SANROCK U52 Review

The availability of headless mode, gravity sensor, 3D flips and many more flight functions makes the SANROCK U52 one of the best quadcopters for beginner adults and kids. The price is also very affordable so you will not put a dent in your wallet even if you have to buy two of them for your kids.

While this seems like a decent camera quadcopter by many standards, it has its flipside like everything else. For example, if you are looking for an aerial camera, this might not be ideal because it has a resolution of 720P HD. We can definitely say that the camera could be better!

Apart from the camera and the obvious lightweight that such quadcopters come with, this is a good specimen especially for teens. If you are an advanced drone user, you will probably find the U52 too boring. But then, it is intended for beginners.


Dragon Touch DF01G Drone Review

If you want a drone that is going to hover more stably and take good quality photos and video, you need one with a pressure altitude hold function. The Dragon Touch DF01G drone comes with this, and many more functions. Besides, it also has good features especially considering the low price that you will pay for it. We shall look at all its features and technical details later.

In the past, we did a Dragon Touch DF01 drone review. The main difference is that the DF01G include GPS and have fail-safe features such as the smart return to home function when it loses signal, or the battery goes down.

There have been complaints of the remote failing to work from several people. It is good to be aware of the downsides so that you can amply prepare for them. Some users have also complained of the battery draining too fast.

Overall though, if a product has more pros than cons, we assume it is good enough.

Dragon Touch DF01G Drone

Ruko U11 Drone Review

When you order the Ruko U11 drone, you should check that the package comes with the drone itself, 2 1200mAh batteries, a transmitter, charging cable, screwdriver, 4 spare blades, a user manual and a carry case.

If you are looking for a good quality aerial camera for selfies, travel footage and other, get the U11. It is designed for just that and it will not cost you too much. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced drone user, this aircraft comes with good features and functions, considering the price.

At the same time, you should be aware of a couple of issues that you are likely to encounter with this quadcopter. First, this is a very lightweight drone, so it feels a bit fragile.

Of course, this is to be expected partly from the small weight of less than 300g. Therefore, no matter what the manufacturer promises, avoid taking it out in any kind of wind. It can fly away and never return or worse, it will crash into things in your backyard because it will be hard to trim it.

Although it appears to be isolated, some people have also reported that the drone seemed to have a mind of its own and the motors would behave erratically.

Basically, while these are issues that you can live with, it is good to be aware of what might … or might not happen.

It is not all doom and gloom though because this aircraft has some good features, as you will see in the upcoming section.
Ruko U11

ORRENTE Drone Review

Though largely unheard of, you would do well to consider getting the ORRENTE drone for adults. You would think that choosing a toy class drone for adults is simple, but it is not. When you have so many such small aircrafts to consider, you need to do your homework well before buying one.

Price is not a big deal with this quadcopter because it is very affordable. However, there is much more involved in choosing a quad than price.

You must consider the features, the automatic functions that assist with flight and photography as well as the battery life. In addition, you must also consider the downsides of the aircraft to see whether you can live with them.

From what many users say, this is a small drone, but it performs very well. Of course, with the mini drones, you can always expect erratic performance when there is even the smallest breeze. Therefore, make sure you fly it when there is no wind, in a wide-open space.

Tomzon D65 Drone Review

In this Tomzon D65 drone review, we are going to find out its features and technical details, its automatic flight functions, design and build quality and many more things.

We are going to see whether it is worth spending money on, and what kind of user it is best suited for.

As usual, we like to throw a spanner into the works before we can delve into the full review. So, what are some of the negatives that you can expect from this beginner drone?

First, the user manual is so poorly written, which can make it a bit hard for a beginner to get started.

Secondly, getting the 5G connection just right can be quite a bother since the instructions don’t help that much.

Despite those downsides, it is still a good aircraft for a beginner. You can always upgrade to a more advanced one in future.

Keep reading as we explore what the Tomzon D65 is made of:

Tomzon D65 Image