries for the remote.

Battery and flight time

The le-idea IDEA20 drone uses a 7.4V 1200mAh battery. You get a flight time of 17 minutes tops from the battery. It is also easy to insert and remove from the drone, so if you can buy a spare battery, you can increase your flight time considerably and have a great time outdoors.

Flight features and performance

When you see a drone integrated with dual GPS, then you know that it has many smart features. The IDEA20 does not disappoint.

Some of the flight features that it comes with include:

Return to home – If the drone loses signal, or battery power, it will automatically turn around and return home.

Altitude hold – Such a nice feature for you, it means that you do not have to worry about keeping the drone in the air. You just need to mind about the horizontal flight of the drone.

Circle mode ­- You will get to use this mode with the app. You just need to download the map of the place where you want the drone to circle. Then, on the app, pinpoint a certain place and designate height and distance. The drone will circle around that place taking nice footage.

High performance propellers – They are designed to cut the wind to reduce resistance. This increases battery efficiency.

Follow me mode – Fly the drone hands-free, and engage the follow me mode so the drone follows you or the person holding the smartphone or remote controller.

Headless mode – Engage this mode and you can be sure that the nose of the drone faces the same direction as the remote controller, even when you cannot see the drone.

One key takeoff and landing – No worrying about orientation and stuff – just use this key to launch or land the drone.

le-idea IDEA20 4K Camera

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

If you are looking for a drone with easy controls for your first time flying, buy the le-idea IDEA20. It will thrill you to no end! Nate E.

It has been five weekends of flying this drone outdoors, capturing stunning footage with my son. Honestly, this drone works as advertised. Rob A.

I love the high quality camera. Does anyone know whether I can get a spare battery? Charlie K.

Flew this thing in the wind and it did so well although at a reduced flight time. The battery lasted 14 minutes in 20mph winds. Joe S.

My family loves the outdoors and I just wanted an affordable drone that could capture the memories. I am so glad my friend proposed that I buy the IDEA20. It is doing incredible work. Nelson N.

I almost did not buy the drone, preferring to get something costlier and of “higher quality.” Looking back, I am so glad I bought this drone. Linda M.


Pros of Le-Idea IDEA20

  • Comes with a nice, high quality carry case
  • Good flight time
  • High quality video footage in landscape style
  • GPS enabled functions
  • Easy to use even for a newbie pilot
  • Durable build keeps the drone intact even when it crashes
  • Has an emergency stop button
  • Foldable design

Cons of Le-Idea IDEA20

  • It is supposed to have sensors for obstacle avoidance but they do not seem to work

le-idea IDEA20 GPS Return

Who Should Buy the Le-Idea IDEA20?

This drone is best for a person who is looking for an aerial camera that they can use for capturing video and photo footage with their family. It has so many features yet at the same time, it is sold at a very affordable price. OK, a few things, such as the sensors may not work as advertised, but everything else is really great. If you run a YouTube video channel, or you like capturing photos for your blog, this is a good drone for the job. Just carry it in its carry-case all the time.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This is a very exciting drone. However, when you buy it, do not fly it right away. Take some time to be acquainted with it. Study the user manual keenly, know what every feature is supposed to do and most importantly, know how to fly it to avoid unnecessary crashes. You can also find out whether you can get a spare battery to double the flight time to 35 minutes. Now that would be something!

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