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SANROCK X105W Drone Review


You do not have to spend a lot of money to have an exciting drone flying experience. You can have a long flight time, a faster charging time and a long flight range from a cheap drone. Thankfully, if you are looking for such a drone, you do not need to look any further than the SANROCK X105W.

A drone should not just fly. It should give you an experience that you should not forget fast. That is what you will get from the SANROCK X105W. With different flight modes and functions, this is an exciting and thrilling drone to fly. The camera is good and it captures good drone footage all the time.


SANROCK X105W Features & Technical Details

A good drone comes with certain features. Apart from the affordable price, this quadcopter comes with many features. Here, we shall look at a few of the most important of them.

Design and build quality

This is a very stylish looking drone. It has high landing gear, nice color combination and basically, it is a good looker if you care about such matters. The casing is strong enough to offer the interior parts all the protection that they need.

You can be assured that the drone will not rip open with the first crash. Overall, the quality of this drone is good. With good care, the drone should last you a couple of years. This is a camera drone. It has a nose camera that is adjustable by 45 degrees, so you should have a good experience.

Battery and flight time

The battery time can make or break the experience that you will have with your drone. However, with the SANROCK X105W, you are assured of getting a long battery time of 17 minutes. You may also buy extra batteries to prolong your flight time. With a flight range of 100 meters, this is good flight time for you to enjoy the experience that this drone offers you. The 1500mAh battery also charges fast, but you should use the recommended charger.

The camera and real-time video transmission

While it does not boast a 1080P or a 2K camera, you can still expect some good quality footage from the 720P camera. The camera is positioned on the nose and it is designed with an anti-shake table. This means you can capture photo and video footage with little or no distortion at all. If the drone shakes, the stabilizing table holds the camera still, thus enabling you to capture footage with consistent quality.

You will also enjoy a good first person view with this drone. FPV enablement is one of the reasons why we buy camera drones. With this one, you can enjoy a real-time view of what the drone can see as it flies. The best thing is that you can even operate the different camera functions using the app.

The camera is removable. If your kids will be using the drone, they can fly it without the camera so that if they crash it, the camera will not be broken.

The controller

This is a small, stylish and normal remote controller such as we have been used to with many drones. It has a foldable smartphone holder that will keep your mobile secure. The joysticks are stable and responsive without being too sensitive. When traveling, it will be easier to pack the controller. Of course, if you decide to use the app control method, you will not have to use the controller that often.

Flight functions

This is the one area where we can say that this small drone wins many hearts. First, the features included make it a lot more fun to fly. Secondly, this is a simple drone that is targeted at beginners mostly. That is why it comes with simple features. Even if this is the first drone that you have ever flown, you will find that it packs a lot of fun.

Headless mode

No longer worry yourself about where the drone faces even if you cannot see it. Just engage headless mode and it will realign itself. Headless mode is considered a beginner function, but it is a good automated function for flight.

One key landing and takeoff

This is another automated flight function that most drones come with. It helps in landing or launching the drone without thinking about its orientation. Instead of being baffled about how the drone takes off or lands, just use the button for automatic landing and takeoff.

Different speed modes

The X105W comes with three speed modes. These are high, medium and low. Beginners are advised to start with the low speed mode and then try faster speeds as soon as they learn how to fly the drone. If you are an advanced use, you can punch it at high speed. However, note that at high speeds, the drone will drain the battery faster.

Altitude Hold

With this important function, just lock in the height that you would like the drone to fly at. That way, all you have to do it is check the horizontal flight of the drone. The altitude hold function keeps the drone flying at the height that is locked-in.

Gravity Control

You can set this function in the app once you download it. With this mode, the drone will fly in the direction that you wave the mobile phone. If you wave it to the left, the drone flies to the left. If you wave it to the right, it flies to the right and so on.

3D Flips

This is another fun function. To enjoy 3D flips, you have to press the button for 3D flips. You can then use the right joystick to control the flips. It will drain the battery faster, but the fun and thrill are well worth it.

Return Home function

With this function, you do not have to worry that your drone is going to get lost. Just press the button for this function and the drone will turn back immediately to come home. Home means the place it was launched from or the person holding the controller.

Draw Flight Route

The app has a map feature that you can use to draw your flight path. Just make dots and connect them and when you launch the drone, it will follow that flight path. Choose a route that has beautiful scenes so that you can make your videos more interesting.

SANROCK X105W Draw Flight Route

Emergency Stop

When the drone comes across an unexpected obstacle in its flight path, you need to stop it immediately because it does not have sensors. You can stop it with the emergency stop key. This is an important safety feature.

Short summary of feedback from existing users

I bought the X105W as a gift for my son when he graduated from high school. I have never seen him so happy. Cynthia R.

If you are a beginner, get this drone. It is cheap, stylish and has safety features such as emergency stop and three speed modes. Doc L.

I bought this drone for the looks, especially the high landing gear. I am surprised that it captures such nice videos and photos in day time. Ahmed G.

I love the long flight time of 17 minutes. Because I do not fly it that often, I do not need a second battery. I understand that one can buy a spare battery or two if they wish for a longer flight time. Steve C.

For such a small price, I would buy this drone again. It has a long flight time, and it is very stylish in design. The long battery time gives me an extensive flight experience. Boniface M.

I wish this drone came with a better camera. I find a 720P resolution too low. Apart from that, I think this drone is good for anyone. Andrew C.

Pros of SANROCK X105W

  • The flight time of 17 minutes is a winner
  • The user manual is easy to follow
  • Camera can be removed when you do not need it or when it is a kid using the drone
  • Gravity control is a nice touch for such a small drone
  • The high landing gear and the black-red color combination makes this drone look good
  • The camera takes nice photos in good lighting/outdoors
  • Small enough to fly indoors

Cons of SANROCK X105W

  • The camera resolution could be better
  • An advanced drone user wouldn’t be impressed by its features – best for beginners

SANROCK X105W One Button Return

Who should buy the SANROCK X105W drone?

This is mostly a drone for beginners. However, if you love collecting small drones, buy it and keep it as part of your collection. If you always find it challenging to buy a gift for your son or daughter in the holidays, get them this drone. It never fails to impress. It is so affordable such that you can even order a few of them for different users.

Conclusion and recommendation

The SANROCK X105W drone has quite a lot going for it. It has the regular features that all small drones come with, but it goes an extra mile. For example, it has a removable camera. If you are buying it for your kids, remove the camera, let them learn to fly it first and return it later. If you love flying your drone in the weekends, get a spare battery. If you are a beginner drone enthusiast, start flying this drone in low speed mode and use higher speed after you get some experience.

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