JJRC A353GW Review

When you see the price of the JJRC A353GW drone, the first thought that comes to your mind is that they don’t come cheaper than this.

It is rare to find a cheaply priced quad coming with features such as a 4K camera. However, the times are changing and forward-thinking drone makers like Potensic, DJI, JJRC and others are now packing more features into toy-class quads.

JJRC makes some good models and this one does not disappoint. However, it is hard to tell what a quad packs unless we examine the features and the flight functions that it comes with. We shall be finding out whether this drone truly has a 4K camera, among other things.


JJRC X16 Review

You may order the JJRC X16 drone with one, two or three batteries, of course at different prices. However, even if you go for the one with three batteries, you will find the price fair considering the features that you get.

Some of the things that we shall explore in this quadcopter include the 6K camera. We shall find out whether it truly has 6K resolution. Automatic flight functions are very important and this quadcopter has a good number of them.


DEERC D50 Drone Review

If you are an adult and you need a beginner drone to usher you into the game, you will find the DEERC D50 a good buy. It is one of the best beginner drones with camera for adults.

Many adults find the toy drones for children a bit unexciting. Besides, when buying the first quad, you want one that is not too boring. You want to be able to stick with it for several months before you can think of upgrading.

While the D50 has its downsides, it has exciting features and fun flight functions. There are issues with the way it flies. It is a bit jittery, you know, fails to keep a straight line, but you should be fine if you fly it in calm weather.

Another small issue with the drone is that the landing gear seems a bit unstable. Therefore, if you land it too hard, the landing gear might become loose.

It is not foldable, and it does not come with a case. Therefore, you will have to spend extra money to buy a carry-case.

Not to worry though! The pros are more than the cons, so it is a good quad to invest money on.
DEERC D50 Image

Eachine EX5 Drone Review

Many sources agree that the Eachine EX5 is modeled after the DJI Mavic Mini. However, the look and styling is just about all they have in common.

This quadcopter comes with a 4K camera, long battery life of 30 minutes and FPV transmission among others. It is also packed rich with automatic functions so that even beginner pilots can have a great time with it.

While this drone claims it comes with a 4K camera, it lacks a 3-axis gimbal for stabilizing the camera. In that case, it does not always take distortion-free footage.

This doesn’t mean it does not have a means of stabilization. It comes with electronic stabilization, but it is just never as good as a mechanical one.

There is no information about whether the drone has a micro SD card slot. Another downside is that it is not possible to adjust the vertical angle of the camera on the remote controller. There just isn’t a key for that function.

You can buy the 2.4G or the 5G WiFi versions of this quadcopter. The former has an image transmission distance of 200 meters while the latter can transmit over a distance of 1000 meters.

In the upcoming sections, we are going to see the features that the EX5 comes with, the design and build quality, battery, remote controller and many more.

Note: we are reviewing the EX5 2.4GHz version here.

Eachine EX5

CSJ X4 Drone Review

The CSJ X4 drone is available in three options or should we say with three camera choices.

First, there is the 2MP camera, secondly, we have the 4K camera and lastly, there is the 1080P. The 2MP is the cheapest one while the 4K one is costlier but even then, it still costs well under a hundred bucks.

By design, this slim quadcopter looks like the Parrot Anafi drone, which we reviewed earlier. This is further supported by the panoramic camera that can capture shots from incredible angles, which may be hard to do with other quadcopters.

It is also sold with its carry bag and its body folds down nicely so that you can have an easier time traveling with it.

As good as this cheap quad looks; there are a few things to mind. One of them is that the camera angle cannot be adjusted from the remote controller. Beats logic why you would include a panoramic camera yet not make it possible to adjust on the transmitter.

But it is what it is. Keep reading to see more features and its flight functions.