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MJX B20 Drone Review


The sleek build of the MJX B20 EIS drone is quite appealing and it is the first thing that people notice when they see it.

However, MJX is known for making incredible looking quadcopters. Sometimes back, we reviewed the MJX B7 quadcopter. If you revisit it, you will see that it too is quite the looker.

But I digress … you see, looks alone do not make a good aircraft.

So, does the B20 EIS pack a good number of features and flight functions? How is its camera, performance and general reliability?

We shall be looking at some of these things in this review. We shall also look at any downsides that you should expect from this aircraft. Keep reading.


MJX B20 Features & Technical Details

The physical aspects of any drone are very important. These include things such as build, design, weight, size and so on.

Design and build quality

Looking at the dimensions, she measures 15 by 15 by 5 inches. This is more like medium size. Therefore, we suggest that you order it with the bag so that you can store it safely and securely.

Coming with 2204-1620KV brushless motors, you can expect excellent performance when you launch this quadcopter, especially if there is no wind. And talking about wind, it has class 4 wind resistance. Therefore, a breeze will not destabilize it. It also has a top speed of 40km/h, which is quite impressive.

The aircraft takeoff weight is 543g. You have to register it with the FAA if you are in the USA since it is already above the 250g threshold. However, this is a cheap and simple online process.

A high quality plastic hull protects the delicate electronic parts. As we have come to expect from many quads, this one comes with ABS plastic, which is light in weight and secure.

Camera – FPV, Photo and Video Quality

MJX has equipped the B20 with a good camera for its price range. This is a 4K camera. Before you get excited, this is not too good at taking professional footage.

It has a 1-axis gimbal and electronic image stabilization, which do a great job of removing the jello effect from photos and videos, but it is just not enough. You will still notice some distortion especially when you fly the quadcopter in the wind, or when it slants or shakes.

FPV video is streamed in 720P – good, but nothing exciting about it since it is what most drones do. The FPV range is quite good though at 450 meters.

You also get to adjust the vertical angle of the camera on the remote controller. The field of view is wide at 130°, so you should have a good FPV transmission experience.

You can capture 4840 by 2160P videos at 30FPS. At 60FPS, you can record 1080P videos. It also supports MicroSD cards of up to 128GB, so storing your footage should not be a problem.

Battery and Flight Time

You will buy this drone with a 7.6V 3400mAh battery. You can tell this is a high capacity battery. It will give you a flight time of 22 minutes or thereabouts. The charging time is 300 minutes, which is quite long. However, you can find out from Gear Best whether you can buy an extra battery for longer flight time.

As a modular battery, it is safe to charge, handle and even use. However, we recommend that you always remove the battery if you are keeping your drone in storage for a time.

Remote controller

This is one of the sleekest remote controllers that you have ever seen. Its casing is made with the same fire retardant plastic material that is used on the drone hull. This remote controller can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people. Just switch to the left hand mode.

This is a smart remote controller. It will beep and alert you when the drone battery runs low or when it loses signal. It has a small LCD screen that brings you the important metrics such as distance, height and battery voltage.

The remote controller range is 600 meters and height is 120 meters.
MJX B20 Remote Control LCD Screen

Flight Functions

If it is not a racing drone, you need several flight functions to help you enjoy your aircraft fully. Here are the functions that make this quad a joy to fly:

GPS, Dual Mode Positioning

Dual mode positioning is in the form of GLONASS and GPS. This enhances precision a great deal, which means that you cannot lose your drone easily. It also helps to hover the quad accurately. Your aircraft connects to the GPS module on your phone.

With optical flow positioning, the drone computes the stats for accurate hovering. This enables you to leave it on hands-free mode as you concentrate on taking good footage.

Point of interest

Also called circle mode, this function allows the aircraft to fly around a point of interest keeping a radius of 10 meters by default, which can be reset to your radius of choice. Set the circle mode so that the quad can take video and photo footage from all angles.

Waypoint Mode

You can open the app and draw a route that you would like the quadcopter to follow when you launch it. It will do just that. This is another good way of flying hands-free.

Follow Me Mode

This is a smart drone. Therefore, it can recognize you and lock onto you, following you everywhere you go while keeping a respectable distance all the time. This is a favorite mode for outdoor lovers.

Auto Return Home

With a strong GPS signal, the drone will return home automatically when the drone loses signal or the battery loses power.

MJX B20 Pros

  • It has nice rubber shock absorbers under the camera
  • Electronic image stabilization helps to keep footage distortion-free
  • Comes with a nice and durable carry bag
  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • Good price considering all the features
  • Accurate hovering
  • You can switch the throttle from right to left mode
  • Supports Micro SD card


MJX B20 Cons

  • Camera cannot be used for professional work
  • It is heavy at more than half a kilo


Who Should Buy The MJX B20?

Buy this quadcopter if you are looking for a decent aerial camera to take photos of your family, friends and your adventures. For the price, you will find it surprisingly good and you might never want to upgrade to a bigger, costlier one. You could buy the B20 for your teen; it would make an impressive birthday gift. However, even grownups with some drone flying experience find it a lot of fun to fly.


Conclusion and Recommendation

While it is sold with one battery only, the flight time is decent, it’s recommended to buy a spare battery.

Read the user manual. All drones may look the same, but some small differences can make all the difference. For example, this one’s remote control can be switched to mode 2 for left-handed people.

Oh! And mind the wind. Do not buy the wind resistance thing… quadcopters have been known to fly away in a gust, never to return.

Show me the price !

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