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Holy Stone HS720G Review

HS720G Image

You can never be too old to earn your wings. Thus, if you are looking for the best beginner adult drone to get into the drone hobby, you are in the right place. The Holy Stone HS720G drone is fit for users of all ages. It has a 2-axis Gimbal to stabilize the camera. You will get a sound footing in aerial shooting when you start using this drone.

While you will not find the Holy Stone brand name featuring in the top 10, 20 or even 30 drone makers in the world, they still make good sub $100 drones. Many of these are suitable for beginners. After learning how to fly on the small HS drones, you can go for the bestseller brands in the market such as Hubsan or Airobotics.

While the HS720G drone has many features, it also has some downsides that you should know about. For instance, this quadcopter comes with one battery only, and it takes too long to charge. The charging time indicated in the user manual is not correct.

Another downside is that there seems to be no accessories for this aircraft. Take good care of it because it is hard to find spare blades or spare anything. Also, the accessories of the closely related models from the same brand name do not work with this one.

To know whether you will get good value for your money, read the features and flight functions for the HS720G quadcopter in the upcoming sections.
HS720G Image

Holy Stone HS720G Features & Technical Details

Most Holy Stone drones come with many features that make them fun to fly. This one is not any different and it is possibly one of the most enjoyable toy drones within its price range.

Here are its main features:


The drone comes in a very convenient design because it is foldable, making it so easy to store and pack in your travel pack. Even the blades are in the split design so they also fold. You don’t need to unscrew anything when packing it.

This aircraft has been equipped with high quality brushless motors. It flies powerfully, can hold well in the wind and the battery lasts longer. Other benefits of brushless motors include minimal need for maintenance. They don’t overheat so they can last a long time.

The takeoff weight of this drone is 377 grams. You will need to register it with the FAA before you can fly it.

High quality ABS material has been used to make the fuselage of the aircraft. It is tough, lightweight and it does not crack under pressure.

Camera quality

This might be your first drone, but the main reason for wanting a drone is to sample aerial shooting.

You will not be disappointed because this quadcopter comes with a real 4K HD camera with two-axis mechanical stabilization. And that is not all because it also comes with EIS – Electronic Image Stabilization.

It takes decent footage with no distortion. Besides, the high-resolution camera is able to capture footage in vivid detail. With a wide FOV of 120 degrees, an adjustable vertical angle of 90 degrees, you can get the best view in your footage all the time.

This drone also comes with an SD card slot. It is compatible with TF cards of a maximum capacity of 128GB. When you store footage in an SD card, it keeps its original resolution and quality, something that does not happen when you store the footage in your mobile storage.

You can take 4K video at 30 FPS and photos at 3840 by 2160P when you store the footage in a TF card. If you store it in your mobile, the resolution drops to 1080P.

HS720G-2-Axis Gimbal

Battery and flight time

This aircraft ships with one battery only, but it has a long flight time of 26 minutes. Some people have complained that theirs did not come with a charger, but it is always recommended to use the cable supplied with the drone.

Apart from the battery taking too long to charge, the flight time is fair. It is easy to remove and insert into the drone. It also has safety features such as overcharge protection. If Holy Stone can sell you a spare one, get it so that you can enjoy a longer flight time.

Remote Controller

This drone can fly over a long distance, about 1000 meters. Therefore, it comes with a 2.4GHz/5GHz remote controller. This enables you to fly the aircraft over a long distance without any interruptions to the signal.

You will also love the simple and uncluttered design of the interface. It makes every key so easy to find even for a novice pilot.

In the middle of the remote controller, there is a small LCD display. On the screen, you will see the flight distance, remaining battery voltage, height and speed of the drone at any given time.

Flight Functions

Flight functions make flying your drone easy and fun. Some functions ensure safety so that you do not lose or break your quadcopter.

Optical Flow

This function enables steady hovering so that you can take distortion-free photos and videos. You will know where your drone is all the time, something that enhances the safety of the aircraft.

Tap to fly

With this function, you can tap out the route you want the aircraft to follow when you launch it. This is a nice way to fly the aircraft in hands-free mode.

Circle Mode

You can get the aircraft to circle around any place that you set up as the point of interest. This is yet another hands-free way to fly the drone and concentrate on capturing good footage.

Scale Up Your Field of View

This function works in the same way as a zoom works. You can scale up the object or subject that you are photographing to capture more details. There is no need to move closer to the subject as you can do that from a distance.

Headless mode

Don’t worry about the alignment of the drone if you change your position. The headless mode always realigns the drone depending on the position of the pilot.

Follow me mode

When you engage this function, the drone will follow you while keeping a good distance. It connects to the GPS module on your smartphone and follows you wherever you go.

Altitude hold

This is another good function for a beginner drone. The drone will fly at the same height all the time. Just concentrate on the horizontal flight of the HS720G.

Safety functions

With safety functions such as the low battery and poor signal return to home, you can never lose your drone. There is also the emergency stop function where the drone stops immediately when you punch the key. Also, you can use the return to home key to bring the aircraft back home immediately.

Auto takeoff

No need to fumble, wondering how to get the aircraft to takeoff. This is a good feature for a beginner pilot.

HS720G-GPS Auto-Return

Reviews from Owners of the Holy Stone HS720G

This is my first drone ever. I am watching a video to see how to fly it since I cannot make much sense from the user manual. I am hoping I will have a great time with this aircraft. Nani R.

I bought this drone for my husband on his 60th birthday. Now, I am about to start complaining about him spending more time with the drone than with me. Stevie P.

The HS720G flies powerfully thanks to the brushless motors. It also has safety features like that automatic return to home. I wish they had included slow and fast speed modes to help beginners learn how to fly it at a slower pace.Donal T.

I love how this drone holds its position even in the wind. It is easy to trim even in winds averaging 15MPH. I only regret its lack of a geofence feature to keep it close home for a beginner. Cownley F.

Holy Stone HS720G Pros

  • Long flight distance of up to 1600 feet
  • Good FPV experience at 1080P resolution
  • Brushless motors don’t consume a lot of battery power and they give a good flight performance
  • It is simple to fly
  • Has a Type C charge for the battery, but there has been complaints it charges too slowly
  • Has many safety functions
  • You can scale up your field of view

Holy Stone HS720G Cons

  • Accessories can be hard to find

Who Can Buy the Holy Stone HS720G

Although this is marketed as a beginner drone, it still has some good features and functions to make it exciting enough for advanced pilots. Thus, anyone can buy it and have a lot of fun flying it and taking aerial footage. If you get this as your first drone, you will not need to upgrade it any time soon.

Conclusion and Recommendation

To have fun with this feature-rich drone, you should note a few important recommendations. First, fly the quadcopter in a large and open space, and choose a calm day when there is no wind.

To store footage in high resolution, get the right TF card. It has a slot but you have to buy the TF card separately.

The Holy Stone HS720G drone comes with one battery that will give you a flight time of 26 minutes. However, you can write to the company to find out whether you can buy a second battery.

Lastly, this drone has a flight range of almost 1000 meters. However, fly it closer home for its maiden flights so that you can learn how it handles.

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