GoPro Karma with HERO5 Review

GoPro is to cameras and small drones what BLACK & DECKER is to the small power tools market. As you will see in the small GoPro Karma with HERO5, you will be able to capture the best footage with the camera, whether you use it handheld style or you fly the drone and shoot from the air. Just to clear things up, Karma is the drone and HERO 5 is the camera.

This camera drone is feature-packed. It has some awesome things that you should test, and then you will know why it was all the rage in the market when it was launched in 2016. However, a couple of months later, it would be recalled after battery issues caused the drone to come plummeting mid-flight. The problem was rectified and today, it is one of the best small drones in the market.

GoPro Karma with HERO5 Features & Technical Details

Starting with the design, you will notice that the GoPro Karma is made of a hard plastic frame that can weather abuses and not-so-pleasant landings. You will also notice that the drone is slimmer than many of its counterparts in the market. The reason for this is that the gimbal axis has been mounted on the nose rather than under the drone as is so usual with many drones of its size.

For the size, maybe we can say that this drone is made for traveling. It is sold with its well-padded case and by padded, we mean if you drop the case, it will absorb all the shock and your drone will be safe. GoPro Karma measures 36.5cm by 22.4cm by 9cm folded. You can see it is small, but it is not as small as the Mavic Pro. The good thing is that it folds into a compact and slim device that will fit nicely in your traveling bag.

The camera is everything in a drone. Now, the GoPro Karma camera sits on the nose and this means that when you start shooting pictures and videos, you can be assured that this video is going to shoot videos and images with a lot of background because the camera has a lot of upward swing thanks to its nose location. This also means that the rotors will not be captured in the video or image shots.

Surprise! Surprise! The HERO5 camera is not permanently attached to the drone. You actually can detach it by pushing open a clamp. You can also pull out the gimbal and use it with a GoPro mount. This camera is waterproof for up to 30 feet, isn’t that something?

The controller is one of a kind because it has joysticks as well as a 5-inch touchscreen. When you are traveling, you will love that this controller folds into a nice, compact device.

For the flight, this drone has been designed to fly with four modes. When flying in Orbit Mode, the drone can orbit around you, shooting video and photo footage from all angles. Reveal Mode means you can send the drone on a preset flight line. Cable Cam Mode works the same as Reveal Mode, and Dronie Mode allows the drone to take selfies and then retreat to some distance so you can see the photos it has shot.

Through the touch display, you will be able to get a first person view just as you would see if you were inside the drone.

The battery of the GoPro Karma can last 20 minutes of flight, which is more than most drones offer in the market. The top speed is 35mph, and the flight range is 1000 meters. It might be a little unstable when flying in windy conditions though.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I love the versatility of this camera drone and certainly, I have seen great quality in the photos and videos that I shoot with it. Davis W.

I used this drone in 2017 in my mountain biking adventure and the videos and photos were awesome. Actually, I was a bit skeptical about using this drone, but a year later, I just love it and I do not think I will be upgrading anytime soon. DroneMaster

Just like good karma, the GoPro Karma comes back to me when it has about 2 minutes of flight time remaining in the battery. As my first drone, I find it very easy to fly. I would recommend it for beginners. Regina T.

I bought this drone for my daughter on her fourteenth birthday and having had some experience with drones, I did not think there was much to it. However, I was surprised to find that it packs so many features. Han C.

Pros of GoPro Karma with HERO5

  • Easy to fly even for the first time
  • Can detach the camera to use it for aim & shoot photo sessions or on GoPro mount
  • The Hero5 Camera has been designed with anti-shake mechanism for silky smooth pictures
  • Controller has touchscreen thus you do not have to use your smartphone
  • Good flight time- 18 to 20 minutes
  • Has different flight modes to suit different circumstances

Cons of GoPro Karma with HERO5

  • It has no collision detection
  • Its slightly heavy

Who Should Buy GoPro Karma with HERO5?

The GoPro Karma with Hero5 is without doubt of the best small drones for beginner as well as advanced pilots. It is such a joy to fly. If you are a hobbyist or a professional photographer, you will love using this drone. It will shoot awesome silky smooth photos thanks to its stabilization feature. You may also buy this drone if you are an outdoor enthusiast and would like to shoot videos when you are out there mountain biking, off-roading, kayaking or on some other adventure. The camera is also detachable and waterproof, so you may bring the drone for your snorkeling and scuba diving adventure, but only the camera is waterproof, not the drone!

Conclusion and Recommendation

Having seen the features of the GoPro Karma with Hero5, you can buy it with the assurance that you will get the best videos, photographs and service from your investment. To get better flight time, you may consider buying an extra battery. You are advised to fly it in relatively flat areas for easier landing, as it seems to have it a bit rough when landing in not so flat places. Also, fly the drone in open places as it does not have collision detection abilities. Other than that, this drone gives good value for money through its features.


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DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone Review

Without the slightest doubt, DJI is one of the best drone makers in the world. They manufacture both commercial and hobbyist drones of great repute. The DJI Spark portable mini drone is one of a kind, so affordable and small, yet so feature-rich. Any casual user searching for a perfect drone should consider the Spark. You will taste the difference in technology as compared to other big drones. You can use the Spark to capture high quality videos and photos even with no prior experience at using a drone.

This drone has great features such as obstacle avoidance, great design and flying modes, which we shall look at later in detail. It is small, which makes it easy for you to carry it to the park or wherever you want to fly it. It comes in with switchable tops of different colors like green, yellow, blue, white and red.

DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone Features & Technical Details

The Drone Design, size and shape

When you get your DJI Spark, straight away, you will notice its minimal weight and the small size. It measures 143 by 143 by 55 mm and weighs 0.67 pounds. This small size and weight also means that you will not be required to register the Spark with the FAA. This means you can carry this drone anywhere without feeling the weight. However, it may be light in weight, but it is not delicate at all, as you will see when you start flying it. It can withstand some abuse. Flying and landing a drone subjects it to a lot of bumping and vibration.

Obstacle avoidance

One feature about DJI Spark is its capability to avoid obstacles. This drone is able to avoid and sense objects just as the big drones do. DJI engineers built a very intelligent drone. However, note that the Spark can only sense close range objects/obstacles, furthest at 16 feet. Also, note that when Obstacle Avoidance is on, the drone will fly much slower.

Great flying modes

Besides its capability to avoid obstacles, DJI Spark has impressive flying modes. It flies in modes such as Helix, Rocket, Circle and Drone. In addition, this drone has the ability to recognize gestures. This gesture recognition allows the user to fly the drone without a controller or a Smartphone. You will love the TapFly feature where you just tap your smartphone and the drone flies towards the direction of the tap.

With the ActiveTrack feature, the drone is able to recognize differently shaped and sized objects and track them actively depending on what the objects are and how fast they are moving.

You can also put on the DJI Goggles, switch the drone to Sport Mode and fly at high speed while you experience a world of color and amazing detail with the First Person View feature, which allows you to fly the drone with a pilot’s viewpoint.


Any DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone review will show that one of its landmark features is the 12MP camera, which is capable of shooting 1080p videos. It is designed with a ½.3-inch CMOS sensor that enables the user to take high quality 1080p videos and great still photographs at 12MP. Because of the camera’s high sensitivity to light, it records colors accurately, capturing much detail.

Another feature is the 2-axis gimbal, which is a mechanical stabilization feature designed to reduce the effects of rolling and shaking on the shutter thus keeping the shots and videos stable and rich in detail.

Battery and flight time

Spark uses Lithium Polymer (LiPo) 1480 mAh battery. It takes 45 to 55 minutes to charge one or two batteries. You can charge these batteries using a micro-USB cable.

If you are flying the drone in calm weather when there is no wind, then you can do about 16 minutes of flight with a full battery. However, this speed is gauged on a speed of about 12.4 mph. You can buy extra batteries and keep them charged to increase the flight time.

Short summary of feedback from existing owners

I bought DJI Spark mini drone and I already love it. I cannot help wondering just how DJI were able to pack so many features in such a tiny wee-bit drone, but I love it. I am yet to fly it in the park in some wind, but I have flown it in my backyard and it is excellent. Ramsey N.

I use this drone to capture videos and photos of my family as we ride our bikes in the park. My children also love that they can use hand gestures to take selfies. It is the best investment that we made for this summer. Alice Q.

My son has become the envy of the neighborhood crowd ever since I bought him the Spark soon after its launch. I love flying it with him and I am amazed at the quality of its videos and pictures. Anderson B.

I wish this drone came with longer flight time but as of now, I will have to do with 15 minutes. It is worth it though because the video and still quality is awesome. I intend to buy an extra battery or two though, so no problem there. Simon N.

Pros of DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone

  • Has intelligent obstacle avoidance
  • Great flight performance
  • Many intelligent flight-modes
  • Available in many colors
  • 2-axis gimbal stabilization for high quality videos and photos
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Edit and share videos on social media from the drone

Cons of DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone

  • Lacks 4K camera
  • Just 15 minutes or so of flight time

Who Should Buy DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone?

While it does take good pictures and videos, the DJI Spark portable mini drone is most suitable for hobbyists. Anyone can use it though because even beginners can use it to capture great shots like professionals without a big learning curve. Features like Active Track and TapFly make piloting this drone a joy. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, you will love flying this drone.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Small, nimble and incredible at flight and battery life, this is one of the best tiny drones from a renowned brand. You can buy it with confidence that you will have the best value for your money. Compared to other drones of it size in the market, the 15 to 16 minute flying time per battery is pretty impressive. You can buy this drone to take your hobbyist videos and you can give the DJI Spark Portable Mini drone as a gift to a family member who is an outdoor enthusiast. It is sold with a carry case, so packing it in your backpack should not be any trouble. Be in control of your selfies, videos and photos.

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Hubsan X4 Storm H122D Racing Drone Review

The Hubsan X4 Storm H122D is a racing drone and so it has been optimized with features for speed. It is also capable of doing acrobatic tricks like rolls and flips in mid-flight. When you buy it, you will notice that this drone has been built to last a long time. It comes with a carbon fiber body that can withstand crashes. If you are cutting your teeth in the drone world, this is a perfect quadcopter for you as it is made to withstand many abuses that may arise from mistakes that beginners make with their first drones. This is an aggressive drone and you will love it. As a First Person View (FPV) drone, it means that when it is flying, you will view through the camera as if you are inside the drone.

Hubsan X4 Storm H122D Features & Technical Details

The physical features – Because of its small size, this quadcopter is perfect for flying indoors in small spaces. It measures 3.7 by 3.7 inches and when loaded with cameras, it weighs a meager 116.5g and that makes it perfect for traveling. It packs nicely in your backpack so that you can perform those flips and rolls in the park. When you buy it, it will be delivered with a charger, 4 blades/rotors, HV002 Goggles, HS001 monitor, battery and the user manual.

Camera – This is one of the best features in this drone. While there was a limited angle of camera view in the earlier Hubsan drones, this one comes with a wide angle of view. It packs a 720P HD camera that is capable of shooting awesome videos and photos. Of all the features that this drone comes with, the camera has received the most accolades. If you are going to shoot the videos from onboard the drone, maybe in an SD card, you will love the quality.

The camera rotates, and the angle of view is big. This means you can shoot wholesome videos and stunning photos all the time. While marketing the H122D, they said this is a race drone, but the camera is of professional quality.

The camera range of view is almost two football pitches, quite big!

Battery – The Storm H122D comes with a 7.4-volt 2S battery, which gives the drone a little boost of power. With a full charge however, the drone can only do 6 minutes of flight. The flight range is rated at between 100 and 200 meters, pretty long range. It can also do an impressive height. The charging time is 2.5 hours. It would be better to buy extra batteries to increase the flight time.

Image transmission and storage – If you want the highest quality of videos and photos, it is recommended that you shoot videos and direct them to the SD card, which you will install in the slot provided for just that. For image and video transmission, the drone has been built with a 5.8G FPV – 5.8G, a high frequency transmission technology that ensures the highest quality for your media. To uphold the quality of the media, this drone has been designed with a 2.4GHz TX technology that ensures anti-interference. It is sold with a 4G TF memory card, but you can use a bigger one of up to 32GB.

Safety features – When the battery starts to drain, you need not get worried about the drone crashing. It has a return to home feature that allows it to return to the point from where it took off and even land safely. This way, the drone is hard to lose.

Flight – There are many features for flight. One of them is the Roll, which allows you to perform certain acrobatics with the drone. It can roll and rotate 360 degrees in all directions. Flip mid flight, roll in any direction and you will be wowed at the performance of this racing drone.

The controller – It almost looks like an XBOX controller. However, it has a short range, but it is easy to modify it with an antenna to increase the range. It uses the readily available AAA batteries.


Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I am impressed at the video and photo quality of this small drone. I also love that I can slip it into my jacket pocket and go fly it outside. Pilot Ken

I wish it would have come with a longer battery life, but apart from that I have no complaint. I have seen what this drone can do and so I am looking for another battery to increase the flight time. Priscilla C.

I crashed this little drone a few times and it came through unscathed. I would not be too confident about it surviving another crash and that is why I am looking for an extra set of propellers to buy, just in case I break these. Lauren G.

For such an affordable price, I did not know that I could get these many and impressive features. Buy an extra battery though for increased flight time. I would rate the flight time at between 5 and 7 minutes. Govi M.

Pros of Hubsan X4 Storm H122D

  • Affordable
  • Small learning curve for beginners
  • Wonderful camera technology
  • Can do flips, rolls and other tricks on flight
  • Returns to home when battery is low
  • Shoots professional quality videos
  • Charging cords, goggles and other accessories included
  • Big camera range
  • Has beginner mode for total newbies and advanced mode for advanced pilots

Cons of Hubsan X4 Storm H122D

  • Short battery life
  • Shot range for controller
  • Does not come with extra propellers


Who Should Buy Hubsan X4 Storm H122D?

While the Hubsan X4 Storm H122D was designed to be a race drone, it has a high quality camera, making it something that even a professional photographer and videographer would use. The sturdy compact build ensures that the drone stays intact even when it crashes. This drone is therefore perfect for both beginner flyers and advanced users. The good thing is that when you buy the drone, you will not need to upgrade in the near future because this drone has many advanced features.

Conclusion and Recommendation

From the affordable price of the Hubsan X4 Storm H122D drone to the advanced features and the inbuilt acrobatic ability, this racing drone is made to impress. However, as you have seen here, this drone can also be used for photography and video works. While some features could do with improvements, for the money it is sold at, this drone is worth every dime that you will pay for it. You should not miss the H122D in your collection if you are a drone enthusiast.

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Parrot Anafi Drone Review

There is no doubt that Parrot is one of the most well known names in the drone industry. And their newest release in the market does not disappoint at all as you will see in this Parrot Anafi drone review. Parrot is a French drone-manufacturer, and as is usual with the French, they build everything with a touch of love and with the future in mind. After you buy this drone, your aerial videography and photography will never be the same again. If there is something like a performance commercial drone, this is it.

Parrot Anafi Drone Features & Technical Details


This is a small drone because it is made with traveling in mind so that you can shoot videos and photos from different locations. It measures 9.6 by 2.6 by 2.5 inches and it packs small in its bag (it is sold with a carry bag) which you can easily pack inside your travel case without taking up too much space.


The 4K camera is designed on 3-axis gimbals, which enables 180-degree vertical movement so that you can shoot videos and photos of what is happening above and below the drone. The 21MP camera can zoom 2.8x in 4K and still maintain high quality results. Another important thing to note is that the camera can shoot HDR (high dynamic range) videos, and this is quite a feat because many camera drones can only shoot HDR photos.

For videos, you will be able to shoot ultra high-definition videos at 3840 x 2180 at 30fps. Turn on your phone’s GPS and the drone can follow you wherever you go taking pictures and shooting videos.

You can do some nice tricks with the camera, which Anafi engineers say has been designed with some effects from Hollywood. For example, the camera has a dolly zoom effect, which allows it to zoom as the drone flies further from the object/subject shooting photos to create quite a dramatic effect.

The camera can also shoot photos in Lossless mode where you can magnify the power of the camera for up to 2.8x. Lossless mode also means that even when shooting from a distance, you will not lose the resolution quality.


This drone comes with one 2,700mAh lithium-polymer, which lasts for 25-minutes when fully charged. While the time on paper always varies from the actual time, the difference cannot be all that big. If you can buy a second battery, then it means you will shoot pictures and videos much longer with your drone.

To get the drone started, just click the button found on the battery-pack, the Parrot Drone powers-on and aligns its camera ready for flight and camera work.

Any standard USB-C charger can charge the battery, even your smartphone charger. The manufacturer says that charging with an iPhone USB charger can take about one and a half hours while the slower cords takes up to two and a half hours.


Even though the drone itself does not come with storage space, it will be shipped with one microSD card with a capacity of 16GB. This capacity is enough to store your videos and images until such a time as you can transfer them to another drive. You will find this card under the drone’s removable battery.

Flight modes and safety

Users will be happy to know that at last, here is a drone that is made to fly in the wind. It has been designed to do a maximum speed of 33 miles per hour, quite high and better yet, it has a wind resistance of winds flowing at a speed of 31 miles per hour.

But great flight is nothing if it is not safe flight and Parrot understands this perfectly. That is why they have incorporated a return to home feature, which enables the drone to return home when battery is low. Then there is a GeoFence feature, with which you can define the boundaries for this drone such that it does not fly out of the designated area.

With the Find My Drone feature, just tap at a button and the drone beeps, enabling you to find it easily.

App and controller

XBOX lookalike, but a bit heavy on the hand as you will feel when you start using it. However, it has many things going for it. It is black, looks quite sturdy and as you open the antennas, you will also access the smartphone stand, but your device must be utmost 6 inches in size to fit.

To control the drone through your smartphone, which by the way can be an android or an iOS device, just download the free Anafi app and you will be ready to go. After installing it, choose the camera mode and start shooting photos and videos.


Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I am very proud to have been one of the very first users of the Parrot Anafi. I am very pleased with everything except the heavy controller. Remy K.

I find this drone much quieter than many others that I have tested in the past. We flew it in a small room and we could talk normally and hear each other above the humming noise of the drone. Excellent piece! Ricky J.

I just cannot wrap my head on the left joystick, which is ideally supposed to move the drone up and down or rotate it. I always mistake one movement for the other, rotating it when I need it to move up, and so on. Otherwise, I am happy with this drone. Treza R.

I did shoot some awesome photos and videos in the backyard as I was testing this drone. I have not yet taken it to the beach or park to shoot some videos as I ride my bike, but I will soon. Satisfied User

Pros of Parrot Anafi Drone

  • It is a lightweight compact package, which weighs 320g
  • Solid 21MP camera with 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Camera stabilization features
  • Highly flexible making it very resilient to crashes
  • 25-minutes flying time
  • Light and portable
  • Sold with 8 spare rotors

Cons of Parrot Anafi Drone

  • Controller feels a bit heavy
  • Though small, drone cannot fit in pants pocket
  • Rotors are not protected


Who Should Buy the Parrot Anafi Drone?

People who want to make aerial videography and photography can use this drone. You will be able to fly it without a controller if you choose the right flight mode. Its stellar camera provides creative and fulfilling filming experience. Besides personal photography, professional users can also use Parrot Anafi Drone. Its tilting capabilities and zooming, together with its special filming modes, make Anafi to stand out among all portable drones. This is without doubt going to be one of the best commercial drones in the market.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you have been searching for a portable drone, perhaps you should think of Parrot Anafi. It has clear object-awareness and long transmission range as you have seen in this Parrot Anafi drone review. You can charge it through a USB-C connection, is user-friendly with very small learning curve even for the first-time user, and so simple to set up. The electronically stabilized camera provides top quality that every user would want. More so, the drone is suitable for professional presentations and making high quality YouTube videos.

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Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Drone Review

The 2017 Redot Design Award winning drone – Hover Camera Passport Self-flying drone will blow you away with its incredibly good features. With the industry in a time race to produce a drone for practically anything, having a selfie drone was bound to happen eventually and it did happen. In this Hover Camera Passport Self-flying Drone Review, you will see the advanced features of this drone. This is a small drone. It has been made by ZeroZero Robotics and as you will see when you try it out, it has an incredibly powerful camera. Behind that camera is awesome technology that has been designed to ensure that you get the best videos and photos with this drone.

Hover Camera Passport Features & Technical Details

Unique design

One look at the Passport and you will notice that it is very different from all the other drones that you have been used to. It has four rotors, but so do many other drones. But in this case, the rotors are caged, that is, they are in a protective cage. You can hold the drone in your hand safely even when the rotors are running.

Foldability and portability

The Passport is a portable quadcopter that has been built with travel in mind. You can carry it around in your jacket pocket, in your bag or in your purse. It folds down to the size of a book and weighs even less than a book at 242 g, and this with the battery installed. This little weight is attributed to the use of a carbon fiber for making the frame. This is a light drone. When folded down, the drone measures (182 by 132 by 33) mm, quite small as you can see.

The camera

Primarily, the Passport is a camera drone. But as many a Hover Camera Passport reviews will show you, it is not so much about the camera but about the technology that is behind this camera.

High-resolution videos are promised in many camera drones, but many also fail on the promise. However, the Passport can do 4k video recording at 30 fps, as well as 720 and 1080p videos, still at 30 fps! With a CMOS sensor, 78.5 degrees field of view, the 13MP camera is going to take perfect pictures and videos all the time.

The drone can run totally hands-free, following you, taking your photos and videos through the activation of the Owner Mode. In this mode, the drone flies on its own and it will record you as you hike, jog, run, cycle and even run.

Secondly, take only the photos and videos that you want. This drone has been built with technology that enables it to recognize your face. That way, you can wave at it so it starts recording or taking your photos. Face recognition means that the drone will only shoot the photos that you want even when you are in a crowded, public place. Get the photos rolling with a gesture mode, just wave your hand, and that is it.

Another feature that you will love in the camera is live video transmission. This happens through the responsive app that you can download to your smartphone and the video will be displayed on your smartphone screen in real time. The transmission distance is 20 meters which is good for the assurance of the highest quality videos. Transmission of video happens over WiFi connectivity.

This camera has its own flash, which you will find very useful for taking photos and videos in low light. However, this camera lacks a gimbal, which is responsible for stabilizing the camera and instead, it has a mono-axis swivel and digital stabilization features that it uses to take stable photos.


For your media, there is 32GB storage space. However, because of the regular firmware updates, it is always a good idea to back up your images and videos in case an upgrade erases everything. It is better to err on the side of caution when it comes to your media.

Batteries and flight time

No matter how high the quality of videos and photos that a camera drone shoots, if the batteries are of poor quality, you are not going to have a great time with it. The Passport comes with two lithium polymer batteries. When you hover the drone, it can last 10 minutes. When you fly it some, it can last slightly below 9 minutes and when you fly it in windy conditions, it can last a shorter time.

Charging time for the batteries is 42 minutes for one battery and 55 minutes when you are charging the batteries concurrently. You can buy additional batteries so that you have longer flight time at your beach or other vacation and keep shooting wonderful videos and photos for longer.

Body and face tracking feature

This is the reason why this is referred to as a self-flying drone. It will follow you around and take photos and shoot videos of you doing your activities in the park, on the beach or wherever you are. The company recommends that you set the hovering distance at 8 meters. So when you are walking and you stop suddenly, the drone also stops abruptly and then moves back to the set hover distance.

360-degree spin

You will love that you can capture photos and videos at 360 degrees. Just set the drone on orbit and you will be ready to get the best out of it.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I honestly love this drone more than other camera drones that I have had in the past. Among its strongest points is that you do not have to have your smartphone all the time as this drone will just follow you using the follow owner feature. Dalia G

I have found a drone that I can take with me with little or no hassle when traveling. I find it incredibly light and small, yet I am constantly amazed at its powerful videos and pictures. Frank M.

I think this is one of the safest drones in the market for hobbyist drone users. The rotors are protected within the cages thus minimizing any risk of a twig getting inside and breaking them. Erick C

Frankly, I think I will never get used to this drone following me around like that unprompted, but I love it all the same. I think the battery life is too short though. I timed it at 7½ minutes when I flew it at speed. Karen K.

Pros of Hover Camera Passport

  • The rotors are protected. This makes it a safe drone to fly outdoors when there is no wind.
  • No FAA registration is needed to fly the Passport
  • Sold with carry bag, charger, 2 batteries and other accessories
  • Can follow you in your car if you lock your face to it
  • Hovers steadily when there is no wind
  • High quality videos and photos
  • Good for traveling – weighs less than a pound

Cons of Hover Camera Passport

  • If you turn your head or body abruptly, drone may lose its lock
  • Honestly, battery life could be better
  • Does not have a gimbal

Who Should Buy Hover Camera Passport?

The Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Drone is a good companion for everyone who travels and loves to shoot photos and videos of their sojourns. People who need a drone that can last a number of years with consistency and the same quality in images and videos love the Passport. With high quality carbon fiber frame and caged rotors, regular firmware upgrades and other features, this drone will last a long time. As a multi-award winner, the Passport is going to give you good value for your money. Shoot good videos and images for you Instagram, YouTube and other social media accounts. Buy it if you are looking for a video or photo shooting drone for hobbyist use, for you and your friends but not for professional jobs.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Affordable price, good camera quality, accessories and durability are some of the main factors to consider whenever you are buying a drone. Now that you have seen what features to look forward to in this Hover Camera Passport drone review, you can buy it without hesitation, being assured you will get good value for your money. Although it is not good for flying enthusiasts, it will do what it was intended to and do it incredibly well too, and that is taking selfies!

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