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What could be better in a drone that is going to cost you less than $100 and offer you 20 minutes of flight time, with one battery? You guessed just right; nothing! Not when it comes to the world of drones. From our earlier reviews, you can see how flight time increases with the cost and complexity/advancement of the drone. However, the REDPAWZ VISUO XS809S drone brings this to the table, and many more features.

The VISUO XS809S is a product of the REDPAWZ Company, which was established in 2014. Their team of software and hardware engineers has been making fairly-priced drones like this one. It has mini drones for kids too, very affordably priced and with fantastic colors and features.

The VISUO XS809S drone with FPV is a beginner drone, but anyone, even the advanced drone pilots can have fun taking aerial footage with this drone.


Here is its review in more detail:

REDPAWZ VISUO XS809S Drone Features & Technical Details

Physical features

This is a delightful mid-sized mini drone that measures 17.3 by 17.3 by 2.6 inches with the arms unfolded. When the arms are folded, the drone measures 17.1 by 5.1 by 2.6 inches. It is not exactly a small drone for traveling, but it is not too big either. At a weight of 160g only, you do not need to register this drone with the FAA. Just buy it and fly it!


This is a very simple to fly drone. With just one key, you can make it fly or land. This makes it simple to operate for beginners. When you press the key, the drone will do one of two things – takeoff or land depending on what it was doing before you pressed the key.


This is an affordable camera drone with a 720 HD camera. With a wide field of view of 120 degrees, this is quite a big one and it does shoot good footage too. It has a slot for your mini SD card so you just have to buy one. It can support a big capacity card, but you can transfer the footage to your computer if you have a smaller SD card. For stability when shooting video and photo footage, this camera has been equipped with a 6-axis gyro so that even when the drone is a little unstable in the air, the camera stays stable.

Battery and flight time

The VISUO XS809S quadcopter is one of the cheap drones with long flight times. It is powered by a 3.7V 1800mAh lithium polymer battery, which charges fast in 60 minutes only. The flight time is an impressive 20 minutes. You can also buy a spare battery so that you enjoy flying the drone much longer. The distance within which you can control the drone with the controller is 80 to 100 meters.

Smartphone control

The controller has a smartphone holder. Thus, you can download the XSWUFO app into your device and then you can do three things with your smartphone:

  • Enjoy a First Person View while the drone is flying and taking aerial footage
  • Draw a flight plan on your smartphone for your drone to follow
  • Engage gravity and lean your smartphone whichever way you want the drone to go

Headless mode

This feature has become fairly common such that almost every drone has it today. It helps when you are taking photographs from the air. The drone can fly sideways or backwards in addition to flying forwards in the direction that the nose faces.

360-degree flips

Some features, such as the 360-degree flips are included in drones for fun. With just a touch of the thumb on the key that controls this feature, you will be able to perform these awesome rolls in four directions. For such a good-looking, affordable camera drone to come with features such as this one, you know your money is well invested.

Altitude hold

The altitude hold function in any drone enables you to fly the drone to a certain height and then hold it there as you capture videos and photographs.

The controller

It uses three AA batteries. You will find their compartment on the underside. The button on the right can be used to fly the drone to any direction. For example, you can push it to the right to fly the drone to the right, left for left, towards you to fly the drone backwards and away from you to fly it forwards.

The button on the left side of the controller can be used to make the drone take off, to rotate it clockwise and anticlockwise.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I love the bold look and the performance of this drone. It is one of those products that you get and you find that everything is perfect for you. Flight time is good, camera is good, the foldability and even the price. Zachary P.

I almost mistook the controller for an Xbox controller. It is good looking, light in the hands and performs very well. As a drone enthusiast, I just thought this drone was too good to miss in my collection and now, I am so glad I bought it. Chris M.

I bought this drone for my son after we watched a movie titled Drone with him. We have been having fun together and it is almost hard to know to whom it really belongs because we love flying it whenever we can find the time. John E.

I had read that this REDPAWZ VISUO XS809S battery lasts 20 minutes and I thought it was just hype. I was pleasantly surprised when the battery lasted 18 minutes. Karim H.

Bought it online and it was delivered with two batteries, a nice looking controller and other accessories. I have only flown this drone once but I was very happy with the flight time and the pictures I took. Meg C.

I fly this drone frequently outside, taking footage of my toddler daughter learning to walk, hugging our dogs and everything. I love the video footage and I can’t wait for her to grow up so I can embarrass her in front of family and friends with these videos. Robin H.


Pros of REDPAWZ VISUO XS809S Drone

  • Impressive battery life and flight time
  • Many features that are only found in advanced drones
  • Fast charging time
  • Foldable for easier packing
  • Has green and red LED lights
  • Camera actually produces good footage
  • Easy to fly even for total beginners
  • Has a return to home feature

Cons of REDPAWZ VISUO XS809S Drone

  • It does not have obstacle avoidance sensors
  • If it crashes into an obstacle, the battery drops out
  • Big, not possible to carry it in your jacket pocket

Who Should Buy The REDPAWZ VISUO XS809S Drone?

Because of the advanced features that you will find in the VISUO XS809S drone, anyone can use it and have fun. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced drone pilot, this one should be a good investment for you. If you are a videographer and you are looking forward to buying a good, professional drone for your business, you might as well have a firsthand experience of what a real drone feels like.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With so many advanced features, one would be forgiven for thinking that the VISUO XS809S would leave a huge dent in their pocket, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is an affordable drone with the best features. It has its flaws for sure, but you know it is a good drone if the pros are more than the cons. You will never regret buying this affordable camera drone.

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