FQ777 F8 Monster Drone Review

The FQ777 F8 GPS 5G WiFi FPV drone is sold with the option of one, two or three batteries. This is a real monster. Looking at its  features, it is possible to see why. With anti-shake shooting feature, brushless motors, long flight time and incredible build, this drone is quite a steal considering its affordable price.

The camera quality is excellent thanks to the high resolution and the stabilizing features. With such features, you may even use this camera drone for professional photo jobs, or perhaps just use it as a backup camera for your professional video and photography gigs. Keep reading as we explore more of the drone’s features in the upcoming sections.

Something to note: This drone is marketed as a 4K camera drone. However, it is really not a 4K. The video resolution is more like 2K.
FQ777 F8 Drone

Funsky 913 Drone Review

The Funsky 913 drone is more than just a toy. It is an exceptional drone that gives a good flight performance and time. Despite its diminutive size of 4.7 by 5.5 by 2.1 inches. This is also a camera drone and it shoots nice videos, at 1080P resolution. If you are looking for an overall, well-rounded drone for fun as well as some family photos and videos, you can get this one. It is also FPV enabled and so you should have a great time flying it over different places as you watch videos in real-time.


Best Fishing Drones

Using drones for fishing purposes gaining more and more popularity these days. The main use is for dropping the bait far from the shoreline. Basically, it’s giving the Fishermen the ability to drop their baits deeper in the sea and drop it on more populated waters including identifying the fishes from above (using the drone camera) and drop the bait directly on them. Also, it gives the fisherman the ability to follow the fish after being caught till reaching to the shore line.

How does it work?

You are connecting the drone to the fishing pole line with the bait and using the drone to deliver the line from the beach and drop the bait remotely in the sea.

Here is one of the best drone fishing attachment is the Sky Rigger. Here is how it work:

You can build simple and cheap dropping mechanism on your own like the example on the video below

Eachine EX4 Drone Review

You can tell whether a drone will give you good value for money from the first impression. For the Eachine EX4 drone, it is love at first sight. You will see when it is delivered to you. It comes in a good carry case with zippers for security and carry handle at the top. But that is not all! To protect the drone, all the parts are enclosed in foam padding. This ensures that even if you drop the case, the drone or remote controller does not suffer from the shock.

You will also love the physical features of this drone and its flight performance. It also has a good number of automatic functions that make flying it fun. As you will see in the upcoming parts of this review, this drone offers quite a lot in terms of flight time, durability and usability.

Eachine EX4

Drones With Return To Home Feature (RTH)

Return to home (RTH) is an important safety feature for drone pilots on any level. It helps the pilot to bring the drone to safe landing. With the RTH feature you can enjoy flying you drone without being worried that it will crash if the battery is drained or get lost in case it flies out of range.

There are 3 types on Return to Home:

Battery Low RTH – When the drone battery reaches to critical low battery level – the drone automatically returns to home point.

Signal Loss RTH – When the drone lost its connection with the controller. On DJI drones its call “Failsafe RTH”

One Key RTH – when RTH is triggering manually using special key in the controller. Currently most of the drones (even drones under $100) comes with this feature and it’s highly important for beginners.

Please read the drone manual to see how to set your home point and the return to home altitude (to avoid obstacles when using the Return to Home feature).

Best Drones With Return To Home Feature Costs More Than $1000

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