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MJX Bugs B7 Drone Review

MJX Bugs B7

If you are looking for a quality camera drone within the price range of $200, you could consider buying the MJX Bugs B7 drone. This is a 2020 release, so by the time of writing this review, it was still pretty new. However, new or not, you really do not want to buy a drone without knowing something about its features and flight performance. From different resources, you can tell that MJX makes good quality yet affordable consumer drones.

The B7 drone looks really sleek and well-built. However, until you test it you will never know. Therefore, in this review, we are going to explore the features and the flight functions of the drone.

MJX Bugs B7

MJX B7 Features & Technical Details

This is a little drone, but there is nothing little about its features. While it may not be in the same league as the costlier Mavic Mini, it is still good and ahead of its pack if the price is anything to go by.

Design and build quality

First, this lightweight drone weighs less than 250g. Therefore, you can just get it ready and fly it when it is delivered. You don’t need to register it with the FAA.

Secondly, the drone is foldable into a small, compact and backpack-friendly size. This makes it easy to travel with and to store. This is no surprise as many other drones are foldable. This one folds full. Therefore, the next time that you have to use it you do not need to assemble anything. However, always remove the battery when traveling far or when storing the drone for some time.

This is not a big drone. It measures 240 by 235 by 55mm (9.5 by 9.3 by 2.2 inches) when unfolded. When folded, the drone measures 140 by 75 by 55mm (5.5 by 3.0 by 2.2 inches).

Despite all these good things, the Bugs B7 has one shortcoming, which we think should not be there. It does not have a gimbal! This means the videos and photos that you capture could be shaky. The gimbal stabilizes the camera.

The drone has been equipped with brushless motors. They last longer, they make less noise, they do not overheat and they are the motors of the future.


This is a 4K drone, not only in name, but in deed. It can really record 4K videos but at 16fps. This is a low frame rate and so the video quality may not be all that. However, we are grateful that they said the camera can do 4K and indeed, it does. You can also get a higher frame rate per second if you take 2.5K videos at 24fps. Definitely, this will offer you better quality.

The wide-angle camera is positioned on the nose. Therefore, it can capture videos and photos with a lot of background.

At the same time, the quality of the camera is further affected by the fact that it does not have a stabilizing feature. Therefore, if you were thinking of getting an aerial camera to capture footage for your YouTube channel or something, sorry, but this is not it.

You will also get a good first person view. It will be shaky, but it is good real-time transmission all the same.

Battery and flight time

This Bug B7 drone comes with Lipo 2s 1500mAh battery. It can give you a 15-minute flight time, which is not too bad considering the low capacity of the battery. However, this battery takes a bit long to charge at 3 hours. We feel this is too long to wait to get only 15 minutes. However, you may opt for the Bugs B7 with two or three batteries, for a slightly higher price.

Remote control

It is sturdy and well built. It is also not big which means it fits in your hands snugly. It also has a retractable smartphone holder so that you can fly the drone using the app. Besides the remote controller has an OLED screen, which displays vital data about the drone including things like distance, height and battery remaining. The control range of the remote controller is 800 meters.

This remote controller uses two AA batteries. You will have to buy them separately, but they should be easy to get.

Flight performance and flight functions

About the flight performance, we can mention the speed. This drone can do a maximum of 32km/h/20mph. It is also stable in flight. The brushless motors also help the drone to perform well and besides, it has level 4 wind-resistance. It is not much, but it is a good function all the same.

Here are some of the automated flight features:

Optical flow positioning

With this function, the drone can hover precisely when you want it to. It can also hold its own altitude very well, which means that you just have to worry about the horizontal flight.

Auto return home

Most beginners ask whether a drone will be able to return home automatically if it loses signal or the battery runs low. The answer is yes. The drone connects with the GPS feature in your smartphone and it returns home. You may also press the return to home button to bring it back.

Waypoint mode

With this mode, you can actually “design” the way that the drone will follow when you launch it. Just make dots on the map on the app and connect them with a line. When you let the drone go, it will follow that route.

Circle mode

Designate a point of interest and the drone will fly around that. You may also designate the radius at which you want the drone to fly around the area of interest. It is one way to fly your drone in hands-free mode.

Follow me mode

In this mode, the drone locks onto you and it follows you wherever you go. It will keep a decent distance and when you slow down, it slows down. When you move faster, it increases its speed. This is yet another way for hands-free flight.

MJX Bugs B7 Brushless Motor

Short summary of feedback from existing owners

I am glad I bought this drone. It performs just as advertised and true to its name, it does somehow resemble a good bug. Dennis S.

I think the 8MP photos are decent. They are not great but they are decent. Sammy G.

This well-built drone comes with spare props, is foldable and has brushless motors. The 4K camera is real too. Andy W.

Videos are not of good quality because they appear distorted. However, if you buy it for the flight alone, you will love its performance. Rawson H.

This little drone has some good automatic functions such as waypoint mode, auto return home and others. Travis K.

I have never seen a better remote controller. Almost looks like one for a gaming console. Ross H.

MJX Bugs B7 Pros

  • It has a slot for SD card to store your footage
  • 300-meter FPV range
  • Easy to use thanks to the automated flight functions
  • Light in weight
  • Auto return home is a good fail-safe function
  • Good flight performance
  • It is a good looking drone

MJX Bugs B7 Cons

  • No gimbal – shaking affects quality of images and video
  • Takes long to charge battery

Who Should Buy The MJX Bugs B7?

The drone price is quite decent and the features are what we have come to expect from drones within this price range. If you are a beginner and you are looking for something that is above a mini drone, get the Bugs B7. It also comes with the important flight functions and it is hard to lose because of the auto return function. If you are an experienced drone pilot, you may not find this one exciting enough especially since the camera is not stabilized, but it flies well.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Hobby drones for adults have been getting better with time. Some, for example, under DJI, Potensic and other popular names are a bit costly. However, when looking for something cheaper, the MJX Bugs B7 is a good purchase. It looks nice and has a good flight performance. Before flying it, learn how it operates from the user manual. You may also catch a YouTube video to learn how to operate every function.

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