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Potensic D68 Drone Review

Potensic D68

Are you looking for a small drone that is going to take awesome footage from the air? If your answer is yes, you might love the Potensic D68. In addition, this is a true 4K drone! If you have a YouTube channel or something similar, this drone is going to help you capture impressive footage.

4K resolution drones are associated with high cost. However, in this case, we could say that the D68 is one of the most affordable options for small 4K drones. After all, not only does it take nice footage, but it also comes with more features that make it worth having. It takes more than just a good camera to buy a drone.

Potensic makes some pretty awesome quadcopters. However, like all the others, even the D68 has its downsides. They are not the “make or break deal” kind of downsides, but it is good to be aware of them.

For instance, you have to calibrate the drone every time that you turn it on. And it is not as if the process gets easier. No, it will be just like the first time that you bought it.

Another downside that you need to be aware of is that when the quadcopter gets too far, it disconnects from the phone WiFi and connects to the next available one. Therefore, you lose your first person view. On the same note, it does not reconnect with your phone when it gets back within range.

Potensic D68

Potensic D68 Features & Technical Details

The features of the D68 aircraft can help you to know whether it is going to meet your needs. Never take the manufacturer’s word for it because they always exaggerate.

Here are some of its features:

Design and Build Quality

First of all, this is a foldable drone, so traveling with it is ever so simple. In addition, even the rotors are foldable. Therefore, you do not need to remove them when packing the aircraft for storage or transport.

There are nice reddish LED lights in the front and small green ones in the back. In addition, the camera is positioned on the nose.

The weight of this quadcopter is 521g. That is heavy, so it keeps it stable in the air. However, you also need to register it with the FAA before you can fly it.

If you are worried about the size, worry not. It folds down to 6.8 by 3.6 by 2.7 inches. That is small and manageable.

Camera Quality

The 4K camera is one of the reasons why you are going to buy this quadcopter and there is a good reason for it. First, it is a real 4K camera. In addition, it has a vertically adjustable angle of 90 degrees. Therefore, you are going to find the perfect view using the camera.

To be precise, the photo resolution is 3840 by 2140P. In addition, the video resolution is 2048 by 1152P. However, high resolution alone is not enough. You also need more clarity, which can only come from proper mounting of the camera.

At the same time, this drone has a gimbal stabilizer. Therefore, it helps it to stay stable even when flying in the wind. As a result, the drone can take distortion-free footage.

Battery and Flight Time

Potensic is known for packing its drones with some of the best, long lasting batteries. In this case, you will surely appreciate the 7.4V 2600mAh battery that can give you a flying time of 25 minutes.

This is just about one of the safest batteries in the market. First, it is modular, so you can remove and charge it outside the drone.

Secondly, it has over-discharge and overcharge protection. Therefore, it will never die before it gets through its intended lifespan.

Remote Controller

This is a 2.4GHz remote controller. Therefore, there is almost zero latency, which means that the D68 responds almost immediately to commands.

By design, this is a simplistic remote controller. For instance, it has a few buttons on the face plus the joysticks. In addition, it has a wheel for adjusting the camera angle at the top edge. Video/photo button is also available at the right edge.

The most notable feature of this remote controller is the retractable/foldable smartphone holder. It can fit smartphones of different sizes, as long as they support 5G WiFi.

Flight Functions

No one wants a drone that runs amok due to lack of control. Therefore, the Potensic D68 comes with many flight functions. These enable both beginners and advanced users to enjoy flying the quadcopter. They are as follows:

Custom Flight Path

On the app, you can access the map interface. You can then draw a line between two, three or several points and when you launch the quadcopter, it will follow that route.

Orbit Function

With this function, you are going to get the drone to fly in circle mode around a monument taking footage from all angles.

Follow Me Mode

You have to access this function on the app. Once you activate it, the quadcopter is going to recognize you. In addition, it will lock onto you and follow you from a respectable distance.

GPS Intelligent Return Home

In case that the drone flies out of remote control range or if the battery runs out the drone will turn and come back home automatically.
Potensic D68 GPS Auto Return Home

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

This is a real kickass drone that packs quite a punch. I have recorded mine doing 37KM/H, which is quite high. Rev K.

Both beginners and advanced users will find this drone quite impressive. You will not find the need to upgrade it once you buy it. It has a good camera too. Aron S.

The first feature I consider when buying a drone is the camera and the flight time. I figure that I can cope with the rest if these two are good. The D68 is fun to fly and lasts longer in the air.  Mike M.

This is my second Potensic drone and by what I can see, I guess I am going to remain loyal to this brand name for the foreseeable future. Josh H.

Potensic D68 Pros

  • It comes in proper packaging, with a bag for storage
  • The camera has a shock absorber, so it keeps footage distortion-free
  • It is easy to fly this quadcopter
  • Brushless motors give it a powerful performance
  • Long battery time
  • Folds into a small and compact size for traveling and storage
  • Comes with GPS return to prevent losing your Potensic drone

Potensic D68 Cons

  • It is hard to get a second battery
  • Flight time does not really get to 25 minutes

Potensic D68 Smart Flight Control

Who Should Buy The Potensic D68 Drone?

Whoever loves a good, stable flight from their drone, good photo and video footage and nice features in general can get this aircraft. If you are a newbie, perhaps you should start with a smaller drone and then buy this one later because it costs substantially more. However, if you can spare the money for it, get it so that you don’t have to upgrade in future. Overall, this is one of the best small drones with 4K cameras.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Potensic D68 comes with an impressive camera, good flight range and battery time. Therefore, you will get good value for your money when you buy it. However, before you can fly it, it is important that you take note of a few important recommendations.

First, read the user manual so that you can know how to calibrate it. You will find that you have to do that quite often.

Second, always choose a large open space in which to fly your drones. Since they lack an obstacle avoidance system, they can collide with trees, houses and many others.

Third, for your drone’s safety and protection, fly it when the weather is calm. Even quadcopters with automatic return to home function do get lost with the wind.

Apart from those few cautions, you will love the performance of this brushless Potensic drone.

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