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SIMREX X900 Drone Review


Modular battery with high capacity, foldable design, stable camera and the ability to do flips and rolls are some of the things the SIMREX X900 comes with. However, if we dig deeper, we find many automated functions. They make flying this drone easy and enjoyable.

Costing double what the X300C that we reviewed earlier costs, we will see whether the SIMREX X900 drone is worth it. That does not mean it is very expensive though. In fact, you will be a bit cynical about the quality when you see the price. Fear not though because the build quality is great, the camera is fabulous, the flight time is also quite good and as we said, there are tens of automated flight functions.


SIMREX X900 Features & Technical Details

This is not only a good-looking drone, but it also has nice features and flight functions. When the drone is delivered to you, you will get a remote controller, the X900 drone, 8 blades, four propeller guards, charging cable, one Lithium polymer battery, phone holder and user manual.

Design and build quality

You can expect quite a lot from this drone. As we have already said, it is a foldable drone. The propeller arms fold and so do the blades. Therefore, when you fold the drone, you do not need to remove the blades. When folded, it is not much bigger than a soda can, making it easy to carry and pack in your travel items.

Even when the drone is unfolded, it is not too big. It measures almost three times its folded size.

The exterior cover is strong, matte-finished in darkish grayish color. The casing is strong and durable. It will stay intact incase the drone falls or is involved in a crash.

The camera

You will get a 1080P camera with this drone. This captures good photographs and videos. It is a HD camera and therefore it will capture vivid detail in your footage. It is not as good as a 2K or 4K camera, but it will get you nice family photos and videos.

The camera has a wide angle of view at 110 degrees. There will be a lot of background in your footage. However, what you find most enjoyable in a drone camera with a wide FOV is the FPV quality. You will be able to see quite a lot of range on your smartphone.

The drone is also compatible with VR goggles, so you can buy yourself a pair for a more thrilling FPV experience. Download the SIMREX app to your phone to start enjoying real-time video transmission. See what the drone can see from the air in real-time.

Battery and flight time

You will get a medium capacity Lithium polymer battery with this drone. The battery will give you 15 minutes of flight time as the manufacturer advertises. Of course, you can buy a couple more batteries to enhance your flight time some more.

As a modular battery, it is easy to remove and insert without posing any risk to the user. This battery charges in 90 minutes only. Therefore, even if you have just one battery, you won’t have to wait long between flights. It is recommended that you use the provided charging cable for charging the battery.

Remote controller

There are many good things going for the remote controller. One of them is that it has built-in gravity sensor, so you can wave it in the direction that you would like the drone to go. It has responsive and easy to use joysticks and buttons. The remote controller uses AA batteries that you have to buy separately. It also has a spring loaded smartphone holder. The maximum control range is 120 meters.

Flight features and functions

Here, the SIMREX X900 distinguishes itself completely with outstanding flight functions. Let us look at a few of the most important ones:

Optical Flow Positioning

When a drone has Optical Flow Positioning function, it means the drone can stay at a preset height. When it is locked to this height, it floats at that altitude without you having to control it. This gives you the opportunity that you need to capture video and image footage.

One key takeoff and landing

No surprise here since many drones have this function. It makes the drone so easy to fly. Just punch the key and the drone takes off.

Dual Assense Control

You can disconnect your smartphone from the remote controller and fly your drone with the smartphone alone. Simple as it sounds; this function is not available on many drones in this price range.

Headless mode

Drone orientation can be a bit tricky when you are a beginner. However when you engage headless mode, you can be sure the drone is flying right even when you cannot see it. With headless mode, the drone’s direction is oriented to the pilot.

3D Flips and Rolls

While a drone without this function is still fine, well, if it can do 3D flips and rolls, use them. These are just fun features and they may drain the battery a bit faster, but they are exhilarating. The drone can flip to the sides, forwards and backwards.

Three speed modes

The X900 has high, medium and low speed modes. The best thing is that you can switch to a different flight mode even when the drone is in motion.

Altitude Hold

Just fly the drone to the height that you like, let the throttle go and the drone maintains that altitude. With altitude hold engaged, you can concentrate on the horizontal flight of the drone.

SIMREX X900 Altitude Hold

Summary of feedback from existing owners

I think at this price, this drone is quite alright. The video quality looks good, not stunning but good. Johann K.

Drone feels too light and delicate in my hands. I am sure I will not be flying this one even in the slightest of winds. Chris M.

I like that this drone folds down really small such that it fits in my jacket pocket. I take it with me on my beach moments. Holl W.

There is a lot going for this drone. However, I must say that the documentation could be better, include more details for beginners. William S.

My advice for a beginner: fly this drone carefully. It is light in weight and if you get it into a tree, you will have to climb to get it. If you fly it in the wind, it will fly away for good. However, it is worth every penny that you will pay for it. Tom P.

SIMREX X900 Pros

  • Foldable into a small size
  • It has a long battery life
  • Easy to use for beginners with low and medium speeds
  • Camera captures good footage
  • You can fly the drone using the controller or the smartphone
  • Remote controller has built-in gravity sensor

SIMREX X900 Cons

  • User manual should be more detailed
  • You can’t fly it right out of the box -needs to pair drone and controller and do a few other things

SIMREX X900 Foldable Design

Who Should Buy The SIMREX X900?

Whether you are a beginner and this is your first drone or you know your way around drones, get this SIMREX X900. It is quite affordable and it has admirable flight functions. It is best for a person who wants a flying camera that they can easily pop into their pocket when they are traveling or going outdoors. It folds into a small, soda can size. You could also get this drone as a gift for a person that you love. It leaves a good impression.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This is a small drone, very light in weight. Therefore, when flying it outdoors, make sure there is no wind at all, or it will vanish. Secondly, if this is your first drone ever, fly it on the low speed mode first. Once you learn how it flies, you can speed it up. Read the user manual and if you do not think it is detailed enough, check a few videos for more information. Fly this drone in open space, free from any obstructions.

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