Potensic D80 Review

2018 was a great year for drone enthusiasts. This is the year when the Mavic 2 was released. Other additions to the industry released in this year included the Halo Stealth Pro, Parrot Anafi, Autel Evo and others. How will 2019 turn out? That remains to be seen. However, if you need the best drone for adults, you can go for the Potensic D80 GPS FPV RC drone.

It was designed with futuristic outlook as it incorporates many features that even the drones of 2020 will have. It is affordable and it is good for both beginner and advanced drone enthusiasts. However, please note that this drone is best for adults.

Potensic D80 Features & Technical Details

The Potensic D80 quadcopter is a camera drone, with a 1080P camera that takes good video and photo footage. You will need a memory card to store your footage so that you can transfer it to your computer later. However, you can also view the footage in real time on your smartphone. Just use FPV mode, which connects through the 5.0 GHz module. It brings you 1080P transmission over a range of 500 meters maximum.

About design and construction, this is a brushless motor drone, with four powerful motors. One thing about brushless motors is that they do not spoilt fast, need minimal maintenance and they fly quiet.

This is a fast drone, as can be expected from a brushless motor drone. It has a high flight speed at 25 mph. That is high, but it still takes good footage even at that speed. However, as a beginner, it would be better for you to start with a lower speed setting and then grow to a higher speed later.

With the controller, the control distance increases to 600 meters. This holds true unless there is a signal interference of sorts. Of course, with the dual-GPS feature, you need not worry about the safety of your drone as there is auto-return for low power and signal loss.

The battery of the Potensic D80 will last an impressive 20 minutes. This is much longer than the typical 12 to 15 minutes that most of the other drones in this price range last. Running on a 7.4V 1800mAh Li-Po battery, you can buy spare batteries and fly it for much longer than 20 minutes. Being a modular battery, you can charge it alone while you fly the drone with another. Charging time is long though at 5 hours.

With headless mode, this drone will fly in any direction. This is a very good feature for beginners. It means they do not have to figure which direction the nose of the drone faces. Just press the button for headless mode and the drone will start flying right away.

You can plot the route that you want the drone to follow on the smartphone. This leaves your hands free and gives you an exciting drone flying experience.

You will love using the one key landing and takeoff feature. Once you press that button, the drone takes off immediately and it rises vertically to a height of 15 meters and hovers there. If it is mid-flight and you press the button, the drone goes back to the launching point. Talking about hovering, the Potensic D80 also has hovering mode. It will stay at your preset level taking videos and photos.

Register the Potensic D80 with the FAA before flying it.

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Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

The Potensic D80 is a very advanced drone, no matter what the reviews say. I was not keen enough to set the speed properly and within a blink the drone flew out of sight. I stopped it by hitting the landing button. Jess P.

I have no regret after spending a couple of months with this drone. Even the long charging time, I feel that is well compensated for by the speed and other features. Tyrone G.

This is one of the best drones that I have ever flown. I felt that the price was way too high, but now that I have used it, I do not regret at all. I would buy it over again. Mickey Q.

With a top speed of 40 km/h, I love me a good thrill of speed whenever I can get it and this drone does it for me. I love the video quality too. I have used it to take some good footage around my yard. Neil W.

I found this drone a bit of a challenge to start flying but once I got the hang of it, I have never looked back. This is my second Potensic drone now. Trudie M.

Because of the brushless motors, this has been a good drone for close to a year. Never gets hot and there has never been any need for repair. However, I do not fly it too often. Franky G.

Pros of Potensic D80

  • It has powerful brushless motors
  • Long flight time of 20 minutes is impressive
  • Shoots good videos
  • Features like altitude hold, FPV and auto-return are pretty standard for Potensic drones
  • Long connection range for live video transmission
  • Long flight range
  • High speed flight performance at maximum 40km/h
  • Modular battery can be replaced
  • Has orbit mode which is good for selfies

Cons of Potensic D80

  • Charging time for the drone battery is quite long
  • Beginners may find it hard to fly the Potensic D80 the first time
  • Lacks obstacle avoidance system

Who Should Buy The Potensic D80?

The manufacturer recommended age for users of this drone is 25 years. This is a fast drone and therefore it is best suited for advanced drone pilots. However, for a cost of less than 300, you will never regret investing in it. If you are looking for a drone for keeps, this is it for you. It has many features, can fly quite fast, and is very stylish in design. The Full HD, 1080P camera shoots good footage.

Conclusion and Recommendation

To enjoy longer flight time with this marvel of technology, buy one or two spare batteries. The charging time for one battery is 5 hours. Set the speed first before you start flying the drone because it can take off so fast you would not know what happened. It is also recommended that you read the user manual of the Potensic D80 drone before you can start flying it. This is not called the best drone for adults for nothing. It is because of the high speed and performance.

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Holy Stone HS100G Review

Holy Stone is one of the most renowned drone makers in the market. They are known for making beginner as well as advanced drones with incredible fun and functional features. The reason why we think the Holy Stone HS100G is the best drone for teenager is because of its features.

For a teenager, the last thing that they want is a bland and boring drone. You also do not want one that is too complicated. Remember, this is the age where you are hanging in limbo, somewhere between childhood and adulthood. Therefore, a drone like the HS100G is good for a teen.

Holy Stone HS100G Features & Technical Details

It is a large drone

First, you will need to register this drone with the FAA before you can fly it. That should be pretty easy to do. The weight is 700 g, not too light but not too heavy for traveling with either.

This is a big drone measuring 50cm by 50cm by 17.5cm. However, even with the size and the weight, this drone is a lot of fun to fly.

Intelligent drone battery

The Holy Stone HS100G is powered by a 2500mAh battery, 7.4V and the charging time is anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. The flight time is 12 to 15 minutes. This is an intelligent battery, so you can monitor how it is fairing on your smartphone or on the controller.

Stylish remote controller

The 2.4GHz remote controller is stylish in design, very good looking too. It has a smartphone holder, the controls are very responsive. All functionalities such as return home, altitude hold, headless mode and others are found on the controller. However, you can also access these features in your smartphone. The video transmission range with the remote controller is 500 meters.

FPV mode via Wi-Fi

You can engage the first person view mode and get to enjoy the same view that you would if you were inside the flying drone. This is made possible by the 5G FPV Wi-Fi connectivity and transmission. The video transmission distance is up to 1600 feet. Compared to other drones in this size and price range, that is quite impressive.

GPS –assisted flight

Because of the GPS assisted flight, it is quite hard to lose this drone. We have had many instances where a drone flew away, never to return. Not the HS100G though. This one is designed to return home automatically once the battery goes low. If it loses signal, it will turn back and come back to where it was launched to flight.

FHD camera 1080P

With a Full HD 1080P camera, you know this drone is going to capture awesome moments when you are outdoors. It also has a wide field of view at 120 degrees. The 90-degree adjustable angle of the camera also helps you to capture all the moments that you see through the FPV when you are flying the drone.

Follow Me mode

You can set the drone on follow me mode. This sets the drone on a path after you, following every move that you make. This is a great way of having fun with a drone and at the same time, you can capture more moments with the camera.

Good beginner assist features

Whether you have flown a drone before, or this is your first, second or even third time, you will have incredible fun. The Holy Stone HS100G is made for both the fun and the functionality (the camera remember?). It is easy to fly thanks to flight features such as headless mode, one-key landing and takeoff, headless mode and of course, the safety features such as auto-return home. It is a nice drone for children, teenagers and adults alike.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I was looking for a perfect gift for my teenage son when I found this drone. Ok, I have had a couple of Holy Stone drones myself, so I did not need much convincing to by the HS100G. He has been having a lot of fun with the drone. Nana G.

I love everything about this drone. I wanted an affordable camera drone to record awesome moments with my kids. This one allows me to shoot awesome overhead shots, thanks to the 90-degree adjustable camera. Don W.

The only downside to this drone is the short flight time for one battery, that and the long charging time. Otherwise, everything else works as advertised. Chuck S.

If you are looking for a good drone for a beginner, go for the HS100G without hesitation. I did, and I have never regretted. In fact, I do not think I will outgrow this drone any time soon. Steve K.

How would you like to have a drone that lets you know the drone battery strength, the transmitter battery status and many more features, either on the controller or on the smartphone. Victoria M.

I am yet to use all of the drone’s features but I am planning to dedicate a whole afternoon to giving the drone a thorough test. However, from the little that I have done with it, it is worth all the money that you pay for it. Craig B.

Pros of Holy Stone HS100G

  • Auto return feature makes this drone very safe for beginners – hard to lose
  • Large and impressive drone
  • You can control the gimbal on which the camera sits on the controller
  • Enjoy FPV view
  • This drone is easy to fly for users at all levels of experience
  • For the price of the HS100G, I really think that it is quite affordable for a drone that is this big
  • Whether this is your first or your umpteenth drone, you will love the advanced features
  • This camera shoots captures good video footage and stills
  • Stylish and nice looking drone

Cons of Holy Stone HS100G

  • The battery charging time is too long
  • Short flight time for the battery
  • Can have a turbulent flight and landing in windy conditions
  • Needs to be registered with the FAA due to its size and weight

Who Should Buy Holy Stone HS100G

As you have seen in this Holy Stone HS100G review, this is a good drone for beginners, advanced beginners and advanced users. It is also the best drone for teenager due to its advanced features while not being too complicated at the same time. Anyone that loves a good, big and durable drone can buy this one and see that it is worth every dime paid for it. If you would like to gift your spouse, your son or any other man in your life, this drone is the best man toy to buy them.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With all the advanced features for this drone that we have discussed here, you can see that it gives good value for the money. All things considered, even the price for the drone is quite good. You should not pass the opportunity to own this drone. You can find out whether there is a spare battery so that you can increase the flight time. If the Holy Stone HS100G is your first drone, read the user manual carefully and start slow on it. You can try the more advanced features later after you have gained some skill flying this bird.

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How to Buy The Best Drones at Low Costs

Contixo F20 Review

If you have been looking for the best drone with camera under 300, you have come to the right place. The Contixo F20 drone is the perfect quadcopter for that price. It meets the needs of beginner, as well as advanced drone pilots. You see, it has so many features. But first, this is an aggressive-looking drone. You ask me and I would say that it looks like a predator or an attack drone. The green markings on the black body make the drone look stylish. But is that all there is to the drone? It is quite feature-packed as we have said.

Contixo F20 Features & Technical Details

Physical attributes

This drone weighs less than 1 pound, is black in color with green markings. It is sold preassembled, so you do not need to do much before you can have it in the air.

When packing the drone, you do not need to remove the propellers. That way, the drone is almost ready for flight when you get to your destination. It is also sold with a nicely padded carry pack. If you should drop the carry pack, there will be no damage to the drone from the impact.

Powerful brushless motors

Contixo makes many drones with brushless motors. Such motors are not only powerful, but they also have a low noise level. They also last longer than the brushed motors. You can fly your drone in the backyard without worrying that you will wake up your neighbors.

The drone camera

First thing, this is a camera drone. This leads us to the next feature – the first person view. To use this feature you have to download the Contixo app, which is free to download anyway. It is a seamless app and works smoothly with different mobile technologies. With this app, you can have a view of what the drone is seeing while in the air, just as if you were inside the drone.

This is a full HD, 1080P camera. Resolution is not the highest, but it is good for casual videos and photographs. This is an adjustable camera and the connection range through the 5GHz Wi-Fi is 300 meters.


You will love the GPS-assist flight that enables the drone to fly back home if the battery runs low. This feature also enables the drone to go on follow me mode so that it follows you around. You will love the hovering mode where you set the drone at a certain height and hold it there to shoot video footage from that level.

Battery and flight time

The Contixo F20 comes with a modular battery. What this means is that you can charge this battery when it is out of the drone. Thus, if you have a spare battery, you can use it while the first one is charging. The flight time for one battery is 15 to 20 minutes. The charging time for the battery is 180 minutes.

Flight features

On your smartphone, you can draw the flight path that you want the drone to follow. It will do that very well. You can also make the drone fly in a clockwise direction. Also called the Orbit Mode, you can have the drone circle around you shooting video footage. You can also do it to wow your friends out of their wits.


You can access every feature of the drone through the controller. It also has a smartphone holder for your FPV experience. Besides, the controller connection range is 600 meters. That is as long as they come.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

For the first time, I have no complaint about a drone. I love this one to bits and I do not think I will ever outgrow it. It is small but it can do impressive things. Lucy M.

I am a speed junkie. If it has a motor, I will push it to the maximum limit. This drone is fast at 60km/h and believe me, I have flown it at the highest speed. Sean H.

I have a large garden at home where I grow vegetables. I use this drone to patrol the garden, to scare away the birds so they do not destroy my vegetables. So far, it has been doing an excellent job. Edie R.

Good camera, light in weight, nice and responsive controller… what more could a person ask for? I love everything about this drone. If you ask me, I believe it to be very affordable. Bruce E.

The only regret I have about this drone is the long battery charging time. Even if you buy three spare batteries, you will still have to wait as the charging time is quite long, at 180 minutes. Everything else is perfect. Joe D.

I have flown my Contixo F20 in windy conditions and I loved how she handled herself. She is beautiful in performance and in durability. Vin R.

Pros of Contixo F20

  • Easy to fly even for beginners
  • Easy to download the app which works very well
  • Fast flying speed of 60km/h is quite a thrill
  • You can store your video and photo footage on an onboard microSD card
  • The camera is not great but it takes “consumable” footage
  • There are so many advanced flight features in this drone
  • Brushless motors are bound to last a long time
  • Uses modular battery so you can buy a spare one

Cons of Contixo F20

  • Short flight time – manufacturer says 15 minutes but in reality … 12 minutes
  • Modular battery takes too long to charge
  • Does not perform well in high speed winds

Who Should Buy The Contixo F20?

Anyone, as the drone is good for beginners as well as experienced pilots. You are set for quite a thrill when you buy this drone. The user manual is quite easy to follow and the drone is also easy to fly. It might not be able to do rolls and flips, but that does not diminish its value one little bit. If you want the best drone with camera under 300, this is it for you. It has almost all of the features that a $1000 drone comes with, save for the obstacle sensors and 4K camera.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With features like Orbit Mode, FPV, long control range of 600 meters with the controller and 300 meters on Wi-Fi, this sure seems like a very advanced drone. The price is affordable, camera takes footage of decent quality and the battery lasts a fair amount of time. If you buy this drone for yourself, a friend or family, it will be money well spent.

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Drone Backpack Buying Guide

You have just invested in your favorite drone – i.e. the exact model which you had always coveted. Now what? As you’re busy zeroing in on the locations that you are eventually going to capture through your photographs or videos—there’s another question that should prudently strike you! “How will you transport these drones safely to their locations?” You need a protective backpack to carry your drones to the desired destination (where you want to fly it). There are a few folding drones that might as well safely slide into a pouch or a regular backpack. However, most of the other models with highly advanced features would still need a dedicated backpack for complete protection.

Choosing the right backpack for your drone

Buying the right backpack for your drone is definitely not an arbitrary exercise. There is a lot which needs to be considered in this respect. While some of these backpacks are designed particularly for certain models, there are other backpacks that are great when it comes to carrying out on-field repair works. Are you looking for the best drone backpacks out there? Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you out.

Keep your Basics Right

Start off with the basics. The very first instinct would be to figure out whether the drone will fit into the bag or not. Other factors that you should duly prioritize are the overall quality of the carrying case, its build and make, configuration and of course – the strength of its straps. It – would – of course – be prudent on your part to look for a waterproof carrying case. Experts opine that even the waterproof models might as well be backed by controllers and a few accessories that are vulnerable to damage engendered by water.

Which drone do you Own?

Focus on the model that you’re flying. Here comes the need to find out about the “dedicated backpacks”. You need to take into account the factor that the form-factors of the quadcopters are undergoing significant advancements on a consistent basis. If you’re buying the Mavic Pro from DJI, for example, you are basically accessing a super-powerful drone in a collapsible compact package. It’s backed by a slightly larger than a 70-200 mm lens. So, a media creator looking forward to investing in this model should ideally check out backpacks designed for Mavic Pro (including the likes of DroneGuard BP200, DroneGuard BP250 and DroneGuard CS 150 among others).

Lowepro DroneGuard BP 250
The Larger Drones like DJI Inspire 1 and 2 cannot really fit into the regular backpacks. DroneGuard Pro Inspire is designed for those looking forward to carrying their drones on location. The smaller DJI Spark, on the other hand, will blithely fit into smaller bags and cases like ViewPoint BP 250 and DroneGuard CS 200.

The Medium sized drones can safely be carried in Drone Guard Pro 450, Drone Guard BP 450, Drone Guard BP 400 and Drone Guard CS 400 etc.

The Manfrotto Medium Gear Backpack is great for carrying the smaller portable drones and just a few other electronic additions like a camera.

DroneGuard CS 400

The Accessories

It should be noted here that it’s not only your drone which is going inside your bag but other accessories like spare batteries, displays/tablets, rotors, manuals and tools and other sensitive precision parts as well. So, make sure you are selecting a size in accordance.

Where are you Flying your Drone?

The nature of your trip should ideally govern your choice in this regard as well. The backpack especially designed for shorter, hassle-free trips are definitely not going to suffice when it comes to the longer more serious trips. For example, the DroneGuard Kit is perfect if you are just taking a modest walk or a short drive to the location. However, if you are hiking with something like a DJI Mavic Pro – you would definitely want something like a Drone Guard BP 250 or a Drone Guard BP 200 for safe carriage.

What happens when your drone needs a quick fix because you’ve broken a part of it? You can either choose to pack it up for the day or else choose to fix the same and continue flying. You can facilitate field repair by bringing along the tools you require. Choose cases that serve as handy workspaces and can actually help you repair your machines without really you losing those small screws or nuts.

Choose Something Customizable

You should also be prudent enough to select something which helps you customize whenever required. There are a few cases that are actually designed to accommodate quadcopters of variant shapes and different gear combinations as well.

The Best Places to Buy Drones Online

Potensic D60 Drone Review

The Potensic D60 is a moderately priced brushless motor drone. There are many benefits of using a drone with  brushless motors. One of them is that it tends to be quieter. Believe it or not, this is a big deal especially if you have neighbors close by and you intend to fly the drone in the backyard.

Another benefit is that brushless motors tend to last longer than their brushed counterparts. Besides, they also require minimal care and maintenance. When a drone uses brushless motors, it means that its speed is electronically controlled.

But having brushless motors is not the only thing to write home about the Potensic D60. As you will see here, this drone also has many other impressive features.

And this is not a surprise at all because the Potensic brand name is well known in the world of drones. They make long-lasting drones, which are worth every penny that you pay for them.

Potensic D60 Features & Technical Details

Physical features

When you receive the Potensic brushless motor drone package, make sure it has a battery, a charging cable, the drone itself, spare set of propellers, a controller and a user manual. With just those items, you are almost ready to start.

One of the main outstanding features of the Potensic D60 is the brushless motor. This makes the drone more powerful and quieter. You will also find that this drone rarely suffers a breakdown. It is the sort of drone that you buy for keeps, knowing that with good care, you will have it for a long time.

This is not a foldable drone. This makes it a bit awkward for traveling, but hey, it is easy to pack.


This is not only the best brushless motor drone in its category, but it also packs an excellent camera. This camera has a one-axis gimbal that you can operate by pressing and holding a button the top-right of the controller, made for just that function. What this button does is that it raises or lowers the gimbal allowing you to find the view that you want.

One thing you may not know about the gimbal is that when the drone experiences an unstable flight, it helps keep the camera as stable as possible.

Still on the camera, it is a 1080P in resolution. That tells you that Potensic are pretty serious about giving you some serious photos and videos. To make a good deal even better, you get 110 degrees field of view, quite wide if you ask me.

With a  first person view, you can get to share your video footage with friends and family on social media in real-time. You can also take stunning selfies.

Safety features

Apart from the sturdy build of the drone, you will also love the fact that this drone is able to return home if the battery should run low. Thus, you do not have to fear about the drone getting lost. Thanks to the GPS assisted flight, you can even have the drone follow you taking photos and videos around you.

The drone also has an auto-return feature. This means that when the battery runs out, or the connection is broken, the drone will return home. In this case, home is to the person holding the controller.

Altitude hold

To be precise, the optical altitude hold feature is very effective for this drone. You just need to set the height that you want the drone to hover at and it will stay very stable, shooting videos and photographs from that level. The drone also locks to a target without error.

Follow me mode sets the drone on the path following the person holding the transmitter. This ensures you take footage from all angles. You can also touch the Circle Me button on the right and the drone starts orbiting around the person holding the transmitter.

Battery and flight time

The Potensic D60 brushless motor drone uses a modular battery (1800mAh Li-po) that gives you a flight time of 20 minutes. The battery is easy to replace, so you can buy a second battery and double the flight time.

The flight distance is also impressive. For example, video and photo transmission distance is 300 meters, which is longer than most drones in this price range offer.

When the battery runs really low, the transmitter beeps to alert you, and you can press the return home button to bring your baby back home.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I own the Potensic D60 drone and I can say that this drone does everything that the manufacturer says it can do. Even the flight time is true as I have been able to coax a full 20 minutes from this drone. Felix Q.

There is no doubt in my mind that Potensic D60 is one of the best smallest drones one can buy. I find the videos a bit so-so but I love it. I intend to keep this drone for a long time. Zara S.

I have been searching for a nice gift for my husband and after reading reviews about the Potensic D60, I think I have found something that will leave a lasting impression. George P.

This was my first drone and I found the user manual pretty easy to follow. I would recommend it for beginners and experienced pilots alike as I have found all the features befitting. I have become quite the pro at flying drones. Dennis K.

I have crashed this drone a couple of times, a feat that my friend who is more experienced in drones says is “hard to achieve.” However, it has come through unscathed both times. Theo L.

After several months of flying this drone, I noticed that the battery started draining a bit faster, from the 20 minutes of flight time to 15 minutes. I really hope the flight time does not drop any lower than this. Phrabat S.


Pros of Potensic D60

  • Good flight time
  • Can fly really high, even more than 40 meters
  • Brushless motors are quieter, long-lasting and they do not heat up
  • Has many advanced features
  • Easy to fly even for beginners
  • Single axis gimbal works very well at stabilizing the camera
  • The app works seamlessly
  • Good quality camera for videos and photos
  • Alert for low battery so you can bring the drone home
  • Has a microSD card slot for storing your photos and video footage
  • Drone can be controlled through the app on your smartphone or on the controller

Cons of Potensic D60

  • It is a bit pricey
  • It is not a foldable drone
  • Video quality may not be as high as advertised

Who Should Buy This Potensic D60?

Everyone that loves a good drone that gives good value for the money should go for the Potensic D60. It has many incredible features, and the features work just as the manufacturer says they should. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced drone pilot, you will find that this not only the best brushless motor drone, but it is a very exciting drone to fly. If you aim to shoot some good photos and videos outdoors, buy this drone. The one-axis gimbal keeps the camera stable as the drone pitches up and down mid-flight.

Conclusion and Recommendation

There are many interesting things about this drone. You will be motivated to learn about how to calibrate the drone, how to set it up and by the time you are done, you will be good at it. With so many features and a long battery life, long distance video transmission range, this is one of the best brushless motor drones. You can buy one without hesitation knowing that you will get good value for you money.

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