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Review of Eluhito Drone for Kids

Eluhito Drone

The Eluhito Drone is an excellent choice for introducing kids to the world of drones. Packed with features and designed for beginners, it offers a fun and educational experience for children aged 8 and above. The drone comes with a 720p HD camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, and various flight modes, making it an exciting gift for young aspiring aviators.

Eluhito Drone Features & Technical Details

  • 720p HD Camera & FPV Functionality: The drone allows real-time video and photo capture through the connected app, enhancing the flying experience.
  • Extended Flight Time: Equipped with 2 modular batteries, the Eluhito Drone supports up to 15 minutes of flight, ensuring extended entertainment and learning opportunities.
  • User-Friendly Features: One Key Take Off/Landing, Altitude Hold, and Headless Mode make it easy for kids to operate. The three-speed settings cater to different skill levels.
  • Fun Functions: Throw to go, one Key Taking-off, circle fly, and 3D flips add an element of excitement, making it suitable for various occasions.
  • Safety Features: The drone is designed with a reliable protection guard to ensure the safety of both kids and the drone. This feature eliminates concerns about spinning propellers causing harm.
  • Additional Features: Tap Fly allows drawing flight routes on the app, enhancing the flying experience. Gravity Control enables flying the drone according to your smartphone’s tilt.

Eluhito Drone Pros

  1. Ease of Use: Simple controls and auto-launch function make it ideal for beginners.
  2. Affordability: Priced at around $50, it offers excellent value for its features.
  3. Durability: The drone’s design and additional propellers contribute to its resilience against crashes.
  4. Camera Quality: The 720p HD camera provides a good quality live feed and captures memorable moments.
  5. Extended Flight Time: The inclusion of two batteries ensures a longer flying experience.

Eluhito Drone Cons

  1. Limited Camera Adjustability: The camera angle cannot be adjusted, limiting the shooting perspectives.
  2. Outdoor Wind Interference: Users are advised to test the drone in an open space to avoid wind interference.

Eluhito Drone Easy To Control Drone For Kids

Who Should Buy this Drone?

The Eluhito Drone is perfect for kids aged 8 and above who are interested in exploring the world of drones. It’s an excellent choice for parents looking for an affordable yet feature-rich drone that prioritizes safety and ease of use.


In conclusion, the Eluhito Drone for Kids offers an exciting entry into the world of drone flying. With its user-friendly features, durability, and affordability, it’s a great option for parents seeking a drone that provides both entertainment and learning opportunities for their children.


I highly recommend the Eluhito Drone for parents looking for a kid-friendly drone that combines affordability with features. It offers a fantastic introduction to the world of drones and aerial exploration.


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