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Navigating the Skies: Holy Stone HS720E vs. HS720G vs. HS720R

Choosing the right drone can be daunting, especially within the same brand and model series. The Holy Stone HS720 trio – HS720E, HS720G, and HS720R – might seem similar at first glance, but they each cater to specific needs. Let’s delve into their key differences to help you pick your perfect flying companion.


  • HS720E: Shoots 720p HD footage, suitable for basic aerial recordings.
  • HS720G: Captures 2K resolution video, offering a significant step up in detail and clarity compared to the HS720E.
  • HS720R: Boasts the best camera among the three, recording stunning 4K UHD footage, ideal for capturing high-resolution visuals and smooth slow-motion effects.


  • HS720E: Lacks a gimbal, resulting in shaky footage, especially during maneuvers.
  • HS720G: Features a 2-axis gimbal, significantly stabilizing the camera and providing smoother video recordings.
  • HS720R: Utilizes a 3-axis gimbal, offering the most advanced stabilization for exceptionally smooth and cinematic footage.

Flight Time:

  • HS720E: Offers the shortest flight time of around 23 minutes.
  • HS720G: Flies for a slightly longer duration of roughly 26 minutes.
  • HS720R: Also offering flight time of approximately 26 minutes.


  • HS720E: The most affordable option among the three.
  • HS720G: Slightly more expensive than the HS720E but still budget-friendly.
  • HS720R: The most expensive due to its advanced features.

Who should choose which?

  • HS720E: Ideal for beginners or casual users who prioritize affordability and simplicity over high-resolution footage.
  • HS720G: A good balance between price, video quality, and stability, suitable for hobbyists and content creators seeking decent image quality without breaking the bank.
  • HS720R: Perfect for experienced users and videographers who demand the best possible image stabilization, longest flight time, and premium 4K recording capabilities.

Additional factors to consider:

  • Features: The HS720R comes with additional features like Headless Mode and Follow Me, which can be helpful for beginners and specific shooting scenarios.
  • Availability: The HS720E might be easier to find due to its wider release, while the HS720R might be less readily available depending on your location.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each drone, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your budget, experience level, and desired shooting experience.

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