MJX Bugs B7 Drone Review

If you are looking for a quality camera drone within the price range of $200, you could consider buying the MJX Bugs B7 drone. This is a 2020 release, so by the time of writing this review, it was still pretty new. However, new or not, you really do not want to buy a drone without knowing something about its features and flight performance. From different resources, you can tell that MJX makes good quality yet affordable consumer drones.

The B7 drone looks really sleek and well-built. However, until you test it you will never know. Therefore, in this review, we are going to explore the features and the flight functions of the drone.

MJX Bugs B7

JJRC X12 Review

The JJRC X12 is one among many powered toys made by JJRC, which is in China. If you check on their website, you will see that they bring a wide range of products in different categories. These include stint cars, RC helicopters, vehicle/drone/boat all rolled into a nice 3-in-1 remote controlled toy, RC intelligent robots and many more. Their line of drones is truly captivating for many adults. They include X7, X3P, H78GH78G, X9 and others.

Released in the last quarter of 2019, the JJRC X12 is a good buy for people that want to experience using a GPS camera drone. In many X12 reviews, they say that this drone is a Mavic Air lookalike. However, is its flight performance as good as that of the Air?

While no two drones can look and perform exactly the same way, consumer drones continue to mimic each other in features and flight functions. Of course, as this review progresses, we will see all these and more. Among some of the things that you should look forward to include a folding design, brushless motors, long battery time and many more. Keep reading!

JJRC X12 Image

DJI Mavic Air 2 Review

Since the establishment of the DJI drone making company in 2006, they have been pursuing perfection in consumer drones. Today, they are the biggest producer of consumer drones. Among their flagship products, the Mavic Air stands tall, so tall that they had to release a Mavic Air 2.

Available for preorder by early May but set for official release for mid-May 2020, enthusiasts expected it to be much better and more advanced than its predecessor the Mavic AirMavic Air, which we reviewed here some time back. Some of the outstanding features of the first Air were the 4K camera and the Active Track system that collected data for the surroundings. Read on to see what the second Air comes with and whether it is worth the price at which they sell it.

DJI Mavic Air 2

LEAD HONOR X46G Drone Review

If you are looking for a consumer drone to travel with and use its surround flight mode, trajectory flight and other functions so that you can capture “broader” memories, you may consider going for the LEAD HONOR X46G drone. From looks alone, you can see there is a lot to write home about. However, most of the fun is in exploring the built-in flight functions and it comes with its fair share of these.

The manufacturer claims that this is a 4K camera drone. However, from experience, you know that the video and photo resolution that you will get hardly gets to that level. That aside, this is a good drone by build, flight and even the price is not too bad. Learn more about it in the upcoming sections.


L109-S MATAVISH 3 Review

Is the L109-S MATAVISH 3 just another sleek looking drone from China or there is more to it? Are all the claims that the manufacturer makes about this drone true?

Well, here, we are going to look at some of these claims and we shall be ascertaining whether this is true. Among some of the things that we shall look at here include the performance of the drone, the camera (which zooms) and some of its flight functions. Keep reading so you can see whether this drone is worth spending more than $150 of your hard-earned money on.

But first, see the features of the L109 so that you can see what you will be buying into: