Scharkspark Thunder Review

Occasionally, there will be introduced a fantastic drone in the market, and by this we mean fantastic in all dimensions, from the looks, flight features and durability. Such is the Scharkspark Thunder drone.

In many resources, it is reviewed as one of the best drone for beginners. However, after reading this review, you will see that this drone is made for everyone who loves getting quality for their money. And talking about your money, this drone will not leave a dent in your wallet. In many of the online marketplaces, you will find that the drone costs less than $90.00. Going by the features that this foldable camera drone comes with, this is quite a steal.

Walkera F210 Drone Review

If looks in a drone matter to you, then the Walkera F210 is what you are looking for. The blue, black and orange color combinations make this drone look quite striking. It also has an aggressive look to it, quite masculine if you ask and many people love it for that. There is a reason why this drone looks so aggressive. It is a racing drone and it has many impressive features to boot.

Having come into the market in 2015 with the Walker F250, the F210 is a big improvement on the first one. Thus, it has many additional features that the first drone did not have. If you would love a racing drone, just buy this one.

But looks and racing power do not make a good drone. It takes many more things such as battery power, the flight features and in this age of first person view (FPV) and virtual reality (VR), the camera is also quite important. Besides, when you pay a price above $350, you really expect good return for the money. The good news is that the Walkera F210 3D Edition drone meets all of your expectations, well except regarding camera.

JJRC H72 Drone Review

Would you like to have a drone that starts when you toss it in the air? Many people love drones that come with innovative features. Now, with the JJRC H72, you too have an opportunity to own a small but extraordinary drone without breaking the bank.

For about $60, you will have the JJRC H72 drone. This is an excellent all-round drone that can do many things. One of them is that when you want it to fly, you just need to toss it in the air. Throw to launch drones are increasingly becoming common, but it is still a cool feature, one that many people cannot have enough of.

With a good number of incredible features and a great price, this is one of the most flamboyant drones.

This drone has many fun features. Fun is the reason why we buy drones, no? I mean, we are not in the military or in the business of collecting intelligence with drones. So, any consumer drone that has many fun features, you know, things like flips and 360-degree rolls, well, it is quite welcome.

But fun should always be combined with performance. And that is what the JJRC H72 offers you. You have fun, and you get a lot of usefulness from the drone. This means things such as taking awesome photos and videos, as we will discuss later in this JJRC H72 review.

UpAir 2 Ultrasonic Drone Review

There are drones and then there are awesome, stunning drones that not only look and feel special. The UpAir 2 Ultrasonic I 3D+4K is one such drone. As you will see in the latter sections of this Upair 2 Ultrasonic review, it has an admirable collection of features that give ultimate value for money.

With a camera that has three lenses, the main one being a 4K that is positioned in the middle while the other two are 2K full HD lenses, you know you will be able to capture quite awesome videos and photographs with the camera.

Of course, there are many more features to this drone. Everything about it, including the battery oozes quality. The manufacturer says that it is most suitable for grownups and kids that are at least 15 years old.

Altair Tomahawk Review

This drone looks incredibly good, you know, like a predator bird that you would see on a sci-fi movie. The tall landing gear, the nicely positioned camera and the shiny black color make it look really stunning. However, that is not all that there is to the Altair Tomahawk. Just as it looks so good, it also have many advanced features for flying that you will find very impressive. Rarely do you find such an array of advanced features in a beginner drone, but this one has them all. It is also easy to fly it, even for newbie pilots. This drone is good for kids, adults, and pilots of all skill levels.