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Drone With 4K Camera Under $100


JJRC A353GW Review

When you see the price of the JJRC A353GW drone, the first thought that comes to your mind is that they don’t come cheaper than this.

It is rare to find a cheaply priced quad coming with features such as a 4K camera. However, the times are changing and forward-thinking drone makers like Potensic, DJI, JJRC and others are now packing more features into toy-class quads.

JJRC makes some good models and this one does not disappoint. However, it is hard to tell what a quad packs unless we examine the features and the flight functions that it comes with. We shall be finding out whether this drone truly has a 4K camera, among other things.

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Ruko B7

Ruko B7 Drone Review

The Ruko B7 drone is small, packs a high quality 4K camera (this is true too) and it flies really well. We cannot help but marvel that the drone manufacturer has been able to pack so many functions, power and high quality camera in such a small drone.

If you are a beginner and you are just getting into the drone scene, you should get an indomitable specimen such as this one. It flies steadily, hovers very well and it offers good value for money. You will not outgrow this small drone anytime soon. While small drones are considered not so great, is the Ruko B7 drone all glory? We shall see its pros and cons in the upcoming sections.
Ruko B7
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