SIMREX X300C Review

Mini drones are winning the hearts of kids, beginner drone enthusiasts as well as the advanced drone pilots. The reason is that they pack so many features, just about the same as the big boy drones have. And of course, it shall not be lost on your that these minis sell at very affordable prices. With the most established names in the drone industry joining in to make awesome mini drones, these little beauties can only get better with time.

SIMREX X300C Mini Drone

SIMREX X300C Features & Technical Details

The SIMREX X300C is one of the best of the mini drones. When you see its features, you will see just why. In fact, many people are often confused about the classification/status of this drone when they see its features. The price is quite affordable too. Are the features any good? Let us explore that in the following section.

One of the best ways to tell whether you have a high quality drone is how it feels in your hands, and this one feels quite solid, you know, like it is good quality. It feels quite sturdy. The package that it is delivered with comes with a phone holder, controller, one battery (for the quadcopter), 4 spare props, 4 frames for protecting the propellers and a user manual.

This is a foldable drone. It is small and foldable and that is double benefit because it means you can carry it almost anywhere with you. It is light in weight, way under the FAA registration weight. Just buy it and get it ready for flying.

The SIMREX X300C has a HD camera for taking photos and video footage when you are flying the drone. It does not claim to take professional quality footage, but it is quite good for its size. While the field of view of the camera is also not too wide, it is a good one and you will enjoy the FPV on your smartphone. Just download the app on to your smartphone and once you install it, you will get to see what the drone is seeing as it flies.

It is very easy to fly this drone as it comes with simplified features. For example, it has headless mode, which means you do not have to worry about where the drone is facing. Just engage the headless mode and the drone will follow the controller. At the same time, it has one key take off and landing which simplifies the operation.

Different speed settings make this mini drone with FPV good for different users. It has high, medium and low speed settings. If this is your first drone ever, start on the low speed setting and advance as you learn more about flying drones.

To engage the hovering mode, yes, this drone has the altitude hold function, just fly the drone to the height that you want. You can then release the throttle and the drone will hover at that height, taking photo footage.

When using the controller or the smartphone for flying the drone, you will find that both of them can use the gravity sensor mode. Thus, when you swing the controller to the left, the drone starts flying to the left and so on. It will follow the movement direction of your hands.

The battery lasts about 7 minutes. Again this is expected of many drones of this size and within this price range. The battery is removable, so you can perhaps buy a spare battery and double your flight time. The charging time for the battery is 60 minutes but note that you can only use the original cable for charging.

Note that this drone has been designed with the 6-axis gyro flight control system, which makes it fly stable in the air. However, this does not mean that the drone can fly well in windy conditions. Only fly it in stable conditions.

The flight range is between 30 and 45 meters. The fun features include 360-degree rolls and flips while in flight at the touch of a button. Should you lose sight of the drone in flight, just engage headless mode and it will find its way to the controller.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I love the SIMREX X300C because of its small size. It fits in the palm of my hand. I am yet to fly it outdoors but I am proud of the way it handles itself indoors. Gerry L.

This is my first drone to buy. I wanted it so that I can learn how to fly and then buy a medium sized one. As a beginner I found it a bit hard to start flying it but then I learned the ropes and now I can fly it on high speed setting. I am not sure I want to outgrow this drone. Hector J.

I bought this drone for my son on his thirteenth birthday. He has been having a blast with it, and has already gone though two propellers. I hope it holds up. Rob W.

As the owner of several other drones, I bought this one just for its low price. It stayed a couple of months on the shelf before I tried flying it. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it handles in the air. Jeni H.

I have tried using the 720P camera and the pictures are alright – nothing extraordinary about the footage. In flight, this drone handles like a dream for its size, and the white color is quite striking. Overall, this is a nice drone. Mariah D

I have been looking for a spare battery for this drone. I have written to the manufacturer and I hope they will get back to me soon. Apart from that, this drone has exceeded all of my expectations for it. Daryl K.


Pros of SIMREX X300C

  • It is small enough to carry with you when traveling
  • Spare propellers and frames for their guards are a good addition
  • Many advanced features like altitude hold, 360-degree flips and rolls
  • Stylish and good looking
  • Built to withstand crashes
  • Can do fun flips and rolls
  • Shoots good images and videos bearing in mind the low resolution
  • Sold affordably
  • Foldable design is good for safe carrying


Cons of SIMREX X300C

  • Can be a bit hard for newbie drone pilots to fly for the first time
  • Battery can only be charged with the drone’s original cable


Who Should Buy The SIMREX X300C?

Although this mini drone is meant for beginners who want to cut their teeth in drone flying, anyone can buy it. It is a nice mini drone with FPV and other advanced features. If you would like to buy affordable gifts for some of your loved ones in the holidays, this drone makes a good gift that can leave a lasting impression on the minds of the recipients. If you are a drone collector, the SIMREX X300C would find a nice place in your collection of drones. For its price, you will get more than enough value for that money. However, at the end of it all, you will agree that indeed, you bought a good drone.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Sold at a very affordable price and with many advanced features to boot, there is no reason why you should not buy this drone. It will give you good value for money and the good thing is that it does everything that the manufacturer says it can do. If you are a beginner drone hobbyist or an advanced drone user, buy this one without hesitation. You will have fun flying it indoors or outdoors. There are many mini drones with FPV but the SIMREX X300C is among the best of them.

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KINGKONG/LDARC Fly Egg 100 Review

Choosing a racing mini drone is hard for the first time because most popular racing drones are superb in construction, features and even performance. For those reasons, you might get the wrong perception about the KINGKONG Fly Egg 100 micro quadcopter racer because of its diminutive size and odd shape. However, do not miss this opportunity to buy a fun-packed racing drone that will give you good value for money. LDARC is not a new name in the drone market. Their products have earned their place in the market through hard work.

KINGKONG LDARC Fly Egg 100 Image

KINGKONG/LDARC Fly Egg 100 Drone Features & Technical Details

When you order this drone, it will be shipped packed in a secure, clear plastic lunch box. This looks a bit absurd, but you will be glad for it later as you will use it to hold the small parts that could otherwise be at risk of getting lost.

The most outstanding features of this drone include its shape, enhanced by the aluminum arch that encases the drone interior components. The body is ruggedly and sturdily built to last a long time. It is made of the aluminum and the frame is made of carbon fiber. The weight is just perfect for a drone made for racing. It weights 65g when it does not have the battery.

The KINGKONG Fly Egg 100 racing mini drone has an FPV camera with a wide angle of view, which is 150 degrees. This is big considering that many other drones come with a smaller field of view. The camera is good quality and the first person view that you will get will show you that. Capture good video and photo footage with the CMOS 800 TVL camera. The lens angle is adjustable too.

The drone uses 2S and 3S lithium polymer batteries. For its size (with a propeller base of 100mm), this drone is heavy. For flight time, the battery lasts about 4 minutes. That is short, but with some basic engineering skills, you can attach a bigger 3S battery for a longer flight time. The charging time is 60 minutes and the drone does not come with a charger so you will have to get your own. You do not have to rely on the stock batteries. You can find other compatible varieties in the market and buy them for a longer flight time.

This drone uses brushless motors. The exact replacements can be a pain to find in the market, but you get to enjoy the benefits of using brushless motors. Some of the things that you can look forward from such motors include reduced noise levels, flying for a long time without need of maintenance and they last a long time.

It uses a FlySky – FS-RX2AReceiver, one of the most advanced in the market. It is a dual receiver that is made for controlling fly-crafts with many rotors. It is also a small receiver and light in weight. This drone also works well with the Flysky FS-i6s remote. Everything comes pre-installed, so it does not take a lot of time to get this thing to fly especially if you have handled drones before.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

At the beginning, I found this drone a bit hard to start flying but I eventually got around to it. I do not think I would recommend it for a beginner who just wants a plug-and-fly kind of drone. George W.

I love flying this drone. However, I am yet to test the FPV function but LDARC, formerly KINGKONG quads have always been good, living up to their promise. I also intend to fly this one outdoor and see how it behaves. Jordan K.

I crashed this drone into a tree and with my heart in my mouth, I thought it would be a write-off. However, only two propellers were broken. The carbon fiber frame remained intact through the crash. Tim H.

I bought this drone for my son from since the recommended age is 14 years and above, and he is 15 going 16. We could not figure out how to fly it but he eventually did on his own with help from a couple of YouTube videos. He loves it. Juliana W.

I have been able to fly this drone for up to 150 meters at high speed before the buzzer went off loud – low battery. The FPV footage is quite good. Eli W.

First, I bought a Fly Egg 130. I loved it so much that I even ordered the Fly Egg 100. I love the sturdy construction of these drones and I plan to keep both for a long time. Justin B.

KINGKONG LDARC Fly Egg-100 Picture

Pros of KINGKONG/LDARC Fly Egg 100 Drone

  • Camera quality is quite good
  • Sturdy construction makes the drone survive crashes
  • The price is affordable
  • The aluminum arch makes it look stylish
  • Has nice LED blinkers
  • Brushless motors need minimal maintenance
  • Low noise levels when in-flight
  • Detailed user manual
  • It flies very well and fast too


Cons of KINGKONG/LDARC Fly Egg 100 Drone

  • The flight time is quite short
  • Can be a bit complex for beginners to figure out
  • Few helpful reviews available for this product


Who Should Buy KINGKONG/LDARC Fly Egg 100?

Anyone can buy this racing mini drone. LDARC are known for their advanced mini drones. Looking at reviews on YouTube, you will think that figuring out how to fly these drone is rocket science but it is not. Once you read the user manual, everything starts falling into place nicely, even matching the frequencies. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced drone pilot, you should love using this drone.

Conclusion and Recommendation

For the affordable price, the high speed, good video and photo footage as well as the sturdy build that makes this drone able to withstand crashes, you should buy it for fun. There aren’t that many racing mini drones in the market, but LDARC has carved a niche for itself and they are doing everything possible to ensure that they give their customers only the very best. You can buy the LDARC Fly Egg 100 without hesitation.

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Which Drone is Right for You?

Buying drones shouldn’t really be an arbitrary exercise. If you are willing to invest in these unmanned vehicles soon, then you should be prudent enough to acquaint yourself with the fact that drones are primarily classified into the following types based on the “types of users” they are designed for. If you still aren’t sure then make sure you are going through the following primer.

Learning about the Types of Drones: Determining which one is Right for you!

What you need to understand is that different people are trying to do different things with drones. What a photography drone does – a toy drone cannot really do! What a racing drone will cost, a beginner’s drone will cost much less. Here are further details.

Beginners’ Drones

We will start off with beginners’ drones here. These drones are backed by shorter flight times and ranges. They can be flown easily and are backed by a sturdy make – so that they are capable of surviving minor clashes. The spare parts are low priced and easy to find. As their name suggests, these drones are actually meant for beginners.

These drones are actually recommended for those who are willing to fly just for fun. These models are cost-effective and are great if you are just willing to experience what flying drones is actually like. You can take basic videos and pictures with them – not the high-quality ones.

Best Drones For Beginners 2018

Toy Drones

These lightweight drones are designed to fly indoors safely. They are difficult to fly outdoors—thanks to their basic technology and size. It’s the wind which causes the initial struggle. A few models are backed by cameras as well but they are suited only for taking low quality images. The more expensive camera drones are of course designed for high quality videos and images.

Hobby Drones

If you are a hobbyist when it comes to drones then you can invest in the Hobby Drones. They are durable and backed by slightly advanced features than what the basic drones have. It would be apt to claim that these drones are not meant for beginners but for the ones that already have some sort of experience with drones. On the other hand, they are not really meant for the advanced flyers or users as well.

Racing Drones

Racing Drones are also called tiny quadcopters that are actually deemed suitable for forward flight and are designed to race or compete at various drone events like FPV (first-person view) racing. They ensure great speed and agility. The interchangeable parts end up impacting speed, acceleration and control in a major way. You need to know about the high-performance controllers in order to maneuver your speed. The camera-backed drones are used by pilots to control the drone.

Best Racing Drones 2018

Photography Drones

The photography or Camera drones are more expensive than toy or beginner drones. They are heavier and more complicated in terms of designs as well. You can take them to parks, take selfies and end up obtaining bird’s eye view of your surroundings. The top-tier photography drones even require two professionals —one to fly the drone and another to control the camera.

If you are willing to invest in a photography drone then make sure you’re checking its camera quality      and video resolution. Find out whether it has a fixed camera or a gimbal camera. Obstacle avoidance (facilitated by the obstacle sensing feature), automated flight modes and longest flight times are just a few of the advanced features backing these drones.

These drones are perfect for videographers and photographers who are looking to take the quality of their work several notches higher. The high-tech, long-range drones can be relied on – for difficult tasks.  DJI Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 for example support 4k video and have special features like image stabilization and obstacle avoidance.

Professional Drones

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What could be better in a drone that is going to cost you less than $100 and offer you 20 minutes of flight time, with one battery? You guessed just right; nothing! Not when it comes to the world of drones. From our earlier reviews, you can see how flight time increases with the cost and complexity/advancement of the drone. However, the REDPAWZ VISUO XS809S drone brings this to the table, and many more features.

The VISUO XS809S is a product of the REDPAWZ Company, which was established in 2014. Their team of software and hardware engineers has been making fairly-priced drones like this one. It has mini drones for kids too, very affordably priced and with fantastic colors and features.

The VISUO XS809S drone with FPV is a beginner drone, but anyone, even the advanced drone pilots can have fun taking aerial footage with this drone.


Here is its review in more detail:

REDPAWZ VISUO XS809S Drone Features & Technical Details

Physical features

This is a delightful mid-sized mini drone that measures 17.3 by 17.3 by 2.6 inches with the arms unfolded. When the arms are folded, the drone measures 17.1 by 5.1 by 2.6 inches. It is not exactly a small drone for traveling, but it is not too big either. At a weight of 160g only, you do not need to register this drone with the FAA. Just buy it and fly it!


This is a very simple to fly drone. With just one key, you can make it fly or land. This makes it simple to operate for beginners. When you press the key, the drone will do one of two things – takeoff or land depending on what it was doing before you pressed the key.


This is an affordable camera drone with a 720 HD camera. With a wide field of view of 120 degrees, this is quite a big one and it does shoot good footage too. It has a slot for your mini SD card so you just have to buy one. It can support a big capacity card, but you can transfer the footage to your computer if you have a smaller SD card. For stability when shooting video and photo footage, this camera has been equipped with a 6-axis gyro so that even when the drone is a little unstable in the air, the camera stays stable.

Battery and flight time

The VISUO XS809S quadcopter is one of the cheap drones with long flight times. It is powered by a 3.7V 1800mAh lithium polymer battery, which charges fast in 60 minutes only. The flight time is an impressive 20 minutes. You can also buy a spare battery so that you enjoy flying the drone much longer. The distance within which you can control the drone with the controller is 80 to 100 meters.

Smartphone control

The controller has a smartphone holder. Thus, you can download the XSWUFO app into your device and then you can do three things with your smartphone:

  • Enjoy a First Person View while the drone is flying and taking aerial footage
  • Draw a flight plan on your smartphone for your drone to follow
  • Engage gravity and lean your smartphone whichever way you want the drone to go

Headless mode

This feature has become fairly common such that almost every drone has it today. It helps when you are taking photographs from the air. The drone can fly sideways or backwards in addition to flying forwards in the direction that the nose faces.

360-degree flips

Some features, such as the 360-degree flips are included in drones for fun. With just a touch of the thumb on the key that controls this feature, you will be able to perform these awesome rolls in four directions. For such a good-looking, affordable camera drone to come with features such as this one, you know your money is well invested.

Altitude hold

The altitude hold function in any drone enables you to fly the drone to a certain height and then hold it there as you capture videos and photographs.

The controller

It uses three AA batteries. You will find their compartment on the underside. The button on the right can be used to fly the drone to any direction. For example, you can push it to the right to fly the drone to the right, left for left, towards you to fly the drone backwards and away from you to fly it forwards.

The button on the left side of the controller can be used to make the drone take off, to rotate it clockwise and anticlockwise.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I love the bold look and the performance of this drone. It is one of those products that you get and you find that everything is perfect for you. Flight time is good, camera is good, the foldability and even the price. Zachary P.

I almost mistook the controller for an Xbox controller. It is good looking, light in the hands and performs very well. As a drone enthusiast, I just thought this drone was too good to miss in my collection and now, I am so glad I bought it. Chris M.

I bought this drone for my son after we watched a movie titled Drone with him. We have been having fun together and it is almost hard to know to whom it really belongs because we love flying it whenever we can find the time. John E.

I had read that this REDPAWZ VISUO XS809S battery lasts 20 minutes and I thought it was just hype. I was pleasantly surprised when the battery lasted 18 minutes. Karim H.

Bought it online and it was delivered with two batteries, a nice looking controller and other accessories. I have only flown this drone once but I was very happy with the flight time and the pictures I took. Meg C.

I fly this drone frequently outside, taking footage of my toddler daughter learning to walk, hugging our dogs and everything. I love the video footage and I can’t wait for her to grow up so I can embarrass her in front of family and friends with these videos. Robin H.


Pros of REDPAWZ VISUO XS809S Drone

  • Impressive battery life and flight time
  • Many features that are only found in advanced drones
  • Fast charging time
  • Foldable for easier packing
  • Has green and red LED lights
  • Camera actually produces good footage
  • Easy to fly even for total beginners
  • Has a return to home feature

Cons of REDPAWZ VISUO XS809S Drone

  • It does not have obstacle avoidance sensors
  • If it crashes into an obstacle, the battery drops out
  • Big, not possible to carry it in your jacket pocket

Who Should Buy The REDPAWZ VISUO XS809S Drone?

Because of the advanced features that you will find in the VISUO XS809S drone, anyone can use it and have fun. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced drone pilot, this one should be a good investment for you. If you are a videographer and you are looking forward to buying a good, professional drone for your business, you might as well have a firsthand experience of what a real drone feels like.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With so many advanced features, one would be forgiven for thinking that the VISUO XS809S would leave a huge dent in their pocket, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is an affordable drone with the best features. It has its flaws for sure, but you know it is a good drone if the pros are more than the cons. You will never regret buying this affordable camera drone.

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EACHINE E58 Review

If you have been searching for the best budget camera drone, well, your search ends now, with the EACHINE E58 drone. It is a Mavic Pro lookalike, but it is no Mavic at all, so do not get that mixed up. As a beginner drone pilot, you need something that you can crash and it comes though without a scathe. It is preferable to always start with a cheap drone that can take all the abuse meted on it. However, since the EACHINE E58 is equipped with a camera, you can shoot some aerial footage, both photos and videos.


Here is a deeper looker at the features of this drone:

EACHINE E58 Features & Technical Details

This is a small and foldable fun drone that is recommended for people looking forward to flying their first drone. For a very affordable price, you will have this drone. It is a perfect travel drone that can fit in your coat pocket when you want to fly outdoors. It is a lightweight drone which surprisingly looks and feels quite sturdy in your hand.

The EACHINE E58 is also one of the cheap camera drones in the market. The 720 HD camera has a wide angle of view of 120 degrees. While this camera is not designed to pan around, it does move/tilt up and down in 90 degrees. That means that you can leave it pointing forward to take footage of whatever is ahead of the drone. You can also tilt the camera so that it faces downwards such that the drone captures footage from underneath.

This drone has a first person view (FPV) that allows you to see what your drone sees as it flies. You will connect your smartphone to the drone through Wi-Fi for live transmission. Of course connecting the phone gives you more functionality from the drone than using the controller alone. To enjoy the FPV, download the JY UFO app into your smartphone.

This might be a budget camera drone but it still packs some incredible features such as the altitude hold feature. You just have to decide on a certain height and lock it in on the drone. Just press the altitude hold button and the drone will hover at that height and shoot footage from it.

Flying the drone is so easy even for total newbie pilots. It has been designed with one button takeoff and landing. You can even land the drone without using your hands. If you should notice that it is on a collision course with any obstacle, the emergency landing button comes in handily. Just press it and the drone lands.

For safety, the drone controller has an emergency landing button as discussed above. It has been designed with an automatic return to home feature. Just press it and the drone turns to fly back to the controller. It also has headless mode, which means that the drone flies sideways, backward and forward, irrespective of where the nose is facing.

The EACHINE E58 drone can do 3D rolls. When the reviews say that this is a fun drone, they do not kid because that is true. This a fun feature.

For the storage of your footage, there is a microSD card slot at the bottom of the drone. Just insert the SD card and press it into place. However, you may also store footage in your smartphone and share it with your friends and family almost immediately.

Flight time is about 7 minutes, quite the average for many drones in this price range. You can buy extra batteries for longer flight time. The drone has a pair of white shining lights at the front. If the battery drains low, these lights will start blinking. Time to bring it home.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I bought this one as a fun drone without expecting too much from it. I was pleasantly surprised that the camera captured footage that I could actually share on my social media networks with friends and family. Michelle R.

I am an experienced drone pilot and this is like my umpteenth drone. I bought it just for kicks and I must say it has been fun flying it. I am planning to give it away to a friend though. I have several other drones. Jerry G.

I know it is a cheap drone but when they say it has a 720P HD camera, then I expect good quality images and video footage. However, I find them a bit lackluster but I love the 3D rolls that this drone can do. Samuel Q.

Good drone. Did everything the manual said it could do. I have been flying the EACHINE E58 for some time now and I am quite impressed. Hassan A.

As my first drone, the EACHINE E58 took me some time to learn how to fly but once I did it, I found it to be great fun. I especially love the 3D rolls. Pauletta G.

EACHINE E5 Foldable Image-

Pros of EACHINE E58

  • Foldable drone for easy storage
  • No FAA registration needed – just fly it
  • Battery charges easily with just about any standard smartphone charger
  • Has bright LED lights at the front for flying in low light conditions
  • Has stable altitude hold
  • 2MP still camera shoots nice photos
  • Has a short learning curve for newbie pilots
  • Replaceable drone arm
  • One-button landing and takeoff

Cons of EACHINE E58

  • The camera button on the controller does not work
  • It performs poorly even in the slightest wind

Who Should Buy The EACHINE E58?

Although the features show the EACHINE E58 as a drone for beginners, it has some advanced features which make it a fun drone to fly even for the advanced pilots. You should buy the drone without fear in your mind. However, you should know what you will get. This is not a professional camera or racing drone. It is a beginner drone made for fun and casual use, and then later upgrade to a more advanced one.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With a replaceable drone arm, good features like auto hover, return to home, emergency landing and many more, this drone is quite a good catch for anyone. It is also sold affordably and it does take videos and photos. Thus, if you are looking for a small drone you can carry easily, the EACHINE E58 is a good budget camera drone.

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