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Ruko B7 Drone Review

Ruko B7

The Ruko B7 drone is small, packs a high quality 4K camera (this is true too) and it flies really well. We cannot help but marvel that the drone manufacturer has been able to pack so many functions, power and high quality camera in such a small drone.

If you are a beginner and you are just getting into the drone scene, you should get an indomitable specimen such as this one. It flies steadily, hovers very well and it offers good value for money. You will not outgrow this small drone anytime soon. While small drones are considered not so great, is the Ruko B7 drone all glory? We shall see its pros and cons in the upcoming sections.
Ruko B7

Ruko B7 Features & Technical Details

We have already said that this is a tiny drone. It is also foldable by design, measuring 3.8 by 2.7 by 2 inches when folded. When it is unfolded, it measures 12.8 by 11.1 by 2 inches. You can see it is easy to carry when you are traveling. Besides, it folds into a small and compact shape that is easy to toss in your jacket pocket when traveling.

The weight of the drone is a mere 130 g, which is so manageable when you are traveling. Just toss it in your coat or pant pocket and you will hardly feel the weight.
Also no need to register it with the FAA if you are in North America.

This is a resilient drone. As a beginner drone, there are bound to be accidents with obstacles and so on. However, the exterior casing of the drone is tough, scratch-resistant and it does a good job of protecting the interior parts of the drone.

Battery and flight time

This drone is sold with two batteries. These are high capacity batteries at 1800mAh. You can get a maximum of 18 minutes from each battery, which comes to 36 minutes of flight time. The charging time for the batteries is 1.5 hours.

Most people do not even find the need to buy a third battery because 36 minutes of flight time and a charging time of 1.5 hours is a fair deal. The battery is safe to handle, considering that this drone is made for kids. It is also easy to install and remove from the drone.

Camera Quality

When it comes to the camera, this drone has clearly outdone itself. It captures images in 4096 x 3072P resolution. For videos, you will get 2048 x 1080P resolution, which is still very good. In addition, this camera also has a wide angle of view at 120 degrees, thus enabling you to capture a lot of background in your photos and videos.

You will also enjoy a good first person view with this drone. Just use your smartphone to see what the drone can see as it flies. You will have to download the app for FPV and so that you can use different functions.

Remote controller

The 2.4GHz remote controller is made with the same material that has been used to make the drone. However, it does not have a rechargeable battery. It uses 3 1.5V AA batteries, which you have to buy separately. The buttons on the remote are well-labelled and  the joysticks are responsive. The 2.4GHz frequency suffers zero to minimal interference. For FPV, the remote controller comes with a retractable smartphone holder.

Ruko B7 Flight Features and Functions

Despite its small size and weight, this drone has many flight functions. We shall look at a few of them here:

Three Speed Modes

This is expected of a child or beginner drone. Therefore, when making your entrance into the drone world, start on the low speed mode, then to medium and finally to high speed mode.

Optical Flow Positioning

This is one of the most recommended functions in such a small drone. With optical flow positioning, the drone can lock to a target and hover steadily and accurately. This is very important since it helps you take high quality, distortion-free photos and videos.

Gravity Sensor Mode

With gravity sensor mode, you can fly the drone up or down, left or right just by waving your smartphone to the side where you want the drone to go.

Headless Mode

As a beginner, one of the things that you will worry about is whether the drone is oriented to fly in the right direction. Just engage headless mode and let the drone align its flight in relation to the position of the pilot.

MV Mode

Not sure what this means, but we guess it means music in the video. You can customize your videos with music on the app. Drone videos usually do not have sound but with this one, you can add music and make your videos even more fun.

Gesture Control

With this function, you can have the drone take selfies. Just show it your palm to start shooting a video. You can also show it the victory sign to start taking photos.

Follow Me Mode

With follow me mode, the drone is going to follow you and if you move faster, it will move faster. If you slow down, the drone slows down.

Ruko B7 Optical Flow Positioning

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

This is a small, affordable drone and it flies like a marvel. It is steady, has a good hover and takes nice footage.  John D. M.

Don’t fly this drone outdoors unless you know there is no wind at all. Some people have lost their Ruko B7s that way. Tret W.

For small drones, this one is among the best ones when it comes to flight performance and camera quality. It takes good 1080P videos and 4K images. Lincoln M.

Simple to use, has three speed modes and has a long flight time – what more can one ask from a beginner drone? Isaiah T.

I am afraid to fly my Ruko B7 outdoors because it feels too light. Has anyone tried to fly this drone outside? I have been flying it indoors. Adam M.

I bought the B7 for my son. He has been having a lot of fun and the good thing is that even after a few drops and crashes, the drone is still intact. He has broken a blade though. Ginna H.

Ruko B7 Pros

  • Long flight time of 18 minutes
  • Easy to fly since it is targeted at beginners
  • Resilient drone made with tough materials
  • Different filter modes to enhance your photos
  • You can add music to your videos
  • Foldable and light in weight

Ruko B7 Cons

  • Mostly good for indoor flying only

Ruko B7 best Drone For Begginers Under $100

Who Should Buy The Ruko B7 Drone?

Even with all the functions, if you are an experienced drone pilot, you will find this one a tad too boring. Therefore, unless you are a drone collector, you might want to look for a bigger one. Beginners and kids find this drone thrilling. It is a good product for people coming into the drone hobby and later, they can upgrade to a bigger one. You can buy this drone as a gift to your children or to friends on their special occasions.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you buy your Ruko B7 drone, you should take care of a few things first. Scan the QR code on the user manual so you can download the app to your smartphone. You will find the app quite useful because you can perform many of the flight functions from it. Start flying this drone indoors when there is no wind. You can also fly it in the yard, but ensure the weather is calm, without a hisper of wind.

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