MJX B20 Drone Review

The sleek build of the MJX B20 EIS drone is quite appealing and it is the first thing that people notice when they see it.

However, MJX is known for making incredible looking quadcopters. Sometimes back, we reviewed the MJX B7 quadcopter. If you revisit it, you will see that it too is quite the looker.

But I digress … you see, looks alone do not make a good aircraft.

So, does the B20 EIS pack a good number of features and flight functions? How is its camera, performance and general reliability?

We shall be looking at some of these things in this review. We shall also look at any downsides that you should expect from this aircraft. Keep reading.


GD91 Pro Drone Review

The GD91 Pro is going to cost you a substantial amount of money. However, if it has the features to back the cost, it is not costly.

Some of the things that stand out in this quadcopter include the fail-safe features such as low power return, signal loss return and one key return. You should never lose your drone!

In the upcoming sections, we shall look at many more features and flight functions that you will get in this quadcopter.

Keep reading.

GD91 Pro

4DRC V4 Drone Review

For an affordable amount of money, you can buy the 4DRC V4 drone. However, price is not everything when it comes to buying a quadcopter. It must have good features and many flight functions. These things make it easy and a lot of fun to fly.

There are some downsides to this quadcopter. Some users have complained that the app does not work consistently and it can freeze anyhow.

We hope this is an issue that is more phone-based, you know, some android versions perhaps, but if it is the app itself which has an issue, that could be a problem.

Apart from the app issue, everything else seems to work as advertised. Perhaps the camera is good but not stunning (most never are with toy-class quadcopters). However, for the price, it is hard to get better than this. Of course, we shall look at these features and flight functions in more detail in the upcoming sections.

4DRC V4 Drone

ZLRC SG107 Review

Rarely do you find a foldable quadcopter with a 4K HD camera selling at such a low price, but the ZLRC SG107 is one of them. For less than $40, you can have this feature-rich toy-class drone.

When ordering this quad, you will have three camera options to consider. One of them is the 4K WiFi camera, which is the most affordable, but it hardly takes 4K footage. Then there is the 1080P optical flow camera version that is slightly more expensive. Finally, you can order the one with the 4K Optical Flow camera at just about the same price as the 1080P one.

You also have the option of buying the quadcopter with a bag or a box. With a bag, it costs more but it is worth it because it makes storage and traveling easier. If you order the one with the box, you might need to buy a bag in future to travel with the SG107.


DEERC D10 Drone Review

Despite having some issues such as not holding the programming for trim or flying poorly in the wind, the DEERC D10 is a good beginner drone.

The user manual does not do justice to this quadcopter. It is obvious that a native English speaker did not write it. It is a bit confusing to a beginner. It does not explain things very well.

Well, every drone has its issues. However, when the pros are more than the cons, we conclude that it is a good drone. It is sold at an affordable price and when you fly it with caution, it performs really well.

When you get your D10, it should have the quadcopter itself, transmitter, 2 batteries, 4 prop guards, 4 spare propellers, screwdriver and user manual. It also comes with its own storage bag, a high quality piece with a carry handle.

DEERC D10 Image