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Potensic D50 Drone Review

For years, Potensic technology company has been making different types of drones – from mini drones, FPV drones, drones with camera for kids and many more. If you look at their amazing products, you will marvel at their incredible prices for all of their drones. Besides, they make their drones very stylish and beautiful. For example, the Potensic D50 is a cheap follow me drone that has a pleasing design. It has a white topped body, a grayish on the low side, the arms and the rotors are gray.

However, looks are not everything in a quadcopter like this one. They are a bonus. In this Potensic D50 drone review, we are going to scrutinize its features closely to see whether it is as good as it is claimed to be in the market.

Potensic D50 Drone

Potensic D50 Features & Technical Details

The Potensic D50 drone has many good things going for it. One of them is that it is so easy to fly as you will see when you get your package. It is a plug-n-play sort of drone, so to speak. This means that if this is your very first drone, you will not need to worry about assembling it.


To tell the truth, this drone’s camera is one of the reasons why advanced drone pilots as well as beginners love it. The 1080P, FHD camera captures stunning video and photo footage even when the drone is moving at top speed.

This is an FPV drone meaning that you are able to see what the drone can see as it flies. Thus, you can take real-time footage and share it on social media with your friends and family. The camera connects with your smartphone on the upgraded 5.0G Hz Wi-Fi. Remember, the 1080P camera has high resolution, and it is many notches above the 720P camera for many drones in this price range.

Auto follow me mode

This is the best selling feature for outdoor recreation enthusiasts who love to take footage of hiking, mountain biking, running and climbing. Once you set the drone on follow me mode, it will follow you, taking footage from a preset height. When we say it will follow you, this also includes when you set it to fly ahead of you, in reverse, taking your footage from the front.

Long-range footage transmission

You will love the long-range Wi-Fi transmission of photos and videos. At 300 meters, surely not many drones sold at this affordable price get even close. You just need to install the app in your mobile. The app works very well and even at the maximum range of 300 meters, you can see your videos and photos in real-time. The video and photo quality does not diminish even with windy conditions.

Altitude hold

When you select your height and engage the altitude hold mode, this drone holds that hover level very well. While on many drones you would have to keep your finger on the stick to keep it at that height, with the Potensic D50, you do not need to do that. The intelligent system for flight control calculates the hovering height and keeps the drone stable at that height.

The battery

The battery is quite impressive too. Firstly, it is removable for charging or storage, so you can buy a spare battery if you like and increase your flight time. Secondly, you get an impressive 15 minutes of flight time with one battery.

Safety features

No matter how good a drone is, if it does not have some safety features, you would have a second thought before buying it. The auto return home feature is a very good addition since it means that the drone comes back to the person holding the controller as soon as the battery starts to get really low. Besides, it also alerts you with a beeping sound on the transmitter when the battery goes low or when the drone starts to get out of range.

Other features

Because of the GPS system, you can draw the map that you would like the drone to follow on your smartphone and it will follow it when you launch it.

The controller looks nice, is comfortable and light in your hands and has a smartphone holder. The sticks and buttons are very responsive. Even kids find it easy to use the controller.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I love using this drone, which I bought on Black Friday as a gift to myself. The only problem (if I can call it that) is that it has been hard to find a spare battery, but I will keep looking. Howard S.

The Potensic D50 is my third drone from the same brand. I loved the first two but I love this one most because of the follow me mode. I have taken incredible footage of my children playing in the park. Gina R.

I used this drone to take my videos when I was kayaking on a shallow river. It never touched the water. If you are careful, I feel you can use this drone anywhere. Marcus B.

This is my first drone ever. I loved that I was not required to do any assemblage as I am real clumsy with my hands. Just got it out of the package and it was ready to fly in a couple of minutes. Trav K.

I gifted my father this drone. He has been having a lot of fun with it especially now that he lives close to his grandchildren and they take turns to fly it. It is so easy to operate that even a 67-year old man uses it. Don P.

Frankly, I thought I would buy this as a beginner drone and when I had learned to fly it, get a bigger one to take better videos. However, months later, I am yet to outgrow it. Mike C.

Potensic D50 Drone Camera

Pros of Potensic D50 Drone

  • Follow me mode is very good for a customized footage capturing experience
  • Camera takes stunning photographs and videos
  • Stable even in 20-mile winds
  • Flies back home when battery is low
  • Beginners find it easy to operate
  • 1080P videos
  • Big range for Wi-Fi transmission
  • FPV enables you to see your footage in real-time
  • Drone is very stable in hovering mode

Cons of Potensic D50 Drone

  • Battery life could be longer than 15 minutes
  • Connecting with controller can be a bit hard for a newbie
  • Arms are not foldable

Who Should Buy The Potensic D50 Drone?

Although many cheap follow me drone reviews say that this is a beginner drone, the advanced features are enough evidence that just about anyone can use the drone and have incredible fun. Let us just say you can buy this drone if you need a high quality drone that flies like a marvel, for your collection. It can also be good for kids and beginners who do not want to advance to a bigger drone in future. If you need a drone that finally does what the manufacturer says it can do. You will be glad you bought this drone.

Conclusion and Recommendation

By packing advanced features like Follow Me mode, longer Wi-Fi transmission range, better flight time and high quality material for body, Potensic have carved themselves a big niche in the market. You will see just why when you get this cheap follow me drone. You will agree that the price of the Potensic D50 is quite a steal considering the advanced features that it comes with. If you need a good drone, you would do better going for the best one.

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