Drones with return To Home Feature (RTH)

Return to home (RTH) is an important safety feature for drone pilots on any level. It helps the pilot to bring the drone to safe landing. With the RTH feature you can enjoy flying you drone without being worried that it will crash if the battery is drained or get lost in case it flies out of range.

There are 3 types on Return to Home:

Battery Low RTH – When the drone battery reaches to critical low battery level – the drone automatically returns to home point.

Signal Loss RTH – When the drone lost its connection with the controller. On DJI drones its call “Failsafe RTH”

One Key RTH – when RTH is triggering manually using special key in the controller. Currently most of the drones (even drones under $100) comes with this feature and it’s highly important for beginners.

Please read the drone manual to see how to set your home point and the return to home altitude (to avoid obstacles when using the Return to Home feature).

Best Drones With Return To Home Feature Costs More Than $1000

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SNAPTAIN SP700 Drone Review

If you care about appearances, you will find the military camouflage color of this drone very appealing. But looks are not all that there is to the SNAPTAIN SP700 GPS drone with brushless motors. It also has many flight functions.

The drone also comes with a few extras. For example, because it has brushless motors, it is able to resist the wind very well. Of course, we shall look at this drone’s features and flight functions in the upcoming sections.


SwellPro SPRY+ Review

If you are a water sports enthusiast, there is a drone that is not only waterproof, but one that can survive salty or fresh water barrages and remain intact in one piece. In this SwellPro Spry+ drone review, you will see why this quadcopter has been creating sizzles in the market. You should be ready to spend several hundreds of dollars or even more than a grand. A bit high, but the drone does what the manufacturer says it can do if that is any consolation.

Everything about this drone seems so well thought out. This includes the color choice which is orange. This makes the drone visible in the water, in low light and in bad weather. If you surf, snorkel, paddleboard, kayak, fish or sail and you would like to record your exhilarating moments in the water, get this drone. Keep reading to see more of its features and technical details.

Just to mention, this Chinese drone maker also brought us the SwellPro Splash 3 Plus drone.

SwellPro SPRY+

Altair Falcon AHP Drone Review

On their website, Altair Aerial has a slogan – All About Innovation. You can see groundbreaking features in many of their products. They have RC boats, RC vehicles, mini drones as well as medium-sized drones for all age groups. The Altair Falcon is one of their best drones. It has some unique features such as the full circle propeller guards, the autonomous positioning and hovering system and many more. In this review, we shall look at the features and technical details of the drone, as well as its flight functions.

Is this drone worth buying? We will find out in the upcoming sections of this review.

Altair Falcon AHP


If you are looking for a camera drone that can capture videos and photos in crystal-clear quality, get the SNAPTAIN SP510 drone. It comes with a 2.7K camera. If you are looking for a good aerial camera for your personal and family use, this drone meets that need. Primarily, this is a beginner GPS drone with incredible performance. However, there is a small catch if we can call it that. It has brushed motors, which we feel do not make this a very fair deal. For the price it is sold at, brushless motors should have been added to the mix. But it is what it is.