Best Drone for Windsurfing / Kiteboarding Photography

Drones made huge change in Windsurfing photography. If in the past in order to shoot a professional windsurfing video there was a need to rent helicopter… with drones – this is not needed anymore.

What make drone to a good drone for Windsurfing photography?

• Ability to fly in strong winds

• High quality camera

• Long range

• Long flight time

• High speed

• Auto tracking / follow

The current best drone for Windsurfing photography are:

DroneDJI Mavic 2 ProYuneec Typhoon H PlusSwellPro Splashdrone 3 +
Max wind speed resistance 29-38KPH57KPH46KPH
Range8KM (4.9 miles)1.6KM (1 miles)1.6KM (1 miles)
Flight time 31 Min25 Min25 Min
Max Speed72 KPH70 KPH72 KPH
Check Current PriceDJI Mavic 2 PROYuneec Typhoon H ProSwellPro Splashdrone 3 +

DJI Mavic 2 Pro in action:

Yuneec Typhoon H Plus in action:

SwellPro Splashdrone 3 +waterproof drone in action:

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Detailed Review

SwellPro Splash Drone 3 Plus Detailed Review

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VISUO XS816 Drone Review

The Visuo XS816 drone comes with an optical flow sensor located somewhere below the camera. The essence of this is that it makes it easy to fly and hover the drone at a certain height. You can hover the drone steadily to capture distortion-free photos and videos. This is a camera drone and it comes with a high capacity battery. Of course, we shall look at these features and its flight functions in more details later.

Whether you want to fly the drone indoors or outdoors, it performs well. However, as happens with small drones, choose a calm time to fly it when there is no wind. But first, the technical features and details …


Shimu K7 Drone Review

The last few years have seen the drone market become saturated with all manner of beginner drones. The Shimu K7 is one such drone, almost perfect in every way. When we say perfect, we mean that it does what the manufacturer says it will do. The drone is sold at a very affordable price but at the same time, it has many good features. It also has many automated flight functions, something that we have come to expect with all beginner drones. We shall look at all of these features and flight functions in the upcoming sections.

Shimu K7 Drone

VOLANTEXRC Q1 Drone Review

In many instances, low price and high quality never go together, apart from drones. As you will see in this VOLANTEXRC Q1 drone review, it is perfectly possible to pay an affordable price and get good value for money.

Just by looking at this drone, you can tell that it is a high quality specimen. It has many features including but not limited to three speed modes, emergency stop, foldable design, FPV camera and others. Of course, we will review these features and flight functions one by one in the upcoming sections.


4DRC M1 Drone Review

Are you looking for a camera drone that can take high-resolution videos, is foldable and has a long flight time without denting your wallet? The 4DRC M1 drone is the answer to your dreams. If you are a professional photographer, you can buy this drone as your backup camera. It would be perfect for weddings and other occasions.

However, apart from the camera and flight time, many more things make a great drone. These include automatic flight functions. We shall look at many of these in the upcoming section. You will see just how well this drone has been put together. It gives you an exemplary flight experience.

4DRC M1 Drone