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If this is not the most beautiful drone out here in the market, perhaps beauty has lost its meaning. The color combination is quite appealing, so is the design and the style of the SNAPTAIN SP660 drone.

It has black and red blades, the splash of colors on the back of the drone make it eye catching indeed. However, this is not strange at all because SNAPTAIN makes some of the most attractive drones in the market.

However, there is more to this drone than just the good looks. Some time back, we looked at the SNAPTAIN A15, which is a foldable, nimble and agile drone that was released in 2018. From their past specimens, we have come to expect the very best from them. They have not excelled in looks alone, but in performance as well.

What are some of its features, in addition to the flashy lights, colors and all?  That is what we are going to look at in the upcoming sections.


SNAPTAIN SP660 Features & Technical Details

What a drone can do is definitely more important than how it looks. The good thing is that the latest drones come with the most improved features. If you are a sucker for good drones, you will find that the SP660 meets and even exceeds your expectations. Not only does the drone come with excellent features, but it also excels when it comes to performance.

Design and build quality

As we have been saying, the colors make this drone quite outstanding. It looks quite stylish with red and back propeller blades. The red ones are for the front side while the black ones are for the back. This is a medium-sized drone that measures 13 by 13 by 2.8 inches. It has a tough exterior casing to protect its more delicate internal parts. This drone will not burst open or crack at a mere crash. However, do take good care of it because it is still vulnerable.

There are LED-flashing lights under every rotor. The front ones are red in color while the back ones are green. Please note that flashing lights can drain the battery faster, but then they are very helpful for night flights. In the daytime, you can switch them off to save your battery and milk more flight time from it.

The camera

The SP660 comes with a 720P HD camera for videos. You can capture all the awesome moments like a pro and then you can save your footage in an SD card or in your mobile device. This camera is positioned on the nose so that it can have a wide viewpoint. The photos are of good quality, not stunning, but good. If you are looking for an aerial camera for your family use, you can use this one without fear.

Thanks to functions such as altitude hold, this drone keeps very stable and it can capture awesome photos and videos all the time. However, it is important that you only use the camera in daylight to get high quality footage.

You also get a good FPV experience. For that, download and install the SNAPTAIN Era app in your mobile phone. That way, you can see what the drone can see as it flies. The WiFi frequency for video transmission is 5GHz and that of the remote controller is 2.4GHz. The remote is chargeable, which means that you do not need to buy batteries.

The FPV control range is 45 meters.

The SNAPTAIN SP660 batteries and flight time

This is where the SP660 really wins. First, it has two batteries, so you do not need to buy another one unless you want a really long flight time. From these batteries, you can get a flight time of 40 minutes in total, which is perfect.

The charging time for the battery is 180 minutes. The batteries are also easy to insert and remove from the drone. The fact that this drone comes with two batteries with long flight time is more than enough to make you buy it.

Remote control

The remote control has a built-in rechargeable battery. Thus when it runs low, you can charge it. It also comes with a charging cable. The charging time for the remote controller is 45 minutes only.

Regarding the design of the remote controller, it is comfortable, small and ergonomic. You can hold it for as long as you want without feeling cramped on the wrists. It is responsive without being oversensitive. Despite the simplistic look of this remote controller, it has everything that you need to execute exciting flights.

The remote control range is 80 meters.

SNAPTAIN SP660 flight features and functions

When rubber hits the road, you will want to see what the drone can do. However, SNAPTAIN does not disappoint when it comes to the flight features and functions. It packs as many of them as possible even in its smallest drones.

Let us see some of the functions that the SP660 comes with:

One key takeoff and landing

This is the best feature for a beginner. When you press the take off key, the drone launches but hovers at a given height. It does the same thing when you press the key again for landing. This removes any guesswork from the picture and besides, it can help save the drone when it loses signal or when there are obstacles in its way.

Gesture Control

In this area, SNAPTAIN SP660 is excellent. To start using this function, activate it on the app. When you make the high-five gesture, this drone will start recording video. It will stop when you make a high-five gesture again. All this time, the drone will keep a respectable distance of about 3 meters.

Altitude Hold

Bring the drone to hover so that you can take excellent footage. It is stable; it stays at the preset altitude so you can take your videos, pictures and selfies of good, non-blurred quality.

Voice Control

Actually, there are six voice controls. What we mean by six voice controls is that the drone can do six things by your voice commands alone. It can take off, land, fly forwards, fly backwards, fly to the left and to the right. Sometimes, you have your hands full and you just do not have to use the joysticks. Fly the drone using voice control.

SNAPTAIN SP660 Voice Control

Headless Mode

Engage headless mode when the drone is out of your sight, so that you can know that it is aligned the right way all the time that you will be flying it. As a beginner, you may get flustered when you do not know what direction the drone faces. Thankfully, with headless mode engaged, you will always know that the drone faces the right direction.

Emergency Stop

Another good safety measure, emergency stop brings the drone to an immediate halt. It is a safety measure that you can use when there is a sudden obstacle in its flight path. To engage this function, just press and hold the speed switch button for a few seconds. It might be hard to grasp at first, but with time, you will get used to it.


This is where all the magic happens. To use this app, your phone should be android 4.4 and above or iOS 7.0 and later. You get a well-streamlined experience. You can do many things on the app, including controlling the flight of your drone.

Trajectory flight

Open the map on the app; make a few dots along the areas where you would like the drone to fly. When you connect the dots, the drone will fly along that line, taking good video and photo footage all along.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

This drone was everything that I expected. It looks nice, flies nicely and responds very well to commands. I love beautiful things and I guess that is why I find the colors and the flashy LEDs so captivating. Jean W.

Even at its affordable price, this drone has taken care of the small details. It brings pace-setting features such as voice control and rechargeable remote controller. Tob C.

Everything about this drone shows how much care the manufacturer has put into it. The price is quite good and the flight functions are awesome. Christopher A.

I wish this drone came with a higher resolution camera, say like 1080P. However, for this price, I will not complain about the 720P camera. Egor K.

This drone looks big but weighs much less. It is a high quality drone with excellent design and build quality. Although it is made of plastic, it does not feel too ‘plasticky.’ Brandon R.

I love the fact that the manufacturer sells this drone with two batteries. These are high capacity batteries and they can give the user a flight time of 40 minutes. Travis P.

Every feature and flight function in this drone works as advertised. The picture and video quality is not bad as long as you take it in daylight. Ryan C.

Pros of the SNAPTAIN SP660

  • Comes with two, high capacity batteries for long flight time
  • It is easy to fly even for beginners
  • It has voice and gesture control for hands-free flight
  • The app works very well
  • SP660 supports the use of a microSD card for storing your photo and video footage
  • You charge the remote controller, no need for buying batteries
  • Excellent build quality
  • Nice looking, stylish and flashy with nice LED lights
  • Has three speed modes – very welcome for beginners and kids


Cons of the SNAPTAIN SP660

  • Camera quality could be much better than this
  • Should not be flown in the wind

SNAPTAIN SP660 Gesture Control

Who Should Buy The SNAPTAIN SP660?

From the manufacturer, the recommended age for using this drone is 14 years. Ok, some people say they have bought it and used it with their 9 year olds. That is no problem at all as long as you are there to supervise them. Basically, this is everyone’s drone, with some of the best features and flight functions to boot. With so many flight functions, you will have a lot of excitement with this drone. Of course, special features such as 3D flips, 3 speed modes, voice and gesture control make this drone even more exciting.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you would like to have a good drone at an affordable price, you know, eat your cake and have it, get the SNAPTAIN SP660. You will be glad you did. It is perfect for a beginner drone. However, there are some important things to note. First, fly it in an area without people, animals, trees and buildings. Secondly, do check the user manual, even if just for formality. You might also want to start flying it on the low speed mode as you study how it handles the flight.

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